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2WD vs 4WD Tractors: Which is a better choice for Farmers?

2WD vs 4WD Tractors: Which is a better choice for Farmers?

A tractor is a farm machine that simplifies the farming functions and makes the field tasks easier for the farmers. These agricultural vehicles perform several tasks like ploughing, mowing, haulage, etc. A broad classification of tractors would be a 2 wheel-drive tractor and a 4 wheel-drive tractor. With technological advances, the popularity of 4 wheel-drive tractors increased tremendously. However, one might catch oneself thinking about which type of tractor to purchase for the best farming experience. Does an increased wheel drive provide increased productivity? check out below all about 2WD vs 4WD tractor. 

Let’s learn in detail about 2WD vs 4WD tractor to find out which one would serve you better:

What is a 2 Wheel-Drive Tractor?

2 wheel-drive tractors are a type of agricultural machine powered with a single axle used to lift various tractor implements like cultivators, rotavators, seeders, etc. Such tractors used primarily in dry farming conditions where the fields not excessively muddy, sloped, or wet. These tractors use most of their weights on the rear axle to maximise traction.

2WD tractors are most suitable for sowing seeds, spraying fertilisers and pesticides, topping the pastures, etc. These are generally used on farmlands where the tractor’s pulling power does not matter, and the focus is on the machine’s operational ability.

Benefits of 2WD Tractors

The 2 wheel-drive tractors efficiently manage the necessary farmland activities; however, they fail to work as good in wet and muddy conditions. Here are the benefits of 2WD tractors:

  • Cost-effective prices – The 2WD tractor price in India is affordable for Indian farmers. Above all, the small and marginal farmers can easily purchase 2 wheel-drive tractors with minimal investment.
  • Small turning cycle – The simple design of a two-wheel-drive tractor helps offer a short turning cycle, especially in smaller areas.
  • Ease of operations – The 2 wheel-drive tractors are easy to handle, and hence, they work with better manoeuvrability. It becomes easy and trouble-free to navigate the tractors.
  • Suitable for primary farm functions – Two-wheel-drive tractors are best-suited for necessary agricultural activities such as sowing, spraying, etc. These tractors are perfect for farmers with fewer farm loads.

Examples of Most Popular 2WD Tractors

There are several 2 wheel-drive tractors available in India. We listed a few of them for you:

  • Sonalika 745 DI III SikanderThis 2 wheel-drive tractor is robust, economical, and uniquely designed to be used for multiple applications.
  • Mahindra 475 DIThis is one of the most durable two-wheel-drive tractors manufactured by Mahindra as it is up-to-date with best-in-class innovative technology.
  • John Deere 5050 DJohn Deere is among the trustworthy names in the agricultural industry. Besides, the brand’s 2WD model is one of the best performing tractors in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Farmtrac 60 It is amongst the top 10 best tractors in India. Farmtrac 60 easily operated and controlled, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Eicher 548 This tractor is appropriately built for the Indian farmers with all essential features. Moreover, Eicher 548 2WD tractor is long-lasting and serves best for round-year production.

What is a 4 Wheel Drive Tractor?

4 wheel drive tractors are mighty machines that are as versatile as they are robust. The dynamic tyre movement allows these tractors to pull a wide range of heavy-weight tractor equipment. These tractors reduce the additional maintenance costs due to strong tyres that not easily damaged. Such tractors offer a smooth, uninterrupted ride no matter how rough the terrain may get.

4WD tractors provide power to all four tyres, which in turn results in increased traction. Also, these tractors can perform various applications. For instance, tillage, crop protection, slashing, loading, etc. These tractors can achieve more than the basic farm activities combined with the right tractor accessories and implements.

Benefits of 4WD Tractors

4WD tractors have become famous in recent years as they are highly reliable. Here are the benefits of these tractors:

  • Greater traction – The 4WD tractors use maximum pulling power by transmitting it to all four wheels. The front wheels help the rear wheels pull the tractor ahead with greater traction, which helps in better execution of farm tasks due to reduced slippage risks.
  • Suitable for rough terrains – These tractors are explicitly designed for rugged areas which are why four-wheel-drive tractors are best-suited even for harsh, wet, and muddy farmlands.
  • Versatile – A 4 wheel-drive tractor can perform more than just basic farming activities like crop protection, loading, etc. This eliminates the need for buying extra equipment to fulfil those tasks.
  • Long-lasting – The durable material used in manufacturing the 4 wheel-drive tractors certainly provides a long-life to the tractor. In addition, the transmission load evenly distributed between the rear and front axle units.
  • High productivity – The 4WD tractors can efficiently operate several heavy-duty implements like cultivators, loaders, etc. This helps in increasing the overall productivity while maintaining quality.

