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Is Shaktiman Tusker perfect for farming?

Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Shaktiman Tusker perfect for farming. It comes under the Rotavator Category. And, it has 50-60 Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Shaktiman brand house known for its superb quality niches.

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Shaktiman Tusker is one of the most useful farming implements for farmers in all modern farming practices. Here all the specific and accurate information about Shaktiman Tusker Rotavator is available. This Shaktiman Rotavator has all the inherent qualities that make your work much more comfortable.


Shaktiman Tusker Specifications

This farming implement is much beneficial for farming because all below mentioned Shaktiman Tusker features and specifications.

  • Tusker Series Rotary Tiller is specially designed for crushing a banana stem and pulverizes it within soil in a single pass.
  • Shaktiman Tusker for tillage is suitable for slashing thick and fibrous residue of crops such as banana, papaya, sugarcane etc. Pulverization of the crop residue, increases soil fertility & permeability.
  • This banana rotavator also increases aeration & water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Shaktiman Rotavator for tillage is ideal for sandy & sandy loam soils.

Here you can buy Shaktiman Tusker Rotavator online and get details about the Shaktiman rotavator bearing number and Shaktiman rotavator bearing in fields. This Shaktiman Rotavator for tillage comes with all vital features and qualities that boost your productivity.



It is very tedious, laborious, time consuming and costly (Rs.5500/acre approx.) process to remove the banana stem from the soil to cultivate the next crop. Even after removing the stems from soil, it has to get dry (which takes 10 to 30days) to put fire in it. Then only the field will be clear for the next crop. Whereas the Tusker crushes roots & stem simultaneously in a single operation Prime Mover: 50HP & above tractor with creeper gear



  • Blade to Hull clearance is more
  • 6mm thick single sheet Hull plate
  • 11mm thick pipe & 15mm thick rotor flanges
  • Stub axle bearing cover with oil.
  • Heavy Top mast Strips with 16mm thickness
  • Heavy duty damper spring rods
  • 12 mm RD plate & 10mm SD plates
  • 4mm thickness trailing board
  • Heavy side gears with more oil qty


Shaktiman Tusker Price

Shaktiman Tusker Rotavator price is very affordable and budgets friendly for all Indian farmers. For all small and marginal farmers, the Shaktiman rotor price is more moderate. In India, all farmers can easily afford the Shaktiman Rotavator price.


Technical Specification 
Model  SRT – 5 SRT – 6 SRT – 7
Overall Length (mm) 1818 2084 2317
Overall Width (mm) 940
Overall Height (mm) 1218
Tilling Width (mm / inch) 1606 / 63.2 1872 / 73.7 2105 / 82.8
Tractor Power HP 50+ 55+ 60+
Tractor Power KW 37+ 41+ 45+
3-Point Hitch Type Cat – II
Frame Off-set (mm / inch) 115 / 4.52 6 / 0.23 27.5 / 1.08
Number of Flanges on Rotor 7 8 9
Number of Tines (L-80 x 7 36 42 48
Standard Tine Construction Square 
Transmission Type Gear
Max. Working Depth (mm / inch) 200 / 8
Rotor Tube Diameter (mm / inch) 89 / 3.5
Rotor Swing Diameter (mm / inch) 504 / 20
Driveline Safety Device Slip Clutch
Weight (Kg / lbs) 599 / 1321 654 / 1442 690 / 1522





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*The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Shaktiman or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Shaktiman dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Shaktiman Tractor dealer.

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