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Top 7 Super Seeder Machines – Top Features Explained

Top 7 Super Seeder Machines - Top Features Explained

Super Seeder machines are one of the finest innovations that save time by helping in sowing seed at the proper depth & distance for better germination. Moreover, with the super seeder, you can plant large field crops within less time and in any field type. Besides, these farming implements are equally suitable for small gardens or orchards as well. 

Wondering which options out of many are worth exploring? Here is a comprehensive list of 7 top super seeders in India from brands of utmost trust.

7 Best Seeder Machines in India 

Here are absolute quality seeder machines that are highly advanced and have features 

1. Agrizone GSA-SS


Agrizone GSA-SS

Agrizone is a manufacturer of farming equipment and has a wide range of super seeders. The GSA-SS is an innovative farming product to help farmers sow seeds with precision. It is engineered with modern technology to ensure hassle-free seed sowing. Moreover, this super seeder lineup from Agrizone has 4 high-quality models with working widths varying from 1755mm to 2375mm. 

These 4 super seeder models have 13X23 (GSA IN HOUSE) gearboxes. The tractor HP required to operate the Agrizone GSA-SS depends upon the model, which ranges from 50 HP & above HP to 75 HP & above HP. 

This farming implement is ideal for sowing seeds effectively, making it a profitable one-time investment. However, the Agrizone GSA-SS price is reasonable according to its features. As a result, farmers can trust this super seeder for cost-efficient operations. 

Highlighted Features:

Model GSA-SS-006 GSA-SS-007 GSA-SS-008 GSA-SS-009
Working Width 1755 2010 2255 2375
Gear Box 13X23 (GSA IN HOUSE) 13X23 (GSA IN HOUSE) 13X23 (GSA IN HOUSE) 13X23 (GSA IN HOUSE)
Tractor HP 50 & Above 55 & Above 60 & Above 75 & Above

2. Landforce Super Seeder

Landforce Super Seeder

Landforce is an Indian Agricultural Implements Manufacturer specialising in manufacturing and supplying various agricultural equipment such as rotavators, cultivators, ploughs and seed drills. Further, their high-quality products and focus on customer satisfaction have made this brand as popular as it is now. Farmers use Landforce equipment to increase efficiency and productivity and also reduce labour costs. 

There are popular Super Seeder machines that Landforce has come up with. These come in 7-FEET and 8-FEET variants also. The 7 FEET variant super seeder has a working width of 81 inches. On the other hand, the 8 FEET has a width of 90 inches. 

The 7 FEET super seeder machine uses 50-55 HP tractors, while the latter uses 65-70 HP tractors. While the former has 54 blades, the 8 FEET variant has 60 blades.

Highlighted Features:

Model 7 FEET 8 FEET
Working Width 81” 90”
HP Required 50-55 HP 65-70 HP
Gearbox Multi-speed Multi-speed

3. Fieldking Super Seeder

Fieldking Super Seeder

Fieldking is a known name in the field of agricultural implements manufacturing. The company has established a clear footing in agriculture throughout its existence and operation. Eventually, it became a household name in the Indian industry. Further, they manufacture top-of-the-line implements that last and do their assigned jobs perfectly. 

The best super seeder from Fieldking’s line is the FKSSDRTD12-225, which has a working width of 2390 mm. The machine has 66 blades. Moreover, It requires a tractor from 65 to 70 HP, weighing 1230 kg.

The other super seeders from Fieldking have 48, 54, and 60 blades. They weigh 820 kg, 850 kg, 880 kg, and 910 kg. Furthermore, every FieldKing super seeder sowing machine comes with an aluminium fluted roller mechanism, which makes it ideal for fields.

Highlighted Features:

Model FKSSDRTD11-205 FKSSDRTD12-225
Working Width 2000mm 2390mm
Gear Box Multi-speed Multi-speed
Tractor HP 60-65 65-70

4. Jagatjit Super Seeder

Jagatjit Super Seeder

Jagatjit Super Seeder is a planting equipment designed for farmers to plant seeds with precision and efficiency. It has advanced technology and precision planting capabilities, allowing farmers to plant more efficiently and effectively than ever before—the Super Seeders from Jagatjit function with tractors that have around 50 to 65 HP value. 

