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Geranium Plant Farming in India – Easy Steps & Profit

Geranium Plant Farming in India - Easy Steps & Profit

Are you looking for a new and fresh crop to grow? Look no further, because geranium plants are the answer! Not only are they beautiful with their vibrant and fragrant flowers, but they also come with a lot of benefits. From their potential for use in perfumes, to their traditional medicinal uses, geraniums offer a unique business break. 

And best of all, there’s a growing demand for this versatile crop locally and worldwide. So get ready to discover the joy of growing geraniums and the business opportunities they bring. Join us on this exciting journey of beauty with benefits!

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Geranium Plant – An Introduction

Geranium Plant - An Introduction

Geraniums are a large and diverse genus of plants, with over 200 species found worldwide. They are native to Africa and the Americas but can grow in many other regions, including India.

These flower plants have various purposes, including house plants and food flavour ingredients. Also, geranium plants can help in making perfumes and essential oils. Some species of flowers also have medicinal properties. They have healing uses as well, they can treat various ailments.

Geranium flowers are typically showy and come in a lot of colours, including pink, red, white, and purple. They have five petals and are typically borne in clusters.

For centuries, various geraniums help in traditional medicine and treat a wide range of ailments. Geranium robertianum, also known as the herb Robert, is one such example.

Wound Healing

Geranium plants have antiseptic and cleansing properties, effectively promoting wound healing and stopping infections. Applying a paste made from the leaves of herb Robert will help wounds heal fast. In addition, the paste helps in healing and reduces boils.

Digestive Problems

Geranium plants also have digestive benefits and can help alleviate digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating, and gas. Tea made with geranium can help you with any digestive issues.

Many species of geraniums are pretty plants due to their showy flowers and foliage. Farmers typically grow these for their beauty. These species are not helpful in medicine, though. For example, the stork’s bill is one of these pretty plants.

Geranium Farming – Basics

geranium meadow

Here are some technical factors you must consider when farming Geranium in India.


Choose a sunny spot for your geranium plant getting at least 6 hours of sun daily. These plants thrive in well drained soil, so choose a place that meets this need.


Geraniums need to be watered, but it’s germane not to over-water them as this can lead to root rot. Instead, water your plants deep, but avoid getting the leaves wet, which can lead to fungal growth.


To keep your geraniums in peak health and it’s key to fertilise them constantly for them to thrive. Use a balanced fertiliser and follow the precise rules for use.

Buy the durable fertiliser sprayers for effective application!


Prune your geraniums regularly. That keeps them healthy and bushy. Pruning also helps new growth to keep your plants looking their best.


When planting geraniums, make sure to give them enough space to grow. What’s more, follow planting rules for the variety you are growing. Finally, make sure you don’t damage the roots during planting.


You can harvest your geranium plant’s leaves, flowers, and stems for use. Harvest leaves in the morning when they are at their freshest and most fragrant. You can harvest these flowers when fully open and in peak bloom. 

The total yield from per hectare annually from total 3 harvests can be about 30 tonnes, with 24 kg of oil.

Following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and benefits of growing geraniums in your farm!

But there’s more to growing geraniums than just these tips. Geraniums are adaptable to different climates, which makes them an ideal crop for many Indian farmers. For example, if you live in a dry region, you can still grow geraniums by planting them in containers and moving them to the shade when it’s too hot. Or if you live in a place with heavy rains, you can grow geraniums by planting them in raised beds to keep the soil well-drained.

Geranium Farming Profit

Geraniums farming can be profitable! You can earn up to Rs 1, 70,000 against the cost of Rs 80,000 per hectare of land. Sell cut flowers and leaves to local florists and markets. Supply geranium plant oil to cosmetics companies. 

Partner with perfumers to create unique scents. Sell dried flowers and leaves to other countries. The chances are endless with this plant! Start exploring these exciting business opportunities today. Have a look at some of these in detail below:

Cut Flowers

Geranium plants are popular cut flowers in high demand by florists and flower markets. You can grow various coloured and scented geraniums to offer a unique selection. Then, harvest and sell the blooms regularly to keep your business booming.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Geranium oil plant produces essential oils with a sweet and floral aroma. These oils are highly sought after by cosmetics and fragrance companies. Consider setting up a small distillation unit on your farm to extract the oil and supply it to these companies.

Perfume Creation

Geraniums have a distinct scent and can be used to create unique and fragrant perfumes. Partner with local perfumers to create one of a kind fragrances featuring geranium oils.

Dried Flowers and Leaves

Dried geranium leaves and flowers have many uses, like potpourri, wreaths, and dried flower designs. In addition, you can sell these dried products to local markets or other countries for higher profits.


In conclusion, geranium farming is a well-paying venture with many benefits. From its pretty blooms to its many uses and business scope, geraniums have much to offer. It is safe to say it’s a plausible option for Indian farmers. So, embrace this chance to grow your farm and your income. Happy Geranium Farming!

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