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Swaraj Tractor Information – Perfect choice for farmers

Swaraj Tractor information

Swaraj Tractor History – Since 1970

In 1970, Swaraj first tractor was designed and after that Swaraj Tractor did not look back. The tractor branded Swaraj inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of swaraj which means economic freedom. The first Swaraj model was the 26.5 hp Swaraj 724. This tractor stands out as the first Indian tractor which saves Indian farmers from the expensive imports.

Swaraj tractor has a commendable history of 40 years. It made an unbreakable reputation among the farmers swaraj tractor represents trust, power, style, and reliability.

Swaraj Tractor Founder Name

In 1965, CMRI (Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute) guided the planning and development of initial tractor. In 1969, ‘Swadesi’ 20 Hp tractor prototype was ready. Then the Punjab government brought this design in 1970 and the establishment of the Punjab Tractors Ltd for the production of 5000 tractors annually.

Now, Swaraj tractor is owned by Mahindra & Mahindra which is previously known as Punjab Tractors Ltd. Punjab tractors were the first company which was producing farm equipment and tractors in India.

Swaraj Tractor in India

Swaraj tractor is growing day by day and has become the most famous brand in the field of tractors and farm equipment. Swaraj Tractor is the trusted brand among the Indian farmers. Swaraj tractor produces 15 hp to 75 hp tractors category. Swaraj tractor offers a reasonable price which easily fits in the budget of the farmers. Swaraj produces economical mileage with exceptional feature tractors. Swaraj is a proper Indian brand and every Indian who has a swaraj tractor they proudly said ‘Mera Swaraj’.

Swaraj 744
swaraj 744

Swaraj Popular Tractors

Swaraj 735 fe and swaraj 744 are the two most popular models of the Swaraj tractor. Swaraj 744 has advanced features with a solid body and powerful engine. It provides high RPM on PTO and has fuel saving capabilities. It has an exceptional lifting capability which makes this tractor one of the best sellers of the Swaraj. And swaraj 735 fe comes with a water cooled engine with various features like manual/power steering, high fuel efficiency, mobile charger and bigger tyres that provide ease during long drives.


Swaraj new tractors come with advanced features at an affordable price. Swaraj tractors are simple to use and come with a unique look. Swaraj tractors maintenance cost is very reasonable and comes with a quality check. Swaraj tractor wiki says it all.

If you have any further inquiries about Swaraj Tractors, you can call on Swaraj toll free number 0172 2271620 to 27, 0172 2270820 to 23.

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