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Top 10 Mini Harvester in India – Mini Combine Harvester Price & Features

Top 10 Mini Harvester in India - Mini Combine Harvester Price List

India is an agriculture-based country. In India, 50%+ of the population is involved in agriculture. For the farming sector, many types of farm machines are manufactured by companies. The mini harvester is one of them. It is well known for harvesting Paddy, Wheat, and Soybean.

A mini combine harvester is a flexible machine suitable for effectively harvesting crops in the fields. The combination of reaping, winnowing, and threshing is called a harvesting machine. The mini combine harvester has all the quality and features of implements.

Top 10 Mini Harvesters in India

As we all know, a mini combine harvester is suitable to harvest different crops like Soyabean, Wheat, Rice, and many more. A mini Harvester is an all-rounder machine for the farmers. Following are the popular mini combine harvester of various brands.

1. Dasmesh (3100) Self Mini Combine Harvester

Dasmesh 3100 Mini Combine Harvester Harvester

Dasmesh company is popular for its farm equipment. It always tries to provide super-machines at an affordable price.

  • It has 76 hp engine power that generates 2200 RPM.
  • Dasmesh (3100) has four – cylinders.
  • It is a self propelled mini combine harvester.
  • Self mini combine harvester comes with a dry type and heavy-duty clutch.
  • The number of straw walkers – 4 to 5 nos.
  • The cutting capacity for maize is 2.0 Acres per Hour.
  • 9 feet is the Cutter bar width of the machine.

The low price of mini harvester tractor attracts Indian farmers.

2. Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester

Preet 849 Harvester
Preet 849 mini combine harvester is India’s most popular machine now with new color and features. It represents productivity, serviceability, and best performance.

  • It has a high power four-cylinder diesel engine.
  • Preet mini harvester provides dry type single clutch.
  • Number of a straw walker – 4
  • Its fuel tank capacity is 160 litre.
  • The machine has 3 forward + 1 reverse gearboxes.
  • It has a dry type air cleaner.
  • Preet provides a small turning radius and heavy-duty double reel.

Mini rice harvesting machine price in India is too reasonable for farmers and makes it popular.

3. New Hind 499

New Hind NEW HIND 499 Harvester

New Hind company manufactures high-quality garden and agriculture equipment. It produces the finest product range, including Lawn Mower, Power Weeder, Electric Shredder and many more.

  • It has 76 hp engine power.
  •  New Hind 499 has four-cylinders. \
  • Mini harvester offers 180 liter fuel tank.
  • The powerful engine generates 2200 RPM.
  • The machine self propelled harvester machine.
  • The cutter bar width is 2744 mm.

The mini combine harvester of New Hind provides a low price segment for the farmers.

4. Preet 749 Mini Combine Harvester

Preet 749 Mini Harvestor in India

The mini harvester machine provides excellent working experience. The Preet company is popular for its best range of harvesters.

  • It has a 70 hp powerful engine with four-cylinders.
  • The powerful engine generates 2200 engine rated RPM.
  • It has 32 blades and 125-litre fuel tank.
  • The cutter bar width is 9 feet.
  • Mini harvester offers heavy duty 5 speed single lever gear box.
  • Its stylish colour combination attracts customers.
  • Preet 749 has a small turning radius and power steering.

Tractor mini combine harvester price in India is affordable for the customer’s budget.

5. DASMESH 7100 – Mini Combine Harvester

Dasmesh 7100
Dasmesh group is very well known for service and excellent products. It offers the best range of mini combine harvesters.

  • It has a 76 hp powerful engine.
  • Mini harvester offers heavy duty high speed gear.
  • The cut bar width is 9 feet.
  • It is a Multicrop Self Propelled mini combine harvester.
  • DASMESH 7100 is popular for adjustable front ladder and canopy with music system & focus lamp.

The mini combine harvester price in India is reliable and according to the farmers budget.

6. Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776

Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776 Harvester
Shaktiman company is popular for power tiller, combine harvester, and rice transplanter. Its product quality is better for its customers.

