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Mahindra 585 Di Power Plus Price & Specifications

Mahindra 585 Di Power Plus Price & Specifications

Mahindra, one of the leading tractor companies, manufacture versatile range of agricultural machines of varying power, mileage, prices and farm mechanization. Let’s have a look over different models of Mahindra including Mahindra 585 Di:

Mahindra 585 New Price & Specifications:

Mahindra 585 Di is a 4-stroke, multi-faceted model with 4 cylinders and runs with a power of 50 Hp @ 2600 rpm. It has 8 forward, 2 reverse gears and dry disk brakes. With hassle-free live hydraulics and draft control, it has latest power steering. The engine is water cooled and comes with direct injection system. Mahindra 585 di tractor price is around 6,00,000/-

Here, you can also find Mahindra 585 di video to get a clear picture and make a wise purchase decision.

Mahindra 575 Di tractor:

Mahindra 575 Di runs on a 1900 rpm advanced engine with unique KA technology. Its partial constant mesh transmission allows easy running on all kinds of land surfaces. With state-of-the-art machinery, tools & techniques, it comes with latest implements that are ideal for all kinds of farm activities. It has a lifting capacity of 1600 kg and 47.5 litres capacity fuel tank.

Mahindra 595 di:

Mahindra 595 Di is a mid-range tractor that comes with 50 HP power and gives optimal output. It includes some of the best features like better hydraulics, classy design, ergonomic seating position and high precision hydraulics. With dual clutches and power steering, you can be assured to get a relaxed drive. Its estimated price is about 6 lacs.

Mahindra 585 di sarpanch: (Priced about 6 lacs)

Mahindra 585 DI  Sarpanch falls under the range of 50 HP with high power to handle most of the agricultural tasks smoothly. It has been designed to handle all kinds of farm mechanization activities such as haulage, spraying, cultivation & harvesting. With 4 cylinders and high lifting capacity of 1640 Kg, it ensures low maintenance and better performance.

This model has been designed with highest power to carry out even most difficult operations. It has multiple gear speeds and can handle different agricultural tools like rotator, reaper, leveler, potato planter, etc.

All-in-all, the above information including new Mahindra 585prices are genuine and helpful to make best decisions.

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