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Powertrac Tractor Information – History of Powertrac Tractors

Powertrac Tractor

Powertrac Tractor History – Since 1944

Powertrac tractors comes under Escort Group (Escorts Agri Machinery) which was established in 1944 by the Nanda brothers Yudi Nanda and Har Prasad Nanda. In 1960, Escorts Agri Machinery started manufacturing tractors below the brand names of Farmtrac, Powertrac, Steeltrac and Digitrac. Escorts tractor produced its first tractor in 1965.

Powertrac Tractor Euro 50 is became most popular and most saleable tractor in 2019 and also the winner of Indian Tractor of the Year Award. Escorts Powertrac Tractors are designed only for the Indian farmers. Powertrac Tractors offers a flexible and all-rounder range of tractors. Powertrac power is thanks to India’s engineering integrate with European technology, produced Powertrac tractors one in all the leading in unique style brands in Asian countries.

Escorts Powertrac Tractor Series 

Powertrac Tractors under comes three further series which explains what excellence looks like in tractors. Below we are showing that three series.

  • Powertrac Euro Series
  • Powertrac DS plus Series
  • Powertrac  ALT Series

Why Powertrac Tractors are best for the Indian Farmers?

Escorts Powertrac Tractors are manufactured specifically for Indian Farmers. Powertrac Tractors have perfect power and efficient and effective at a reasonable price. Powertrac Tractors are cost-effective and perfect for the farmers. Power track tractor help in fulfilling the needs of every farmer by supplying preferred solutions. Prowertrac tractors have an esteemed and moral business. 

Powertrac constantly improves their technology according to the demand of the farmers and provide them at an affordable price.

Powertrac Tractors Price and HP Range

Powertrac Tractors are the best at their products they always come with an innovative idea with every release of its product. Power track Tractor supplied with hp ranging from 25 hp to 75 hp. Power Track Tractors are also known for its mini tractors and their affordability. Powertrac tractors price starts from Rs. 3.30 lakh* to Rs. 11.90 Lakh*. Power Track Tractors always stand strong on the trust of their customers and won their heart by supply quality products to them.

Popular Power Track Tractors in India

Powertrac Tractors are the most popular tractor among Indian farmers. In India, Powertrac proves and built a place in the heart of every farmer. Below are some most popular Power Track tractors. Let’s have a look.

Powertrac Euro 50

Powertrac Euro 50 is the most popular tractors among all the Escort Group tractors. Powertrac Euro 50 was also won the Indian Tractor of The Year award in 2019.

It comes with 2761 cc powerful engine capacity which generates 2200 engine rated RPM. Powertrac Euro 50 has 3 cylinders and 50 hp.

Additionally, it 2000 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity and Powertrac tractor Euro 50 comes with accessories like Tool, TopLink, Canopy, Hook, Bumper and Drawbar.

Powertrac tractor Euro 50 price is Rs. 6.25-6.75 lakh*

 Powertrac 425 DS

powertrac 425 ds

Power track tractor 425 DS also comes under most popular tractor of Powertrac tractors. It offers 2 cylinders, 25 hp and 2000 water cooled engine rated RPM. Powertrac 425 DS has 8 forward + 2 reverse and has oil bath type air filter.

Powertrac tractor 425 DS on road price is too affordable for the Indian framers.

Powertrac ALT 4000

Powertrac ALT 4000

Powertrac ALT 4000 is the most famous tractor or ALT series under Powertrac tractors. Powertrac tractor ALT 4000 supplied with 3 cylinders, 41 hp and 2200 engine rated RPM. Powertrac ALT 4000 engine capacity is 2339 cc and has 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes in it.

Powertrac tractor ALT 4000 on-road price is according to the market price and reasonable.

Powertrac Euro 42 Plus

Powertrac EURO 42 PLUS

Powertrac Euro 42 Plus is also the most favoured tractor of Powertrac tractors. It supplied with advanced features ie. 3 cylinders, 44 hp and 2200 engine rated RPM that generating 2490 cc powerful engine capacity.

Powertrac Euro 42 Plus has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1970 kg which is appropriate for almost all the tractor implements.

Powertrac Tractor Euro 42 Plus price is economical which every farmer can easily afford.

Powertrac Tractor Official website 

Official websitePowertrac

Powertrac Tractor Toll Free Number 

Contact Number – For further information regarding Powertrac tractor contact on 1800-103-2010.

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