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Difference Between Crop Farming vs Orchard Farming

Difference Between Crop Farming vs Orchard Farming

In our previous post, we gave all the information about orchard Farming. We are nowhere to inform you about ‘What is the difference between orchard farming and crop farming?

In India livelihood means agriculture, 75% of the rural is doing farming for their household. From continental to coastal, from subtropical to tropical, you can see all climate conditions in India. So, India has different climates in different states, if there are different climates then there are different varieties of farming. India has almost all types of soil so in short, you may also say India as ‘son of soil type’.


As you know in India many states are appropriate for orchard farming and many are quite well in crop farming. So here we are showing the difference between crop and orchard farming. From the following post, you may clear your doubts (if any) about crop and orchard farming.

Crop farming and orchard farming

Crop Farming in India

Crop Farming

As you know India is the second-largest producer of agriculture products. As per the recent data, India is rapidly increasing worldwide in agriculture production. India is a huge producer of rice and wheat; these are the foods which are used in a routine. In many states, crop farming is the source of income and covers most of the worldwide market.

There are different types of crop farming which are as follows:

  • Arable – Arable is a land which is used for growing crops.
  • Pastoral – Pastoral is a land which is used for animal husbandry.
  • Mixed – Arable and Pastoral both used at a time in a single land then it is called Mixed farming.
  • Subsistence – Subsistence is that type of farming in India which is done by farmers for themself and their family.
  • Commercial – Commercial farming in India is grown to sell.
  • Extensive – Extensive farming is that type of farming in which small amounts of capital, labor, and fertilizers are used.
  • Intensive – Intensive farming is that type of farming in which large amounts of capital, labor, and fertilizers are used. It is the opposite of extensive farming.
  • Sedentary – Sedentary farming is that type of farming in which the same land is used for farming every year.
  • Nomadic – Nomadic farming is the farming technique which is used by farmers in which farmers search for new places for farm every year.

Types of Crops in India

India increasingly produces food grains, And India is the huge producer of various crops i.e. wheat, rice, sugarcane, pulses and cotton and India is the topmost producer of milk.

These are the crops which are recently producing in a huge amount by India.

Crop farming regions of India

India is a huge country and different regions have different types of soils. And agriculture all depends on climate, soil, etc.

Following are the regions which are suitable for crop farming.

Rice, Jute, Tea Region 

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Some parts of Bihar, Meghalaya, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and some regions of Uttar Pradesh.

Wheat and Sugarcane Region 

Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

Cotton, Jowar, Bajra, Gram, Sugarcane, Wheat 

Deccan plateau (Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu)

Maize and Coarse Crop Region 

Rajasthan and Gujarat

Millest and Oilseed Region 

Karnataka, Parts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Orchard Farming in India

Orchard Farming India

Orchard farming is a deliberate and willful planting of trees or shrubs that is continued for fruit or nut production. Orchard is also called a fruit garden. As you know, India is the world’s second largest producer of fruits and dry fruits. Indian fruits and dry fruits are supplied worldwide.

Orchard Farming is done where the supply of water is proper or the water level is appropriate. Orchard is purely dependent on rainfall.

Following you can get the answer to such type queries ‘Which place is known as orchard of India?’ and ‘Which state is known as orchard of India?’

Dahanu is the place connected to Gujarat and Maharashtra is known as the orchard of India. And its TalasariTaluka is also well known for its chikoo orchard.

Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra states are well known as the orchard of India.


Types of Orchards in India

Orchards are of different kinds and some of the types of orchards are popular in India and done on a big scale. Following are types of orchards in India.

  • Single variety of fruit  Orcharding with a particular variety of fruit is known as Single variety of fruit orchard.
  • Multiple varieties of fruit – Orcharding with distinct varieties of fruit is known as multiple varieties of a fruit orchard.
  • Mixed – Single variety of fruit orchard and multiple varieties of fruit orchard are done simultaneously then it is called a mixed orchard.
  • Clonal – Orchard established from plants derived from mother plant through vegetarian means called a clonal orchard.
  • Dry land – Fruits grown on dry land is called a dry land orchard.
  • Kitchen garden – Garden of fruits and vegetables in the backyard of the house is called a kitchen garden.
  • High density orchard – Increasing population of plants per unit area for increasing productivity called high density orchard.
  • Intercrops – Incorporation of fruits or vegetables between main fruit/vegetables called intercrops orchard.
  • Multistoried orchard – Harvesting at different heights is called a multistoried orchard.

Orchard Farming Region in India

Different regions have different climate conditions so according to these conditions orchard farming is done in different states in India.


Nashik, Satara, Beed, Latur and Solapur of Maharashtra.

Plum, Mulberry and Jamun 


Apple orchard in India 

Kinnaur, Kotgarh and Rohru of Himachal Pradesh.

Orange orchard 

Hoshiarpur of Punjab.

Mango orchard 

Ratnagiri and Thane of Maharashtra.

Strawberries orchard 

Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra and Sohliya of Meghalaya.

Chikoo orchard 

Gholvad and Dahanu district in the Maharashtra Gujarat border.

Cherry farms in India 

Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

Peach orchard India 

Fagu of Himachal Pradesh.


Crop Farming vs Orchard Farming

Farming is the main income source of most of the people in India. And different states of India have different types of farming patterns. So here we briefly discuss some differences between crop farming and orchard farming.

Difference between crops farming and orchard farming

Distinguish between crop and orchard farming

Crop Farming
Orchard Farming
Definition In crop farming production of agriculture crops is done. In orchard farming planting of trees and shrubs are done.
Types Commercial, Intensive, extensive, etc. Clonal, High density, Mixed, etc.
Foods Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Grains, etc. Fruits and Nuts.
Regions Assam, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, etc.
  • Crop farming refers to production of agriculture crops and orchard farming refers to planting trees and shrubs.
  • Crop farming produced rice, wheat, pulses, grains etc. and orchard farming produced fruits and nuts.
  • Types of crop farming are pastoral, commercial; subsistence, mixed, extensive, intensive, etc. and types of orchard farming are single variety of fruit, multiple varieties of fruit, mixed, clonal, dry land, etc.
  • Orchard farming needed more water compared to crop farming. That’s why orchard farming is done where water level is proper.
  • Crop farming is cheaper compared to orchard farming because orchard farming needs proper attention.

Government agriculture schemes in India

  • Soil Health Card Scheme
  • PradhanMantriFasalBimaYojana (PMFBY)
  • Neen Coated Urea (NCU)
  • PradhanMantriKrishiSinchaiYojana (PMKSY)
  • ParamparagatKrishiVikasYojana (PKVY)
  • National Agriculture Market (e-NAM)
  • Micro Irrigation Fund (MIF)
  • Agriculture Contingency Plan
  • Rainfed Area Development Programme (RADP)
  • National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA)
  • National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)
  • Livestock Insurance Scheme
  • National Scheme on Welfare of Fisherman
  • Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension
  • GraminBhandaranYojana

These are some main differences between Crop farming and Orchard farming. I hope you got all the information from this post.

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