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Top 10 Agricultural Apps for Smart Farming Solutions

The use of mobile technology in agriculture is increasing daily. Moreover, today, agricultural apps are farmers’ best friends. Moreover, with these apps for agriculture, farmers can get access to best farming practices, machinery, market prices, sowing conditions, and more. 

The app allows farmers to locate their agricultural problems and get instant solutions to them. And since most of these apps are available to use in the national language Hindi, rural farmers can easily use it without a challenge.

Moreover, these apps are easy to download from the Google play store. Moreover, doesn’t even ask for any extra rupee from farmers’ pockets. So wondering which farmers’ apps are worth downloading? Also, if you are looking for the top 10 agriculture apps, we will give you a list of 10 agricultural-related apps that are worth mentioning.

But before that, let’s talk about why every farmer should own such smartphone apps in agriculture…

Why Should Farmers Download Apps for Agriculture in India?

Agricultural apps in India help farmers and individuals get updated on latest farming practices, Agri news, Government schemes, and quick access to farming machinery dealers nearby.

Earlier, due to a lack of knowledge, farmers weren’t able to bring more yield to their farms. Moreover, but now, with these top agriculture apps in India, farmers can now improve their farming practices, have options for reviewing the latest tractors and farming implements of choice and know what weather condition or fertiliser type is best suited for their soil.

10 Best Agricultural Apps Farmers Must Download

Here is the list of ten popular farmers’ apps you must follow and download to add to your farming yields. 

1. Tractor Junction App

Tractor Junction App

Tractor Junction is one of the leading apps for agriculture in India. Also, the app offers a single platform to review all the latest tractor models, tractor implements and accessories from brands like Swaraj, Sonalika, Messy Ferguson, and many others. Moreover, the tractor Junction app provides access to trusted tractor dealers, and the same is reflected in its tagline —


The app connects farmers to the latest agro news, insurance schemes, and local tractor dealers with their correspondence details. When you download the app, you get;

  • Complete list of all tractor models and farming implements from famous brands.
  • Platform to buy new or used tractors at very reasonable prices.
  • Access to loan & EMI calculators and banking institutions.
  • Access to certified Tractor dealers nearby.
  • Interactive videos, latest news, and agricultural and farming equipment reviews.

Also, the app is available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi for easy accessibility by farmers across India.

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2. Krish-e


Krish-e is a popular farming app launched by Mahindra & Mahindra group. Moreover, the app provides a personalised crop calendar for Indian farmers. Moreover, it is available in 8 different languages, easily accessible by Indian farmers pan India.

The app provides expert information on:

  • Best land preparation methods
  • Crop sowing patterns
  • Fertilisers application & management
  • Crop planning for better yield
  • Seed sowing and treatment
  • Crop disease diagnosis & treatment
  • Weed uprooting methods
  • Irrigation methods based on soil

The app provides agricultural consultancy and latest information that can help farmers increase their farming productivity and yield. 

3. Kheti Badi

Kheti Badi

Since organic farming is on constant rise, Kheti Badi is the best app for farmers that promotes organic farming related information. Furthermore, it addresses all the issues or important information related to farmers in India. The app is available to use in four major languages — Hindi, Marathi, English, and Gujarati.

The app is a must-have for farmers who want to opt for natural and organic farming while reducing harmful chemical-based farming activities. 

4. Crop Insurance


Crop Insurance

Furthermore, it is one of India’s best agriculture mobile apps that notably talks about insurance schemes. Moreover, the app allows farmers to calculate insurance premiums for crops and cut-off dates. Also, gives a directory of companies with their crop & location.

Farmers can use this app as a reminder and calculator for their insurance. Moreover, the app is used by all stakeholders like farmers, credible banks, and state insurance companies. Thus, it is a trustworthy app for individuals.

Furthermore, the app helps get details to:

  • Normal sum insured
  • Extended sum insured
  • Subsidy of any notified crop


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5. Agri App

Agri App

Agri app is a farmers’ app that helps farmers stay updated on the best farming and agricultural practices. Also, as one of India’s leading mobile apps for agriculture,  the app talks about the best crop production, management and protection activities.

The app lets farmers:

  • Distinguish between high-value and low-value varieties of crops. 
  • Best soil and climatic conditions to sow crops.
  • The Best methods for types of harvesting and storage procedures.
  • Best online markets to buy fertilisers and insecticides.

The app offers video-based learning and has experts available for consulting on any agriculture-related aspect. The app also keeps you notified about the latest agricultural news and updates.

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6. Krishify – A Social Farming App

 Krishify - A Social Farming App

Krishify is a social app for farmers. As a one-stop solution, it is a leading app for the Indian farmers (Kisan) community. Moreover, the app gives the best knowledge on:

Additionally, the app also offers expert advice related to crops, animal health, and allied farming-related questions. 

7. Pusa Krishi

Pusa Krishi

Pusa Krishi was launched by the Union Agriculture Minister in 2016. Moreover, the app aims to revolutionise agricultural practices for more returns on their yields. Moreover, it gives farmers access to the latest technologies that are developed by Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IRAI). Also, this is one of the best farming mobile apps as it provides information on:

  • New crop varieties introduced by ICAR 
  • Best practices to conserve resources while cultivating
  • Best farm machinery and their implementation  

8. Shetkari



Shetkari is a high-tech agricultural app that is owned and governed by Indian agro experts. This multifunctional app gives farmers access to

  • Schemes launched or in practice by the Indian Agricultural Government
  • Best crop management methods
  • Agri business know-how and guidelines
  • Market rates of crop produces 
  • Success stories in the field of agriculture

It is a one-stop solution for farmers looking forward to having their farming query consulted. Also, with offered agro business guidelines and procedures, the app helps farmers help incentivize on farming businesses.

9. Kisan Suvidha

Kisan Suvidha

Kisan Suvidha is one of the leading agricultural apps in India, launched in 2016 by PM Narendra Modi. Moreover, the app empowers farmers and helps them with information that can increase their farming yield.

This is one of the best farming apps that lists all central and State Government introduced schemes and services for farmers. Moreover, the app lists all the schemes related to agriculture along with Animal husbandry.

With a user-friendly interface, the app provides information on:

  • Weather forecasts for next week
  • Market rates of commodities & crops in nearby areas
  • Crop Insurance information
  • Information on retailers for fertilisers, seeds, and more
  • Tips for soil fertility, organic farming

The app is available in multiple languages, easily accessible by farmers all across India.

10. IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

IFFCO Kisan app is a subsidiary of Indian Farmers’ Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. Moreover, the app was launched in 2015 to help farmers with information on farming-related activities.

The app gives farmers access to expert information on:

  • Customised Agricultural advisory.
  • Suitable weather conditions for growing crops.
  • Market prices for produced crops.

Moreover, the app offers a great blend of text, images, audio, and video for interactive learning. Moreover, the app also gives access to relevant Kisan call centres for more extensive advisory.

These were the few popular mobile apps for farmers that were launched by some leading institutions in the agro-industry. Moreover, all apps are easily available in the play store to download.


Farmers’ apps have become the best solution to overcome farming challenges. Also, with these apps, farmers can now easily know what’s the best way to produce crops at best-selling rates, backed by best-farming machinery options and popular Government schemes. 

Furthermore, these convenient apps help farmers resolve every tiny to the big query they may have regarding their farm and farming practices specifically. So bookmark or start downloading the above apps for agriculture, as they are owned by trusted agro experts and have easy-to-use interfaces and language options.

If you wish to buy top-quality farming machinery, explore our website. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on the latest agricultural and tractor news.

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