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New Holland Suger Cane Harvester Austoft 4000

  • Brand New Holland
  • Model Name Suger Cane Harvester Austoft 4000
  • Power 168 HP
  • Cutter Bar – Width N/A
  • No Of Cylinder 6
  • Power Source Self Propelled
  • Crop Sugarcane

New Holland Suger Cane Harvester Austoft 4000 Harvester Features


Number of Knives / roll

Technical Specification

Make  Case IH
Model Autosoft 4000
Model NEF 6
Emission Level Tier III
Aftertreatment System No
Number Of Cylinders 6
Cylinder Volume 6.7
Power (HP/KW) 168/125
Aspiration Turbo Aftercooler 
Working Rotation (RPM) 1300-2100
Injection System Bosch Mechanical
Alternator 80A 28V
Type  Hydrostatic
Travel Speed  0-16 km/h
Fuel Tank(L) 210
Hydralic oil tank (L) 130
Primetr Extractor 
Activation Hydraulic
Numebr of slats 4
Diameter (mm) 998
Working Rotation (RPM) 1400
Hood turning angle  65 degrees
Anti Vortex System  Standard
Secondary Extractor 
Stantdard/Optianal N/A
Activation of hood rotation N/A
Number of Slats N/A
Working rotation (RPM) N/A
Fan Diameter (mm) N/A
Turning Angle  N/A
Crop Dividers
External crop didivders 4 standard
Activation  Hydraulic
Inclination Inner 45 degrees; outer 60 degrees
Inclination Adjustment Manual
Shoe/ Rotary Clone  Sliding Shoe 
Height Control System N/A
Crop Dividers width adjustments (m) Fixed 1.1m
Crop Divider sidewall vine knives  N/A
Finned Rollers
Number of rolls  1
Activation  Hydraulic reversible
Width (mm) 760
Aggressive Slats  No
Knockdown Roller 
Activation Height  Hydraulic reversible / manual
Aggressive Slats  Optional 
Width (mm) 730
Feed Rollers   
Number of rollers 8
Activation Hydraulic reversible
Lower fixed rollers width (mm) 580
Upper floating rollers width (mm) 550
Type  Conventional
Diameter 165
Lifter Roller
Activation Hydraulic reversible
Width (mm) 580
Type (Open/Closed) Open (std) Closed (opt)
Number of Slats  3
Topper / Shredder
Maximum Height (mm) 3000 (Opt 3500)
Minimum Height (mm) 1050 (Opt 1550)
Disc RPM 1200
Number of knives  4
Gathering Drums RPM 200
Gathering Drums Bidirectional
Shredder N/A
Backward service light (basecutter servicces) N/A
Sidetrim Knives 
Number of Knives  N/A
Height Adjustments N/A
Tracks /Tyres 
Activation Hydraulic
Type  Rubber Types 
Track size N/A
Maximum Speed  16 km/h
Class (tracks) N/A


Tyre Size 10.5 x R1616.9 x R28
Number of Knives / roll 3
Number of Rolls  2
Drums Diameter (mm) 305
Activation Hydraulic Reversible 
Working Rotation 220
Billet Length  Fixed 
Disc Diameter(mm) 485
Distance between legs (mm) 495
Surface wear treatment available std/opt No
Number of knives per disc  4
Inclination angle  17 degrees
Activation Hydraulic Reversible 
3 pieces Legs  N/A
Working Rotation 615
Automatioc Height Control  N/A
Turning Angle  170 degrees 
Activation Hydraulic Reversible 
Extension (mm) 2 options (std and ext +750)
Width (mm) 580
Estimated basket capacity (L) 200
Number of Slats  19 (std) / 22 (ext)
Chain Rotation (RPM) 200
Number and Light types  200
Adjustable Speed  N/A
Flap Actuator  Standard
Chain Tensioning System  Manual (1 bolt )
Weight (kg) 8000 (without weights)
Operation height (mm) 5000
Width (mm) 2360
Length approx.9000
Tracks width (mm) 1420
Unload Height (mm)  
Working lights type Halogen
Number of lights 5
Operational Camera  2 optional 
Steering System  Steering 
Operational Cameras 2 optional 
Number of doors 2
Training Seat  N/A
Air Conditioning  Standard
System Activation Mechanical / Hydraulic 
Autoguidance  N/A
Special Features
Smart Fan (Cooling Package ) 2 speed fan 
Manoeuvring Assistance  N/A
Cooling package reverse fan  Optional 
Yield Monitor  N/A

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*The information and features are as on the date those are shared by New Holland or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest New Holland dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest New Holland Tractor dealer.

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