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Seed Drill Machine: What it is, Uses & Why You Should Buy One?

What is Seed Drill Machine

Planting new crops? Tired of manually sowing seeds? Don’t Worry!

With an advancement in agricultural technology, there are tons of cost effective and efficient equipment added to the practice that can save your cost, time, energy and double your farming output.

A game changing equipment that can make your sowing process easy is an automatic seed drill machine. In this blog, we will walk you through:

  • What is a seed drill machine?
  • Uses of seed drill machine.
  • Benefits of seed drill machine — why should you plan on buying seed drill equipment for your precious land?
  • Cultivator and seed drill — what’s the difference?
  • Best place to buy a seed drill machine.

What is Seed Drill Machine? What is the use of Seed Drill? 

seed drill Machine

Seed drill machine a farm equipment used to sow seeds to a certain depth and distance in the soil for cultivating crops. This equipment attached to a tractor and further dragged onto the farm fields to ensure the seeds sown and distributed to the soil properly.

Benefits of Seed Drill Machine – Why Every Farmer Should Own It?

Seed drill machine used to sow seeds deep into the soil to ensure they are rightly placed and saved from the birds or animals grazing the field. Here are a few advantages of seed drill machines describing how they add positively to the farming activities.

Benefits of Seed Drill Machine – Why to Buy it?

  • Saves Time 
  • Gives Quality Output
  • Removes Manual & Repetitive Efforts 
  • Saves on Buying & Operational Cost
  • Can Work in Challenging Weather
  • Environment Friendly

1. Time saving

Seed drill machines save time as they do the task of bedding the seeds faster with much efficiency and automation and without requiring time taking, laborious efforts.

2. Quality output 

Seed drill machines evenly sow and distribute the seed inside the soil which improves the ratio of crop yield. It is found out that If seeds are placed too close inside the soil, they won’t get enough nutrients, sunlight or water to turn into a crop. Or if seeds placed or dispersed too far in the soil, this could lead to land wastage. The agricultural seed drill machine evenly distributes the seeds, neither too close nor too far.

3. Lesser Manual & Redundant Efforts 

Farmers no longer have to invest their hard earned labour and time sowing the seeds manually as the seed drill machine can be added as an extension to the tractors and used for sowing the seeds at right depth and distance. 

4. Highly Cost Effective 

Seed drill machines are lower in price and can be easily purchased without worrying about the budget. Additionally, these devices are very effective and do the task accurately (when compared to manual sowing), which multiplies the efficiency, reduces seeds and soil damage and land wastage.

5. Works Best Even in Challenging Weather

Indian weather can be unpredictable for farming functions. A wet climate can easily disrupt the soil and hamper the sowing process. But, modern seed drill machines come with a system that avoids the blockages created due to the bad weather conditions.

6. Environment Friendly

 Seed drill machines are environment conscious and have lower carbon footprint as they operate on lower energy inputs. They require minimal resources in order to function and wouldn’t harm the soil, land, and environment in total.

Components of Seed Drill Machine – Know How it’s Made

A seed drill machine generally have following technical components:

1. Frame – A mild steel angle made to withstand heavy-duty farm activities, consisting of other parts of seed drill.



2. Seed Box – Seed box like structure with a lid is made up of either galvanised iron or mild iron.

Seed Box

3. Seed Metering Mechanism – A mechanism where seeds are picked up from the seed box and dropped to the seed tube. 

4. Drive Transmission System – It is a mechanism that consists of wheels, driving shaft, and sprocket chain assembly that carries seed picking discs. 

5. Furrow openers – Furrow openers open up the furrows or lines in the field to allow insertion of the seeds.

6. Covering device or furrow closer – Covering device or furrow closer helps to close the furrows with a layer of soil once the seeds are dropped into the field.

7. Transport Wheel – On the axle, there are two wheels for transport made of iron for durability. They transmit power to seed dropping mechanisms.

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Difference Between Cultivator and Seed Drill Machine – Aren’t They Same?

Cultivator and Seed Drill Machine

Cultivator and Seed Drill Machine – Are they Different?

Most people can get confused between seed drill and cultivator maybe due to their similar appearances. But in reality, these are two different farm equipment with different functionality and purpose.

Field Cultivator 

Field cultivator is another farm equipment whose purpose is to ensure the seedbed is prepared for planting the seeds or farming. They warm the top surface of the soil to turn the seedbed as aerated, loose, smooth, and prepared to receive nutrients, water, and sunlight. The machine also kill or remove unwanted weeds or parasites from the field. They very well required for the growth of crops and eliminates the need to use additional weedicides.

They either self-propelled or attached as an extension to the tractor transmission. 

Seed Drill Machine 

While seed drill machines used right after when the field cultivators done preparing the soil for sowing seeds. These farm equipment help make the process of seeding, plantation, tillage and past harvest activities effective and efficient.

Products Field Cultivators  Seed Drill Machine
What is it? A farm equipment used prior to seed drill machines to prepare soil for sowing crops, removing weeds, pesticides, and mixing soil to ensure proper air and nutrients to sow crops. Another farm equipment used after cultivation for sowing seeds, plantation, tillage for effective and quality harvest
Purpose To prepare soil for sowing seeds. To sow seeds at proper distance and depth.
Types  They can come particularly as disc harrows, tine/chain harrows, power harrows/rotary tillers, rigid tine cultivators, spring tine cultivators. They can be of two types majorly tractor drawn seed drill and bullock drawn seed drill.

Seed drill and cultivator, both are farm equipment that adds to the soil quality, sowing process, and leads to better harvest even in the toughest weather conditions.

Finding an ideal seed drill machine can be a time taking task.Tractor Junction saves you from trial and error and gives you the best-in-class seed drill machine options that are in budget and from top brands you can trust. Enquire now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. What are the uses of Seed Drill?

Ans. Seed drill used for sowing and distributing the seeds evenly and deeply into the soil. They ensure seeds scattered enough to harvest into a good crop when due.

Que. What are the advantages of seed drill machines?

Ans.  Automatic seed drill machines for tractors are best suit for sowing seeds at proper distance and depth to ensure they produce quality crops during autumn or spring season. They save time, money, and add to the quality farm produce. 

Que. What is the seed drill machine price?

Ans. Seed drill machine price is very affordable for marginal farmers. It starts from Rs. 68,000 approx. Enquire about the best automatic seed drill machines for tractors based on the best brand choices with affordable prices only at Tractor Junction.

Que. Is there any seed drill with cultivators?

Ans. You would easily find an all-in-one, multi-purpose seed drill with cultivators that helps in preparing the soil and sowing the seeds without changing the equipment and wasting much time. We can help choose the best options

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