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Top 5 Eicher Tractors In India- Price And Specification

Top 5 Eicher Tractors In India

Eicher Tractors- Umeed Se Zyada 

Eicher Tractors are India’s most popular tractors manufactured with good features and available at a reasonable price. Eicher Tractors is a brand that makes a different place in Indian farmers’ hearts with adorable features.

When did Eicher Tractors come to India?

Eicher tractors are the very oldest and trusted brand globally. They started their production natively and built tractors in India in 1959. Josef and Elbert Eicher found this brand. 

You can discover here an inventive and beneficial Eicher Tractor. Eicher Tractor has highlights the qualities which you need in your tractor

The Eicher Tractor is continually winning the farmers’ hearts by giving them with farm tractors and administrations. They generally care about their clients providing Eicher farm tractor models as per the market interest. Eicher top model work vehicle and Eicher compact tractors are generally well known among the Indian farmers. They bring highlights that give a better and extended time on the field. 

Eicher Tractor is the most impressive and most performing farm tractor of Eicher. This work vehicle is the most requested work vehicle among the farmers. On the work tractors of Eicher, farmers can undoubtedly trust because their all farm tractor accompanying all model costs is likewise entirely reasonable. Eicher tractors are the best option for farmers.

The Eicher Tractors are presently acclaimed globally for the way that they give top tier improvements even at moderate costs. Eicher Tractor is a most delightful brand in India, and it makes an extraordinary spot in the core of Indian farmers. In this blog, we will go to communicate all knowledge about the leading Eicher tractors in India.

We will discuss the top 5 Eicher tractors in this blog to make your work easier with comfort.

Top 5 Eicher Tractors in India 

We have selected some top 5 Eicher Tractor models which will help you to work productively and effectively. Here are some models.

1. Eicher Tractor 368

Eicher 368

Eicher Tractor 368 is manufactured by TAFE Tractor. This tractor is easy to control and gives a fast response. This tractor is widely used which has advanced and modern features. The tractor includes a water-cooled oil bath air filter. The engine capacity of this tractor is highly powerful, which provides high-performance economic mileage.  

  • Eicher tractor 368 comes with a 34 PTO hp. Its 40 hp tractor images with 3- cylinders with 2500 CC engine capacity which generates 2150 ERPM
  • Its fuel capacity is 45-litres with high fuel efficiency. It has speed controlled 8 forward + 2 reverse gears in a rugged gearbox and high torque backup with stylish looks and designs. 
  • This brand is known as a substitute for durability, versatility, reliability, which makes Indian farmer’s trust stronger. 
  • The price of the Eicher Tractor 368 is Rs. 5.30 lakh*, which is very pocket friendly for every Indian farmer.

2. Eicher tractor 242

Eicher 242

Eicher Tractor 242 is beneficial for cultivating purposes. It is an extraordinary tractor model broadly utilized among the farmers for its amazing creation.In India, all small farmers have the cost of Eicher 242 very reasonable.

This tractor is the best tractor model in the 25 Hp class because of the number of valuable and notable highlights of Eicher 242.

  • Eicher tractor 242 comes with 25 horsepower with dry disc brakes. It has a single clutch for better and smooth functioning.
  • Its fuel tank capacity is 35-litres with 900 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. Its engine capacity is 1557 CC with 1 cylinder. It has 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes.
  • It arrives with 2 wheel drive with 6 x 16 front tyre or rear tyre of 12.4 x 28 and suitable for every agriculture activity.
  • The price of Eicher Tractor 242 in India is 3.85 lakh* and very affordable and budget-friendly, which is suitable for medium usage and fits in all farmer’s budget. It is the more reliable tractor for all small and marginal farmers.  

3. Eicher Tractor 548

Eicher 548

The Eicher Tractor 548 model is incredible and suitable for various farming applications. It brings every one of the major highlights and features. This post contains all the data about the work vehicle 548 Eicher details, value, hp, motor and some more. Eicher 548 works incredibly that makes tractor easy to achieve massive farm assignments productively.

  • Eicher Tractor 548comes with 48 horsepower range, 3 cylinders with advanced air-cooled technology.
  • Its engine capacity is 2945 CC with 2200 ERPM, which provides high performance and low fuel consumption.
  • This tractor is occupied with a 45-litre fuel tank capacity and has 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes. It arrives with dual-clutch power steering.
  • The price of Eicher Tractor 548 is Rs. 6.10 – 6.40 lakh*, which is very reasonable. This tractor price is more unassuming for small farmers.

4. Eicher Tractor 557

Eicher 557

Eicher Tractor 557 is made by Eicher Tractor Manufacturer. This post contains all the data about the farm tractor like Eicher 557 value, HP, Engine Specifications and some more.

  • Eicher Tractor 557 comes with 50 horsepower, 3 cylinders and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1470-1850 Kg*.
  • Its engine capacity is 3300 CC with 2200 ERPM, which is a very great combination for farmers.  
  • It has immersed brakes with multi-plate oil which provides high grip and low slippage. It also provides a single or dual-clutch for easy and smooth functioning.
  • The Eicher Tractor 557 price is Rs. 6.65-6.90 lakh*, which is very affordable to buy. 

5. Eicher Tractor 485

Eicher 485


Eicher Tractor 485 popular work vehicle and maybe your decision as to your next farm tractor. Before purchasing any farm, suggest the distinctions given below and thoroughly understand Eicher 485. 

This post below is completely dependable and reliable. We bring the matter to pick what is truly best for you and do not doubt your decision. The post contains every one of the distinctions like Eicher 485 value, Engine Details and some more. Eicher Tractor 485 is genuinely reasonable for farmers.

  • Eicher tractor 485 comes with 45 horsepower and emerged with the 3 cylinders with water-cooled, oil bath type air filter.
  • It has an engine capacity of 2945 CC with 2150 ERPM with dry or oil-immersed brakes, which is completely optional.
  • Its fuel tank capacity is 48 litres with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1200-1850 Kg. It also has single and dual-clutch plates with 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes.
  • The price of Eicher Tractor 485 is Rs. 6.12 lakh*, which is very affordable and more economical for Indian farmers.

Highlighted Points of Infographic


  • This infographic content is about the top 5 Eicher Tractors in the Indian trade.
  • It includes Engine Capacity (EC), HP, Fuel Tank Capacity (FTC) and Price of the top 5 Eicher tractors.
  • The best 5 Eicher tractor list has Eicher Tractor 380, Eicher Tractor 242, Eicher Tractor 548 and Eicher Tractor 557 and Eicher Tractor 485.

These are the topmost Eicher Tractors, and we hope you get all the relevant information about tractors. For more information about tractors in India, please visit Tractor Junction, where you can get detailed information about tractors and their models.

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