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Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak Review – Why Should You Buy?


Amidst the vast countryside fields lies a machine that aims to revolutionise the world of agriculture. The Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak tractor stands ready to take on the challenges of farming. The tractor flaunts advanced features and smooth performance.

It is a powerful and efficient tool designed to aid the farmer in every possible way. The tractor makes farming more than just a job. With its 50 Hp engine, it gives out a torque of 200 NM. This allows it to pull and lift heavy farming tools with ease.

The Magnatrak offers a comfortable ride and has an excellent braking system for the operator’s safety. Its Oil Immersed Brakes provide high security. On the other hand, its 1800 kg lifting capacity allows the operator to lift heavy farming tools. The Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak tractor is a perfect partner for every farmer. So if you want to take farming to the next level, this one’s for you. Let’s take a closer, more detailed look at what this machine offers.

The Historic Launch of Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak

A new era in the world of tractors has begun. TAFE, the third largest tractor manufacturer in the world, launched the game-changing MAGNATRAK series.

The grand launch ceremony in Kolhapur witnessed the unveiling of the first tractor from the series. In essence, the Massey Ferguson 8055 MAGNATRAK’s design sets a new benchmark in the tractor industry. It offers unmatched power, world class style, advanced tech, top tier handling, and utility at low operating costs.

With its 50hp range, it suits heavy haulage operations quite snugly. It is a lovely addition to the farming community. The MAGNATRAK series is expected to be a game-changer. It has laudable features and benefits. In turn, it provides a new level of efficiency, productivity and lastly, profitability as well for farmers worldwide.

Engine and Fuel Capabilities of the Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 8055 has a powerful and efficient engine that can easily complete any job you give. Powered with a 50 HP engine, it gives out a torque of 200 Nm. As a result, it saves you fuel costs while giving you top of the line performance. When this pairs with the smooth handling and amazing acceleration, there is nothing you throw that this machine cannot handle.

In addition, the tractor model is fuel efficient. Not just that, it also has a high mileage capacity. So you can run it without any worry for hours on end. Of course, we can tell you a million more things about the Massey Ferguson 8055 engine, but seeing is believing. So we will let you experience the BOSS yourself.

Transmission and PTO HP Overview

Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak Transmission

The transmission system of the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak has a design that meets the needs of contemporary farming. With a dual-clutch powering it, the tractor comes with an advanced gearbox which offers 8+2 speed transmission.

The best in class transmission is further powered by the PTO HP value of 46, which can pull powerful implements. You can upscale your farming operation with this tractor. It can run any implement with a PTO value that is under 46, and that, people, is a lot.

Brakes and Steering – The Ferguson Trademark

Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak Steering

Few features are more important than brakes and steering when it comes to the safety and reliability of tractors. In the case of the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak, these features live up to the high standards set by the iconic Ferguson brand.

The Ferguson name is synonymous with quality, and the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak does not disappoint. Its oil-immersed brakes provide excellent stopping power, making it a safe machine to operate on all terrain. So whether you’re navigating through muddy fields or traversing steep hills, the brakes on this tractor give you the confidence to get the job done.

But safety is not the only area where the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak shines. Its smooth steering provides exceptional control over the machine, allowing farmers to handle with ease, even in tight spaces. Whether you’re turning around in a small field or navigating through a narrow gate, the steering on this tractor provides the precision you need to get the job done right.

Dimensions, weight and Lifting Capacity of the Tractor

As a farmer, you know that one of the most critical aspects of a tractor is its ability to withstand rough terrains, carry heavy loads, and remain stable throughout. Therefore, the dimensions, weight, and lifting capacity of a tractor are crucial aspects to consider. And the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak doesn’t disappoint in these aspects.

Having a wheelbase of 2000mm and a total weight of 2240kg, the tractor can navigate any terrain with relative stability. The Ferguson is a tractor with good ground clearance (430mm). In other words, no road is too bumpy, no field is too uneven for you, if you have this tractor.

When it comes to lifting capacity, the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak is an excellent performer. With a lifting capacity of 1800kg, this tractor can effortlessly lift heavy farming implements, making it an ideal choice for farmers who need to haul large loads.

Massey Ferguson 8055 Price Details

One of the best things about this tractor is its reasonable price, which starts from Rs. 6.80 – 7.40 Lakh*(Ex-Showroom Price). Such a beast going for this much of a price means small and marginal farmers get access to industry-grade greatness. This can allow them to improve their yields and in turn, their own livelihoods. This is a huge step forward for the nation itself, not to mention the citizens of the nation as well.


The Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak is built to deliver top tier performance and utility at a low operating cost. This makes it the perfect choice for small and medium farmers looking to upscale their farming operation. Filled with features and a reasonable price that sweetens the pot, the tractor is an ideal investment for farmers. With the Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak, TAFE has set a new benchmark in the tractor industry, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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