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Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus – Top Features & Highlights

Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus - Top Features & Highlights

Feast your eyes on the Mahindra 415 DI XP plus – from the mind of the pioneers of farm tech to your farmland. This tractor is a beauty with functionality, grabbing profits as much as it grabs the eyes. This tractor proves to be the best partner for farmers. Coupled with its advanced tech and budget-friendly price, it’s sure to make farming a breeze. 

The Tractor can handle rough and tough tasks easily. So, join the many farmers who trust and rely on this beast of a machine. Take in the top-notch performance and get the job done right. This tractor truly delivers, making it the perfect choice for all farming needs. Get ready to take your farming game up a notch with the reliable and powerful Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus tractor.

Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus – What are its Key Features?

Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus specification makes it a mighty tractor. Designed for tough work and hard to plough fields, this 42 HP tractor offers reliability, power, and efficiency. It can easily handle all farming needs with its 2730 cc engine and 2000 RPM. 

As it boasts a budget-friendly price of ₹ 6.25 to 6.40 lakhs, the Mahindra 415 DI XP plus tractor model is just right for Indian farmers. What’s more, its classic design and advanced features, like power steering and hydraulic lifting capacity, make it a top choice for farmers seeking efficiency and comfort. Coupled with mileage that saves your gas money, this tractor is the best friend for any farmer, tackling every task with grace. So, get ready to witness the might of the Mahindra 415 DI XP plus.

An overview of the Engine and Fuel Capabilities


Mahindra 415 DI XP plus packs a punch with its 4-cylinder engine. It also spews out 42 HP and 2000 engine-rated RPM. What’s more, the engine’s advanced design ensures that it consumes a lot less fuel and performs well on the farm. 

Fuel efficiency is a major concern for farmers, and the Mahindra 415 DI XP plus mileage does not disappoint. Its large fuel tank and efficient fuel consumption make it a cost-effective choice for farmers. The tractor can also easily handle tough farm activities, making it a reliable choice for farmers.

Transmission and PTO HP capacity – Performance Information

The Mahindra DI XP Plus gear box holds immense power. It boasts smooth shifting, easy handling and excellent control. The multi-speed dry-type single/dual-clutch gear system offers easy shift, allowing the tractor to tackle any job with ease. The tractor also features a powerful PTO capacity of 37.4 horsepower, giving the power needed for tough tasks. This allows the tractor to handle heavy-duty implements, making field work a breeze.

Further, the tractor’s hydraulic system is another major strength. The hydraulic system provides reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that tasks are performed smoothly and accurately. This system is ideal for many farming needs, including lifting heavy loads and handling equipment such as ploughs and tillers. With its impressive transmission and PTO capacity, the Mahindra DI XP plus is an awesome workhorse capable of easily handling the toughest tasks.

Braking System and Steering – How Good is the Control?

The Mahindra DI XP Plus tractor model boasts a radical braking system designed for great stopping power and control. With hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel, the tractor gives smooth and reliable braking, even in rough conditions. The brakes are further assisted by an efficient, oil-immersed braking system that helps regulate the temperature of the brakes and prevent fade, ensuring consistent and responsive stopping power.

Going through tight spaces and around obstacles is effortless with the tractor’s precise and responsive steering system. Equipped with hydraulic power steering, the tractor provides smooth, precise control and minimal operator fatigue, even during constant use. The Mahindra DI XP Plus steering can be adjusted, and the seat is also ergonomically designed, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The steering system is also built with high-quality components, ensuring reliability and durability, even in harsh conditions.

Tyre Dimensions and related information


Tyres, the feet of Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus, play a critical role in its performance. The tractor boasts large, durable tires designed to handle any terrain. They provide balance and traction in fields, forests, and even muddy terrain. The tyres also feature a unique tread pattern that minimises soil compaction and maximises grip.

Next, the tyre size. The tractor offers a 6 x 16 front tyre size, and a rear size of 13.6×28/12.4×28. And the pressure monitoring system keeps you informed of the pressure, ensuring optimal handling and safety.

An Idea of the Dimensions, Weight and Lifting Capacity

What’s more, the lifting capacity of this tractor stands at 1,480 kg, which makes it ideal for farming activities such as tillage, haulage of heavy loads, etc. It can handle implements such as ploughs, rotavators, and more.

Mahindra DI XP Plus Price

The Mahindra DI XP Plus price in India is around ₹6.25 Lakhs to ₹ 6.40 lakhs. Such a pricing scheme makes it highly affordable for marginal and small farmers in India. 


Conclusively, the tractor proves to be a top choice for farming operations. Its powerful engine, efficient gearbox and PTO, great braking and steering systems, and rugged tyres offer smooth and effective handling. The tractor’s price reflects its high-quality build and advanced features, making it the right choice for those seeking a reliable, heavy-duty machine for their farm work.

In short, the Mahindra 415 DI XP Plus is a top contender if you’re in the market for a top-performing tractor that won’t let you down. It’s packed with the latest technology, built to last and churns out an outstanding performance in any farming operation. So, why wait? Take a closer look today and experience the ultimate in tractor technology.

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