Swaraj Combine Harvesters

3 Swaraj Combine Harvester models are available at Tractor Junction. You can easily get worlds bet Swaraj Combine at a reasonable price. The company provides a superb range of Swaraj Harvesters for effective performance in the field. It offers self-propelled power source harvesters with great cutting breadth. Swaraj Combine price is the most affordable price among all the brands of harvesters. Get the complete Swaraj Harvester Price list down below.

Popular Swaraj Combine Harvesters

Swaraj 8200 Self Propelled
Swaraj 8200

Cutting Width : 4.2 m (14 ft)

Power : 73.5kW

Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 Self Propelled
Swaraj Pro Combine 7060

Cutting Width : 7 feet

Power : 72

Swaraj B-525 Self Propelled
Swaraj B-525

Cutting Width : 3600 mm

Power : N/A

Swaraj 8100 EX SELF-PROPELLED Self Propelled

Power : N/A

Related Brands

Harvesters by HP

Claas JAGUAR 25 Tractor Mounted
Claas JAGUAR 25

Cutting Width : N/A

Power : 45-85 HP

Bakhsish 730 Self Propelled
Bakhsish 730

Cutting Width : 1275

Power : N/A

Mahindra HarvestMaster  H12 2WD Tractor Mounted

Power : 57 HP

Agristar CRUZER 7504 DLX SP Self Propelled
Agristar CRUZER 7504 DLX SP

Cutting Width : 11.48 Feet

Power : N/A

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Swaraj Combine Harvester in India

About Swaraj Combine Harvester 

Josh ka Raz, Mera Swaraj, is one of India's first manufactured harvesters, mainly designing for farmers to handle multiple crops to harvest. The success curve of Swaraj Combine Harvester is always going upward. Whether it is about leadership, achieving the milestone, or empowering lives. Swaraj consistently has confirmed progress. It works as an emperor of harvesters amongst all harvesters. 

Swaraj Tractors was founded in 1974 to be independent and develop India’s first Domestic tractor. Today Swaraj is a quickly growing company, has a wide range of tractors and farm machinery, and stands steadily amongst the top tractor brands in India. They manufacture a range of tractors and harvesters for different farming needs. 

Swaraj Combine Harvester is specialized agricultural implements like potato planters is in enormous demand as these help the farming methods and enable enhanced output. Swaraj Combine has long been a favourite harvester with farmers for its robust power, dependability, high performance in severe conditions, low maintenance cost, high resale value and extended life.

Swaraj Combine Price

The Swaraj Combine Harvester price is very affordable for every small and marginal farmer. Harvesters are necessary for smart and productive farming. Every farmer prefers Swaraj Combine Harvester for better outcomes for their farms. Farmers can adopt Swaraj Combine price for their fields without interrupting and compromising with their household budget.

Swaraj Combine Harvester Models

Presently, the Swaraj Combine Harvester family includes 3 models. Get excess detail of every Swaraj Combine model at Tractor Junction with some filters on the page of the Swaraj Combine Harvester.

The Popular Swaraj Combine models are.

  • Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 - It has M&M 805 dI Turbocharged 4 stroke engine with 4 cylinders. A self-propelled harvester in the 72 HP category @2300 rpm at an affordable price. 
  • Swaraj 8100 EX SELF-PROPELLED - It comes in the 101 HP category with 2200 engine RPM. With 6 blades and 10385 kg weight, it arrives at the most pocket-friendly price. 
  • Swaraj B-525 - It comes in the LMV class Harvester, Mounted With Tractor and GVW of 3980 kg. It has a reasonable price, which a farmer can easily afford. 


Swaraj Combine Harvester At Tractor Junction 

Tractor Junction is always available to help you with every upgraded information about Swaraj Combine Harvester, Swaraj Combine price and many more. You can search for any information related to Swaraj Combine Harvester with the help of some filters on the page of Tractor Junction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. 4 Swaraj harvester models are listed at Tractor Junction.

Ans. Swaraj 8200 is the best Swaraj Combine harvester in India

Ans. Tractor Junction is the right place to get a Swaraj Combine harvester.

Ans. Visit Tractor Junction to get complete information regarding Swaraj harvesters.

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