Examples of Most Popular 4WD tractors

4WD tractors gained admiration in the past few years. Here a list of some of the highly demanded 4WD tractors:

   1. New Holland 3630 TX Plus This 4WD tractor is loaded with all advanced and power-packed         features that work best to enhance performance.

  2. Swaraj 963 FE 4WD Equipped with original and adequate features, Swaraj 963 FE is a                  powerfully built 4WD tractor.

  3. Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD This mechanised four-wheel-drive tractor by Mahindra ensures         smooth operations, greater productivity, and better results.

  4. Sonalika GT 20 With its attractive design combined with the latest technologies, Sonalika GT         20 is a perfect pick for noise-free farming in India.

  5. Powertrac Euro 45 Plus Among the top 10 4WD tractors, this 4WD tractor helps Indian                farmers provide well-ordered and trouble-free farm operations.

Highlight Points of Infographic:

  • This infographic shows the meaning, uses, and benefits of 2WD tractors and 4WD tractors (2WD vs 4WD).
  • After that, you will find a clear difference between 2WD and 4WD tractor.
  • A conclusion at the end determines whether a single wheel 4WD and a dual-wheel 2WD tractor is the best choice.

    Infographic Here 

2wd & 4wd Tractor Infographic

Comparison Between 2WD vs 4WD Tractor

Comparison 2WD Tractor 4WD Tractor


These are available at lower prices compared to the 4WD tractors. A two-wheel-drive tractor might make you incur additional maintenance costs. The 4WD tractor price in India is a safe long-time investment. However, 4 wheel-drive tractors can have expensive repairing costs.

Fuel efficiency

The unnecessary wear and tear of tyres in a 2WD tractor make it less fuel-efficient. On the other hand, a 4WD tractor runs on strong tyres that are less likely to get damaged easily.

Tractor brands

Brands’ availability is lesser for 2WD tractors than 4WD tractors. These days, tractor brands focus on 4WD tractors as they are more powerful and versatile.


2WD tractors offer less appropriate variety as they stick to the primary farm activities. The dynamic nature of 4WD tractors allows them to perform more than just necessary farming activities broadening the scope of application.

Pulling power

With the focus on just the rear wheels, a 2WD tractor uses less pulling power. The concentrated focus on all four wheels in 4WD tractors allow them to function with maximum pulling force.


2WD tractors focus on the rear tyres to maintain traction that results in comparatively less traction. The 4WD tractors use all four tyres to pull the tractor ahead, maintaining a better grip on the ground.

Suitable for slopes

2WD tractors are less ideal for sloped lands and more ideal for flat terrains. 4WD tractors are built in a rugged manner that makes them suitable for rough rides.

Technological advancements

The farmers do not prefer 2WD tractors as they have to incur additional investments to make such tractors work with full force. With continuous developments in technology, 4WD tractors have seen wide popularity. Loaded with all the essential technological advancements, these tractors produce the best results.


These tractors work with limited power which does not allow them to enhance performance after a point. A 4 wheel-drive tractor offers better performance than a 2 wheel drive tractor due to better technological upgrades.


Due to limited performance exposure, these tractors are unable to maximise productivity. A 4WD tractor enhances the farm yields and maximises the efficiency compared to the 2 wheel drive tractors.

Dynamic nature

2 wheel-drive tractors can only perform a countable number of basic routine field tasks. A 4 wheel-drive tractor when used with the right tractor implements, becomes a powerful and versatile agriculture machine in itself.

After-sale service

These tractors require more rounds to the service station due to the lack of rugged material used in its composition. A 4WD tractor usually accounts for fewer services due to the comparatively rough and tough exterior and interior. 

Conclusion: Which is a Better Option 2WD vs 4WD?

To sum up the 2WD vs 4WD difference, it can be concluded that 4WD tractors are more versatile and long-lasting. A 4WD tractor can be used for performing more functions than the former one. The high prices of 4WD tractors make the farmers think twice before making a purchase, but it always suggested to incur high-quality output investments.

These are detailed comparisons between 2WD vs 4WD considering their meanings, benefits, and features. We hope this relevant information will help you to make the best decisions before your next purchase. For more information about tractors, pricing, and specifications, visit TractorJunction.

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