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Is Kubota PEM140DI perfect for farming?

Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Kubota PEM140DI perfect for farming. It comes under the Power Tiller Category. And, it has N/A Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Kubota brand house known for its superb quality niches.

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Fast working With KUBOTA Engine & Wider Rotary Width : Equipped with KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM which is very powerful and capable of working continuously in high rpm and the attached 80 cm width rotary helps spread power in soil pulverization.


Less Fuel Consumption : Direct injection system of KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM diesel engine causes a high-energy explosion that pushes the piston down with force. This results in improved fuel economy and extended operating hours of heavy duty performance.


Deeper Tilling Depth : The mixed-curve blades of rotary can till the soil deeper up to 12cm in dry field and up to 15cm in wet field and they can work well in both wet and dry field without necessity to change the blades.


Better Land Optimizing : Due to its 80cm wider tilling width, KUBOTA PEM140DI can work very well in limited space such as near paddy ridge, leaving only 3.25cm width space from the ridge. The operator is able to optimize the land space as much as desired.


Easy Ridge Crossing with Higher Ground Clearance : With 52.5cm ground clearance, it makes KUBOTA PEMDI easier to cross the ridge. Besides, the power tiller can also operate very well in mire and high water-clogged field due to its high clearance.


Better Visibility with multi-Reflector Headlight : The new design of the headlight provides long range illumination and better working visibility for the operator.


Comfort working with Attachable Seat : With Attachable seat equipped with patented coil spring shock absorber, the operator is able to work continuously with greater comfort.


High Durability with low Maintenance Cost

A: The transmission case is made of ductile cast iron, providing high resistance to collision and lifetime warranty is also provided by KUBOTA on the transmission case.

B: The patented internal gear type steering clutch is detachable and reversible. The operator can reverse side of the clutch when one is worn out.

C: The big size of chain and the fully-sealed type bearing that protects a metal chip inside would extend the useful life of the power tiller as well.

D: The air cleaner adaptor in KUBOTA RT140DI-EM will protect the air cleaner from dust and mud splash and filtrate the air delivered to the combustion chamber, resulting in erosion, reduction, cleaner combustion and longer useful life of the engine.



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