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Mahindra to Launch 3rd Tractor Brand ‘Trakstar’

India’s top tractor brand Mahindra is planning to launch its 3rd most tractor brand Trakstar! As per the news shared by the company officials, it will launch 5 segments across 30 HP to 50 HP. With a vision to provide highest levels of farm mechanization and value proposition, Mahindra will create a new image in the minds of consumers across the country. Being a leading farm machine manufacturer, launching Trackstar will serve as an innovative approach to capture larger market share while offering full ease to customers. This new model is not just value-added but will enable farmers enhance farm productivity and grow to a great extent. Another icing on the cake is the price range of these will be affordable and worth the purchase.

The brand launching Trakstar model is renamed as ‘Gromax Agri Equipment Limited’ (Previous: Mahindra Gujarat Tractors Limited) and is expected to prove as an important element in the whole journey of Mahindra & Mahindra. In fact, this new range is expected to double up the income of farmers. It will offer optimal solutions to the complete farming fraternity. Trackstar chain of models may be 5-7% cheaper than other Mahindra & Swaraj models.

Few Trackstar models are:

Trakstar 531Trakstar 536Trakstar 550Trakstar 540 and Trakstar 545.

Mahindra Trakstar India will compete with 80% of the industry with its 5 segments of different powers. The companies will be investing Rs. 150 Crore into Growmax in the upcoming 3-5 years for full-fledged product development. Well, the company has already a big production facility of 3,500 units capacity in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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