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Introducing the Eicher 551: Your Ultimate Ride for Power and Comfort!

Introducing the Eicher 551 Your Ultimate Ride for Power and Comfort!

Introducing the Eicher 551 tractor, your reliable farming companion designed to make your tasks easier and more efficient. This impressive tractor boasts a powerful engine that can handle various farming activities. From ploughing expansive fields to excavating the soil for planting and even effortlessly transporting heavy loads, this 551 Eicher tractor is built for all your farming job.

Moreover, this tractor also emphasises your comfort, with its roomy cabin and comfortable seating providing a pleasurable experience. The Eicher 551 further guarantees a smooth ride, ensuring that even uneven terrains are easily manageable.

Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast seeking new farming experiences or a busy farmer looking to optimise your efficiency, the Eicher 551 caters to your needs. It combines robust performance, comfort, and reliability, making it an ideal partner for farming. 

Eicher 551 – An Overlook on the Key Features

This blog offers everything you require to know about the Eicher 551. It’s a strong and effective tractor that can manage different farming jobs. Additionally, the blog explains its engine attributes like power, torque, and hydraulic lifting ability. Furthermore, it discusses its price, and transmission system, including clutch, gearbox, and PTO.

1. Eicher 551 Engine Detail

Eicher 551 Engine Detail

The Eicher 551 tractor’s engine is the heart of its impressive performance. With a 3-cylinder engine producing 49 HP and a 3300 CC engine, this tractor is unparalleled in efficiency and adaptability in the field.

Its precision engineering makes the engine one of the most modern ever fitted to an Eicher tractor. At the same time, it is designed to withstand unfavourable farming conditions, from soil to weather, and handle rugged Indian fields. 

Additionally, the tractor’s efficient cooling and cleaning system enhances its working capability and makes it durable in difficult situations. 

Despite its valuable price range, farmers find joy in owning it. Moreover, the tractor’s PTO HP is also noteworthy, with 41.7 HP, making it capable of operating any tool with ease and elegance, whether ploughing, harrowing, threshing, or levelling.

2. The Gearbox of the Eicher 551

The Gearbox of the Eicher 551

The Eicher 551 boasts a versatile clutch system that allows farmers to select between single and dual options based on their needs. Additionally, the tractor boasts a Side shift sliding transmission system. This combines constant and sliding mesh mechanisms, guaranteeing seamless gear shifting and exceptional durability. 

Speaking of the transmission, the gearbox is the machine’s controlling force, and the Eicher 551’s gearbox is exceptional. 

With an 8 forward + 2 reverse speed gearbox, this tractor offers many speed options to suit any task and terrain, from heavy-duty performance to hardcore speed. As a result, you can plough, harrow, sow, transport, and drive with comfort and safety.

3. Seat Comfort of Eicher 551

Seat Comfort of Eicher 551

One of the best things about this tractor is its comfortable seating, which provides a smooth ride for the operator. Furthermore, the Eicher 551 has a spacious and ergonomic seat that can be adjusted according to the operator’s preference. 

The shock absorber of the seat can reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations and ensure optimum comfort. With the  Eicher 551, you can enjoy a stress-free and fatigue-free farming experience.

4. 551 Eicher Steering Control Details 

551 Eicher Steering Control Details 

Modern farmers require a tractor with excellent steering capabilities for comfort and safety. Luckily, the Eicher 551 has all the essential features to cater to these demands. Eicher is well-known for their superior product quality, and the Eicher 551 is another prime example. 

Its power steering allows for superb manoeuvrability, allowing farmers to operate the tractor effortlessly, even in tight spaces. Whether navigating through busy roads or making turns in cramped fields, the precision of the steering ensures that tasks are completed with maximum efficiency.

5. Brakes and Handling Details of Eicher 551 

Brakes and Handling Details of Eicher 551 

The oil-immersed brakes of the 551 Eicher tractor provide exceptional braking power on any terrain, guaranteeing top-notch safety for the machine. Whether you’re tilling through muddy land or carrying heavy loads, the tractor’s brakes provide the necessary assurance to complete any task successfully. However, the Eicher 551 doesn’t just excel in comfort, it’s also a machine that prioritises safety.

6. Eicher 551 Tyre Size

Eicher 551 Tyre Size

The Eicher 551 has excellent tyres that offer a secure grip on any surface. With front and back tyre sizes of 6.00 x 16 and 14.9 x 28, respectively, these tyres can handle large loads and fast speeds while maintaining stability and traction. 

Additionally, they have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. With the Eicher 551, you can confidently tackle any task on the field.

7. Eicher 551 Price Details

Eicher 551 Price Details

The cost of the Eicher 551 tractor may differ based on the dealer’s location and pricing. Nonetheless, the typical ex-showroom price range falls between Rs. 6.80-7.10 lakh. However, you may also notice variations in the on-road price due to additional charges like taxes and insurance.

Additional Information of Eicher 551

The 551 Eicher tractor is a heavy-duty machine with exceptional performance and efficiency. It is equipped with powerful hydraulics, capable of lifting up to 2100kg, and a PTO HP 41.7. Along with this, farmers can acquire this reliable and cost-effective tractor at Rs.6.80-7.10 lakh (Ex-Showroom Price). Moreover, the Eicher 551 is highly regarded for its productivity, efficiency, and mileage, making it suitable for agricultural and commercial use.


Ultimately, Eicher 551 tractor is an excellent option for agricultural activities. Its robust engine, efficient gearbox and PTO, reliable braking and steering systems, and sturdy tires make for a smooth and effective performance. 

For individuals seeking a reliable and sturdy machine for their agricultural needs, the Eicher 551 tractor offers advanced features and a well-constructed build at a reasonable price point. As a result, it is a practical and ideal option for those needing a heavy-duty tractor.

The Eicher 551 is a top contender for anyone seeking a high-performing tractor that is both technologically advanced and built to last. Don’t hesitate – take a closer look today and experience the pinnacle of tractor technology.

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