The depth of the furrows and the spacing between them are adjustable to suit the specific needs of the crops. It also has a press wheel to cover the seeds with soil for proper germination. The Super Seeder is an enduring and essential tool for farmers looking to maximise crop yields and improve profits. 

Highlighted Features:

Working Width 2000 2309
Tractor HP 55 & above 65 & above
Gear Box Multi-speed Multi-speed

5. John Deere Green System Super Seeder

John Deere Green System Super Seeder

John Deere Green System Super Seeders are precision planting machines designed to plant seeds at the ideal depth and spacing for optimal growth. This super seeder machine in India requires a tractor with 50 HP or above to run. The Green System Super Seeder features a unique, modular design that allows easy customisation and maintenance. 

This powerful machine can plant large areas quickly and efficiently, making it an invaluable tool for farmers and landowners looking to maximise their yields. With its advanced technology and durable construction, the John Deere Green System Super Seeder is a reliable and effective way to achieve optimal crop growth.

Highlighted Features:

Model John Deere Green System Super Seeder
HP 50
Gearbox Multi-speed

6. KS Group Super Seeder

KS Group Super Seeder

The KS Group Super Seeder is a powerful tool for farmers and landowners looking to maximise crop yields. This precision planting machine requires tractors of 45 HP and above. Its modular design makes the Super Seeder easy to customise and maintain, making it a versatile tool for any operation. 

The Super Seeder is built with durable materials to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, ensuring a long service life. Its high-speed planting capability allows it to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable asset for those in the agriculture industry. 

But be aware some farmers have reported that some of the machines have malfunctioned and that the customer service of KS Group has not been helpful in resolving the issue.

Highlighted Features:

Model Ks Group Super Seeder
HP range  45
No. of Tynes 11
Super Seeder Mass 900 kg

7. Garud Super Seeder

Garud Super Seeder

The Garud Super Seeder is a magical machine that helps farmers plant their seeds perfectly. The machine is priced at Rs 2.99 Lakh* and runs with 55-60 HP tractors. It has a lovely design that can be easily changed and fixed, making it perfect for any farmer. 

It is made from the strongest and most durable materials to work in any weather and for a long time. The Garud Super Seeder is also very fast and can cover a lot of land in no time, making it a fantastic helper for farmers who want to make their crops grow as big and healthy as possible. It is a trusty companion on the fields, a friend of farmers.

Highlighted Features:

Model GSS-11
Working width 2060
Gearbox Gear Drive
Tractor HP 55-60

8. Shaktiman Super Seeder

Shaktiman Super Seeder

The Shaktiman Super Seeder is a machine that crosses the natural and the supernatural. Its precision planting technology allows it to plant the seed at the ideal depth and spacing, with the almost preternatural ability to know where to plant for optimal growth. Its sleek and sturdy design is the perfect balance of form and function. 

It is a machine that can withstand the toughest conditions yet is nimble enough to be customised to your specific needs. The Shaktiman Super Seeder is a marvel of engineering; it can cover vast fields in hours. 

It is a machine that seems to possess a life of its own, almost as if it knows what needs to be done and does it with almost effortless efficiency. It’s a machine that makes you believe in magic. With a tractor HP requirement of 55 to 75 HP, the tractor costs around Rs 2.5 to 2.69 lakh*.

Highlighted Features:

Model Super Seeder-7 Super Seeder-8
Working width 2114 2336
Tractor HP 55-65 65-75
Mass 1122 kg 1201 kg


Here’s a comprehensive list of the top 7 super seeders to buy in India with full specifications and top features. These were the best brand options that you can rely upon and absolutely put your hard earned money on. We hope now you have an idea about the best super seeders machines so that you can make a well-informed decision while buying one for your farm.

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