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Sugarcane Harvester in India – Uses and Advantages

Best Sugarcane Harvester in India - Uses and Advantages

Sugarcane is a major and essential economic crop, called cash crops. It is used in sugar manufacturing as a raw material. After Brazil, India is the second-largest sugar producer country.

Harvesting is an important part of the sugarcane production system. And for the harvesting, a sugarcane harvester is available at the market. The harvester machine comes with many useful features that make sugarcane harvesting smooth and easy.

This blog will provide brief and accurate information about sugarcane harvester with benefits and show the best sugarcane harvesters in India. So, keep up with this blog for all informative knowledge.

What is Sugarcane Harvester?

In the 1920s, the machine was developed. It is similar in function and features to the combine harvester.

Mr. Wurtele was the inventor of the sugarcane harvester. With this machine, the harvesting of sugarcane is relatively easy. With advanced features, it can enhance production for farmers.

Uses of Sugarcane Harvester

A sugarcane harvester is a large piece of farm machinery, used for sugarcane harvesting. Following are the beneficial uses of harvester.

  • It cuts the stalks at the base.
  • The harvester used to cut the strips leaves. Then cut the cane into segments.
  • It removes the dust and dirt particles.
  • The sugarcane harvester ejected water material onto the field, where it acts as a fertilizer.

Benefits of Sugarcane Harvester

Some benefits of sugarcane harvester that make it a favorite of all farmers of sugarcane. Here are the advantages of sugarcane harvester:-

  • Saves labor

Sugarcane harvesting is very tough work and requires many skilled laborers. Sugarcane harvester solves this problem because it only wants a person who knows the sugarcane harvester operation.

  • Save Money

The harvester is a one-time investment which means it saves a lot of money.

  • Save Time

The machine saves a lot of time and requires less time to harvest. It increases farm efficiency and provides the best production.

Best Sugarcane Harvesters in India

There are many excellent sugarcane harvesters available in the market that make harvesting work easy and productive. Here, we are showing some of the best sugarcane harvesters in India with complete specifications.

1. Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester

shaktiman sugarcane harvester

Shaktiman sugarcane harvester is a popular and well-known machine that provides work excellence during harvesting. It is 173 hp with a six-cylinder machine. The Shaktiman has a water-cooled diesel engine that performs optimally. Shaktiman harvester price in India is affordable for farmers.

Some outstanding facilities of sugarcane harvester of Shaktiman are

  • Tracking System

It consists of GPS that tracks the harvester’s location and information on performance data through the SMS and web supervisor features.

  • Cleaning System

Cleaning is very important for every system or machine. The Shaktiman sugarcane harvester has cleaning technology that cleans the radiator at an interval to eliminate the dust particles that can choke the radiator’s fins. Maintains the engine temperature within limits.

  • Base Cutter

It has a heavy-duty adjustable cutter that cuts the cane effectively. The blade holders rotate in the opposite direction and cut the can at ground level.

  • Fan

This feature removes mud, dirt, dust, etc. from the canes before delivering into a container. It provides clean canes to sugar factories, which improve income.

  • Crop Divider

This system is a standard feature, ensuring that the harvester takes cane from the targeted row only.

  • Stability

The machine is famous for its stability. The tyres provide stability by offering maximum strength and low soil compaction to facilitate working in harsh conditions.

  • Cabin

Sugarcane harvester provides an operator cabin with AC. The cabin has a comfortable driver seat with joystick controls and height adjustment for individual functions.

2. New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 4000

sugar cane harvester austoft 4000

Austoft 4000 is a perfect sugarcane harvester in India. It is a mini and lightweight machine for farmers. Sugarcane harvester has good maneuverability and best base cut, which results in less cane loss and improved production. Compact machines enable cropping in partially wet fields, thus increasing the crop capacity under various situations. harvester price appropriate for Indian farmers.

Some advanced features of New Holland sugarcane harvester Austoft 4000 is

  • Crop Divider

The crop divider is used to separate the sugarcane row, harvest the adjacent row, and lifts the lodged cane stalks to facilitate the feeding operation.

  • Heavy Duty Motor Mounting Chassis

It improves the reliability and durability of the chassis.

  • Turbo Air Drag Cleaning System

The system offers better extraction of trash, resulting in cleaner cane billets.

  • Elevator Rubber Flap

Elevator rubber flap prevents the billets from falling onto the ground during infielder filling.

  • Reversible Fan

The engine cooling fan periodically reverses the airflow and cleans out the pump box, radiator, and pump box door. It improves airflow in the engine box every time, like this decreases cleaning time and provides constant running even under hard situations. It improves airflow in the engine box and provides better cooling.

  • Advance Eye Camera

The advanced function of the harvester Austoft 4000 that provides proper security and safety. It fitted at the rear and ensures safety while reversing as it avoids accidents. The camera makes sure to best harvest quality by preventing losses of billets during unloading. It has a clear rearview and a fast screen switching system. Some other benefits of cameras are safety improvements, reduction in losses, and improved visibility.

3. New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000

sugar cane harvester austoft 8000

It has many features that provide better working in the harvesting process. Some best features of New Holland Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 8000 is

  • Engine System

The engine system of the harvester provides power and strength for better working. The harvester has an engine function gauge and a cooling package. The features provide forward speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and less maintenance.

  • Extractors

The primary extractor system uses the anti-vortex system that cleans the cane billets. The secondary extractor system is a hydraulic fan that removes the dirt and dust.

These are all about sugarcane harvester in India. We hope you liked and enjoyed the blog. If you want a used harvester at an affordable price, visit Tractor Junction.