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Which Tractor to Buy Know Which Tractor is Best for You ?

Which Tractor to Buy? Know which tractor is best for you ?

Which Tractor to Buy?

TRACTOR is the term used mainly for the vehicle which is capable of doing multiple works. A tractor is used for different types of works i.e. agriculture use, construction use, transportation use etc. Tractor covers a large market in India.

On 24th April 1959 first assembled tractor comes in India after that, from 1965 to 1974 first fully manufactured tractor invented and with the passage of time tractors are getting popular in India.

By the way, a tractor is commonly used for farming activities. The farm tractor is an expert of planting, harrowing, ploughing, disking, tilling etc. and also used for pulling and pushing agriculture implements.

Are you confused about which tractor to buy? 

If you want to know which tractor to buy than you are at the exact place. We come here to provide, you a piece of proper information about suitable tractor for you. So that you can choose what is perfect for you.

Below is the list showing a tractor buying guidance for your comfort. Let’s explore.

Choose According to Your Needs…

What type of function you are going to perform with a tractor? 

Firstly decide which task will you going to perform with your tractor like if it will for construction work, transportation work or farming work. Because tractors are of different kinds for different tasks so, according to your task tractor should be used.

What is The Priority of Your Task?

As you know tractor is a multi tasker. In other words, we can say that the tractor is capable of doing all types of work. So, if you are taking a tractor for multiple uses then you have to first decide which task is on your priority list. Then according to your priority tractor should be decided.

How Many Areas Do you have? 

What is the size of the areas in which you will go to work is the mandatory point because of this point decision should be made. Because if you doing agricultural work and have a large area then you should have to buy a fully organized tractor and if you have a small area then you should buy a compact tractor.

Tractor Brands

Fix You Budget…

Before buying a tractor, fix your budget because it matters a lot. A tractor is not a toy or a cheap thing, a tractor is an expensive thing because it is a one-time investment.

Who wants to buy a tractor then he will search which is perfect for them and fit in their budget. So, fix your budget first.

Also, decide you will going to purchase tractor on cash or loan basis. Select the payment mode according to your convenience.

What type of tractor you are going to buy a used tractor or a new tractor?

Decide what is right for you like if it is used tractor or a new tractor. Like if you are buying a tractor first time then used tractor is best for you because it is free from formalities that are faced while buying a new tractor.

Select Company… 

After all those steps you have to now decide which company is best for you. Decide according to your preference. Many brands in the market are offering quality products at an affordable price.

Some top brands are Mahindra, Swaraj, Eicher, John Deere, Powertrac, Sonalika and many more. Select the company on which you trust then invest.

Is that tractor features is appropriate according to your wish?

Before buying a tractor check tractor’s Hp, lifting capacity, fueling capacity, mileage, steering type, clutch, breaks etc. check all the features of the tractor and match with your needs or work ‘Are They Appropriate?’ Then decide.

4WD Tractor or 2WD Tractor…

4WD Tractor or 2WD Tractor, Find out which tractor is perfect for your work. Identify your work, and according to that like if 4WD is suitable for your work then buy a 4WD tractor and if a 2WD is suitable for your work then you have to go for the 2WD tractor. 4WD or 2WD factor plays an important role in buying a new tractor.

4WD Tractor or 2WD Tractor

AC Cabin Tractor or Non AC Cabin Tractor…

AC Cabin Tractor or non AC Cabin Tractor, it purely depends on the climate of your region or area like if it is an extremely hot climate in your area then AC cabin tractor is appropriate and if a normal climate is there in your region or area then you have to choose non AC cabin tractor.

Test Drive, And then Decide

If you are going to buy a tractor, then it’s a big investment. So, you should know every detail about the tractor which you are buying.

For that take a test drive before buying tractor so that you get to know about every single detail about the tractor and find out is it perfect for your need or not.

Here we are going to show new tractor launch in India 2020 for your convenience. Let’s have a look.

New Tractor Price and Specifications


New Tractor in India





Solis 6024 S


                     6024 S


HP – 60 hp

Cylinders – 4

Engine Capacity – 4087 cc





Sonalika Tiger 50



                 DI 50 TIger



HP – 52 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Capacity – 3065 cc





                            Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx                                         60PowerMaxx


HP – 55 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Capacity – 3510 cc



Massey Ferguson 


Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart 4WD                                         

         9500 Smart 4WD


HP – 58 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Capacity – 2700 cc





Mahindra 475 DI SP Plus


           475 DI SP Plus


HP – 42 hp

Cylinders – 4

Engine Capacity – 2979 cc




Swaraj 735 XT



                      735 XT


HP – 38 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Capacity – 2734 cc




Powertrac 435 Plus



                        435 Plus


HP – 37 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Capacity – 2146 cc




Sonalika Tiger 26


                 GT 28 Tiger


HP – 28 hp

Cylinders – 3

Engine Rated RPM – 2700





Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx



         6055 PowerMaxx


HP – 60 hp

Cylinders – 4

Engine Capacity – 3680 cc




Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus


575 DI XP Plus


HP – 47 hp

Cylinders – 4

Engine Capacity – 2979 cc

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