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Tractor Junction sources data from Co-WIN, managed and operated by Union Health Ministry, Government of India. Data may not be real time and hence Co-WIN portal may show different result.

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Are you looking for a covid 19 vaccine?

Are you looking for a covid 19 vaccine? 

We are facing a crucial pandemic where every third person was infected with covid-19. There are no ICU beds, shortage of oxygen, and many more things happening, but this virus is increasing speedily. India is a country that is currently dealing with this virus and trying to make a complete stop to it. The long line is waiting for their turn outside the crematorium. This is the most crucial time for India. COVID-19 Vaccination is the only way to get out of it right now. 

How can I get covid-19 Vaccination in India? 

As much as we can, we will fully support this family of India as significantly as possible. Our team has been working for Indian farmers for many years now, we are with India in this crisis. For that sake, Tractor Junction has now come up with a covid-19 vaccination status page. On this page, you can enquire every tiny detail regarding covid-19 Vaccination in India. After our Covid-19 page, where we update all details regarding covid-19, this page is our next aim to help our Indian people to come out of this pandemic. 

How can I locate the covid-19 vaccination centre? 

We make this process smooth for you guys. Just enter your area Pincode number and click on the find vaccination center. You will get all complete information regarding covid-19 vaccination registration and Government vaccination centres in your area in a few seconds. 

If you are puzzled about finding a Government vaccination centre near me, this page is perfect for you. In any case you faced any difficulty in getting covid 19 vaccine, then drop down your contact details our customers executive will help you out further. 
Till then, stay home, stay safe, wear a mask and eat healthily. Make this statement formula of your life. #IndiaFightsCorona

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