Top Tips to Choose the Right Tractor for your Farm

Tips to choose the right tractor

The tractor is one of the most prized possessions of a famer. Buying a tractor is an important decision and thus, you must know all the factors to consider before buying your first tractor. Your hard-earned money should be invested wisely. Take an ample amount of time and research well on which tractor model to buy as to enhance farm productivity.

Consider the following factors while choosing the right tractor for your farm:

Property: First of all, see the size of your farm and then, choose the tractor accordingly. For instance, large-scale farms require tractors of more horsepower (45-70 HP) as there are a variety of farm tasks to perform such as tilling, spraying, mowing, etc. whereas, for smaller size farms, tractors of about 35 HP may fit for agricultural purposes.


The choice of horsepower of a tractor is a crucial decision which is dependent on the size of your farm as well as the variety of tasks to be done. At present, there are 2 types of ratings used by the manufacturers to measure the power of tractor:

– Engine horsepower

– PTO horsepower


While buying your first tractor, be clear of the usage. Different agricultural tasks require different machines. Rather than upgrading and turning out heavy on your pockets, make a list of tasks and choose the tractor wisely. Tractors of variable horse powers require tractor implements to be attached for getting the desired job done on farms.

Comfort and Safety:

Look for the comfort and safety of the tractor while buying. Few common things on which you can focus are:

  • Sufficient space between pedals and fenders
  • Proper design of the operator’s platform
  • Seat adjustability and steering wheel
  • Accessibility of controls from a normal range of reach
  • Fine condition of handholds
  • Visibility of panel lights


Basically, there are 2 types of transmissions:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Mechanical transmission

A mechanical transmission is more power-efficient than hydrostatic transmission. However, the hydrostatic transmission provides the freedom to select any ground (or engine) speed between zero and the maximum and thus, it is more efficient in terms of operation.

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