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Top 5 Tractor Rotavator Brands and Models in India 2024

Top 5 Tractor Rotavator Brands and Models in India

Choosing the right tractor rotavator for your Indian farm can be difficult. With so many brands and models available, it’s hard to know where to start. In 2024, Indian agriculture will see the prominence of the top five tractor rotavator brands and models. These companies—Shaktiman, Mahindra, Fieldking, Sonalika, and Maschio Gaspardo—offer a variety of rotavators that are tailored to the requirements of farmers.

For improving crop output, controlling weeds, and preparing the soil, rotavators are essential equipment. These leading manufacturers offer cost-effective implements that help farmers maximize their farming operations, all while boasting cutting-edge features. Let’s examine the features of the best 5 tractor rotavator models and brands down below!

Top 5 Rotavator Brands: Popular Models & Price Range

1. Shaktiman Rotavator

Shaktiman Rotavator

Shaktiman helps Indian farmers with eco-friendly and affordable farm machines. They make high-quality products at low prices, improving farming for many. Their R&D centre creates new products, and their large spare parts network ensures parts are available everywhere in India.

Shaktiman Rotavators’ price in India ranges between Rs 54,000 and 1,63,000. These tractor rotavators come in various models like the Semi Champion Series, Regular Light, and Regular Smart. Moreover, these rotavators prepare the soil for planting, mix soil and fertilisers, and remove weeds, making farming easier and more efficient.

They are available in sizes from 3 to 11 feet. For example, the Shaktiman Rotavator price for 8 feet is within the affordable range. You can also find the Shaktiman Rotavator 6 feet price list and the Shaktiman Rotavator price for 5 feet easily.

2. Mahindra Rotavator

Mahindra Rotavator

Mahindra Rotavators are used for secondary tillage and have rotating blades that plough the land. These tractor rotavators are high-performance tools that work well in all soil conditions, wet or dry.

Popular models include Mahindra Tez-e ZLX+, Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125, and Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 205. Mahindra Rotavators come in various models at affordable prices, starting from Rs 80,000 to 1,16,000. The Mahindra Rotavator 7 feet price and the Mahindra Rotavator 6 feet price models are also in this range.

3. Fieldking Rotavator

Fieldking Rotavator

Fieldking, a leader in agricultural machinery since 1978, offers innovative, user-friendly, and eco-friendly farming solutions worldwide. They export to 102 countries, ensuring international standards.

Fieldking Rotavators price ranges from Rs 36,000 to 5,58,000 and come in various models like Regular Multi Speed, Gold Rotary Tiller, and Single Multi Speed. These are popular choices among Indian farmers. Fieldking provides best rotavator for tractors in india and top-quality tractor implements in India.

4. Sonalika Rotavator

Sonalika Rotavator

Sonalika Rotavators price starts from Rs 75,000 to 1,20,000. Popular choices include the Single Speed Series, Mini Smart Series Chain Drive, and Mini Hybrid Series. These rotavators enhance farming potential with advanced features and superior functionality.

Sonalika Rotavators are great for preparing seed beds, mixing residuals, and boosting soil health. Their sturdy design makes them perfect for farming tasks, including the Sonalika rotavator 7 feet price, Sonalika rotavator 6 feet price, and Sonalika rotavator 8 feet price. With Sonalika Rotavators, farmers can achieve high performance and productivity in their fields.

5. Maschio Rotavator

Maschio Rotavator

Maschio Gaspardo Rotavators offer various models at affordable prices, ranging from Rs 1,05,000 to 1,32,000. Popular choices include the Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO HC 150, PADDY 125, and VIRAT J 185.

Rotary tillers by Maschio Gaspardo are the company’s oldest products, manufactured for over 50 years at their headquarters in Campodarsego. Here, the R&D department develops and integrates cutting-edge technologies for material processing. The Maschio rotavator 6 feet price, Maschio rotavator 7 feet price, and Maschio rotavator 8 feet price reflect the quality and innovation built into each model.

Top 5 Rotavator Models: Price & Specs

1. Shaktiman Regular Light

Shaktiman Regular Light

The Shaktiman Regular Light Rotavator is the top rotavator in India. It is designed for tillage and is suitable for tractors with 25-65 HP. Priced between Rs 97,281 and 1.12 Lakh, it is ideal for wetland, light, and medium soil.

Moreover, this tractor rotavator is lightweight yet strong, which is great for paddy fields. It has high-tech parts made with precision tools and is coated to resist damage from rust, sunlight, scratches, and cracks.

2. Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125 is a tractor rotavator suitable for tractors with 30-60 HP. This rotavator price ranges from 85,000 and goes up to 1.02 lakh, it offers multi-speed adjustment for different tasks. With features like multi-depth adjustment and a duo cone mechanical water-tight seal, it’s perfect for both dry and wetlands.

The helicoidal anti-wear rotavator blades ensure excellent cutting and mixing of stubbles and manure while reducing soil clods to fine particles for better tilth. It’s effective for puddling, minimises slippage, and offers noise-free operation. After rice/paddy harvesting, this agriculture rotavator churns crop remains to increase humus, promoting fuel efficiency with a levelled surface.

3. Fieldking Regular Multi Speed

Fieldking Regular Multi Speed

Fieldking Regular Multi Speed Rotavator is a versatile tractor rotavator for tractors with 25-70 HP. This tractor rotavator price starts from 2.6 lakh and goes up to 4.1 lakh. It also offers a multi-speed gearbox for different soil conditions. Featuring a heavy-duty side gear drive in an oil bath, it ensures high performance in all conditions.

It can loosen and aerate soil up to 7 inches deep, with boron steel blades lasting 50% longer than hi-carbon ones. The spiral arrangement of rotavator blades reduces tractor load, making tillage faster and more economical. Lastly, this rotavator makes Fieldking one of the top 5 rotavator companies in India.

4. Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive

Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive

The Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive Rotavator is ideal for tillage and works with 30-50 HP tractors. This unique, lightweight tractor rotavator costs 77,000 to 92,000 INR. It features a flat frame with a strong, single, straight pipe on the front. The other side is made of a square section frame sheet.

This mini tractor rotavator has a multi speed gearbox and a rotor fitted with 6 to 12 blades for better soil pulverization, helping retain soil moisture. The design prevents water ingress during ploughing, extending the rotavator mini tractor life.

5. Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT REGULAR 165

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT REGULAR 165

The Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT REGULAR 165 is a tractor rotavator designed for tillage. It is suitable for tractors with 40-45 HP. Also, this tractor rotavator price ranges between 1.2 and 1.44 lakh. It is ideal for preparing seed beds and improving soil quality.

Moreover, this tractor rotavator effectively loosens and aerates soil, mixes residues, and enhances soil health. It is the best rotavator for tractors in India because of its sturdy design, which guarantees dependable performance in a range of farming settings.


The top 5 tractor rotavator brands in India as of 2024 are Maschio Gaspardo, Fieldking, Mahindra, Sonalika, and Shaktiman. These manufacturers make sure farmers can discover the ideal tool for their needs by providing a variety of premium models at different price points.

Tractor rotavators make farming easier and more productive by assisting with seedbed preparation, soil and fertilizer mixing, and weed removal. These rotavators improve soil health and productivity with their cutting-edge features and robust designs. Purchasing a tractor rotavator from one of these leading brands at a competitive price will greatly improve farming efficiency.

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