  • It has 76 hp engine power.
  • Mini harvester is suitable for paddy crops.
  • The cut bar width of the mini harvester is 2185 mm.
  • It is a self propelled mini harvester.
  • The grain tank capacity of its 1250 liter.

Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776 mini combine harvester price is cost-effective for farmers.

Mini Paddy Harvester Machine

Mini Paddy harvester is mainly used in harvesting rice, grain and wheat grain. Paddy harvester machine is the combination of all the latest technology and the developed experience. To make convenient farming, mini paddy harvester is used, mini paddy harvester is used where combine harvester is not used in hills, mountain areas.

Mini Paddy Harvester is two types: walking type small paddy harvester and driving type small paddy harvester.

Points That Must Consider Will Purchase Mini Paddy Harvester

  • Firstly, take complete knowledge of your area and soil in which you use a harvester.
  • Find the economic return from investment.
  • Take a complete knowledge of power compatibility, engine capacity.
  • Last but not least, knowledge about Quality and service. Choose a harvester after comparison, technology and professional services.

Many harvester companies are available in the market that provides very effective mini paddy harvester. However, Shaktiman company is one the best companies that offer high-quality harvester machines with lots of features. Therefore, its use in the field is also easy that everyone can easily handle.

7. Balkar B-546 Mini Combine Harvester

Combine Harvester (Balkar B-546) at Best Price in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh | Prakash Krishi Yantra Udyog
The Balkar company provides best-in-class farm equipment for farming operations. With innovative products, it became the finest brand in the agriculture field.

  • Balkar B-546 mini combine harvester has 76 hp powerful engine.
  • It is India’s first 4X4 mini combine harvester.
  • Numbers of straw walkers – 4
  • It comes with forced air cleaning.
  • The lightweight and compact design of this machine work best in wet fields.
  • It has the best crop cutting blades.
  • The farm machine gives good working in the light wet and soft fields.

Mini combine harvester price in India is fair and reasonable for its customers.

8. Vikas Turmeric Mini Harvester

 Vikas Turmeric Mini Harvester

Vikas agro company is a leading manufacturer of harvester machines, reapers, rotavators and many more. It constructed machines according to the farmer’s needs and demands.

  • Vikas Turmeric Mini Harvester is a multi-crop self-propelled machine.
  • It has 80 hp engine power that generates high RPM.
  • Number of a straw walker – 5
  • The cutter bar width of the machine is 14 feet.
  • It has six blades.
  • The cutting capacity of the mini harvester is 500MM/hrs.The price segment of the machine fits the customer’s budget and pocket.

9. Supreme Mini Harvester

 Supreme Mini Harvester


Supreme Trading Company is a leading manufacturer of farm equipment. It offers an excellent mini combine harvester at a low price.

  • It is a hand drive mini harvester.
  • The engine of it is 2 hp and engine type of petrol.
  • It is suitable for all types of crops.
  • The fuel tank capacity of it is 1 litre.

The Supreme Mini Harvester price segment is perfect for the small and marginal farmers.

10. Osaka OS-4L-0.7 Full Feed Mini Combine Harvester

Osaka OS-4L-0.7 Full Feed Mini Combine Harvester
Osaka company is a Japanese company which is very well established in India. The products of this company perfectly work in every field such as industrial, construction, agriculture, etc.

  • Osaka OS-4L-0.7 engine power is 14 hp.
  • The size of the machine is 3250 x 1340 x 1220 mm.
  • The weight of the machine is 580 Kg.

Osaka OS-4L-0.7 mini harvester price is affordable for every farmer.

Used Mini Harvesters

If you want to buy a used mini combine harvester, then you have to check online websites. It is the best platform to find the best-used harvester at a minimum price.

Apart from buying, you can also sell mini combine harvesters at your price.

These are the popular mini harvester combine machine which provides high work efficiency in the field. We hope you liked the blog and enjoyed it. For more updates related to agriculture, stay tuned with TractorJunction.