Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller implement


Model Name

Mini Rotary Tiller

Implement Type




Implement Power

15-30 HP


36000 INR

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller

Want to buy a Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller?

Here at Tractor Junction, you can get Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller at an affordable price. We provide every detail regarding Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller like mileage, features, performance, price and others.

Is Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller perfect for farming?

Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller perfect for farming. It comes under the Rotavator Category. And, it has 15-30 HP Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Fieldking brand house known for its superb quality niches.

What is the Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller price?

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller price is available at Tractor Junction. You can just log on to us and register your number. After that, our customer support team will help you out with Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller. For further, you have to stay tuned with us.

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller is the most superior and useful farming implement for farmers in modern farming activities. Here all the detailed information about Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Rotavator is available. This Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller for tillage has all the essential tools and qualities that provide terminal performance in fields.

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Features

Due to all below mentioned Fieldking Rotavator specifications and features, this farming implement is helpful for farming.

  • Light weight compact machine for compact tractors 15-30hp.
  • Fieldking Rotavator for tillage is used for small farms, fruit, vegetables, orchards, gardening, and nurseries.
  • Suitable for soil conditioning and weed control, seedbed preparation, puddling in small fields.
  • Fieldking Rotavator for tillage is compatible with mini and lower HP tractor.
  • Can loosen & aerate soil 4 to 5 inches deep.          
  • 6/4 blades per flange available in L & C type blade options.
  • The helical arrangement of the blades reduces the load on the tractor, which makes tillage fast and economical.
  • Heavy duty PTO shaft with shear bolt/slip clutch (optional) for overload protection.
  • Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry.        
  • Fieldking mini rotavator has a single-speed gearbox and side transmission gear drive option.
  • Fieldking rotary tiller comes with small L or C types blades.
  • Also, the fieldking rotavator price in India is reasonable to the farmers. 
  • Fieldking Rotavator has a shear bolt gearbox overloaded protection.
  • Fieldking rotavator weight is 170 to 203 kg (Approx).

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Price

Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Price is Rs. 36000* that is suitable for farmers and easily affordable. In India, all minor and marginal farmers can easily afford mini tractor rotary price. At TractorJunction, you will get a fair and reasonable fieldking rotavator 6 feet price and Fieldking rotavator 7 feet price in India. Rotavator Fieldking price is more modest for all other users and operators.

Fieldking Rotavator Price at Tractor Junction
Tractor Junction can provide you with reliable details like price, features and many more. So, get a complete fieldking rotavator price list with us. You can get this all on a separate page so that you can easily get it. 


Technical Specifications





Tillage Width (cm / Inch)




Gear Box (rpm)

Single Speed (15 x 22)

Side Transmission

Gear Drive

Types of Blades

Small L / C

No. of Blades




Gear Box Overload Protection

Shear Bolt

Weight (kg / lbs Approx)




Tractor Power (HP)





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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Price is ₹ 36000 in India.

Ans. Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller mainly works in the Rotavator category.

Ans. You can comfortably buy Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller in India at Tractor Junction.

Ans. Get price, features and complete details of Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller at TractorJunction.


*The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Fieldking or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Fieldking dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Fieldking Tractor dealer.

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