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Mahindra’s 1st Driverless Tractor Launched!

Mahindra’s 1st Driverless Tractor Launched!

Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the tractor giants of India, has finally launched its 1st driverless tractor manufactured in Chennai. Soon it will sway the international markets of Japan & USA with its glamorous advancement in agriculture. As per the reports, the brand new driverless tractors will fall under the range of 20 HP to 100 HP. As per the M&M’s managing director Pawan Goenka, the company holds a market share of 43% in Indian tractor industry and with this new comer, the share is absolutely going to expand.

Some of the best features of Mahindra driverless tractor include:

  • An auto-headland turn; that enables the tractor move along the adjacent rows for frequent operations
  • An auto-steer; based on GPS technology that helps travel along a straight line
  • Geo-fence lock; that helps it keep moving along the farm boundaries

Just imagine robot farming on your behalf. Sit & relax on your couch, press the buttons and get set go to produce & harvest awesome crops within the blink of your eye!

For farmers, this would not be less than a miracle machine that will automate their farm mechanization tasks and give them a new way of working much faster! Commercially, this new model will be available from 2018! And it will serve as one of the best advancements till date by Mahindra. By early 2018, this will be available in the Indian markets and subsequently in the global markets of Japan & USA.

Keep rolling your eyes for one of the biggest milestones in the history of Mahindra after ‘DigiSense technology’! For farmers, get ready to be amazed with this innovation. This driverless agricultural tractor will render multiple advantages as: higher farm productivity, reduced health hazards, automated food production and ultimately, huge profitability! Additionally, it comes with a pool of safety features such as remote engine start-stop option.

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