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Swaraj 735 XT Tractor 2024: Expert Review, Specification & Price

Swaraj 735 XT Tractor 2023 Expert Review, Specification & Price

Swaraj 735 XT tractor is the customer’s top choice in the 40 hp category. This tractor model improves the productivity of farms with its peak performance. We have brought you a comprehensive review of this tractor model. It is loaded with its features, engine specifications, field performance, and price. The Swaraj 735 XT tractor is a part of Swaraj Tractors’ commercial product line, which has helped effective and productive tractors endure in the market and grow over the past 40 years. The Swaraj 735 XT is a cutting-edge engine and manufacturing technology in the 40 horsepower category.

What is The Swaraj 735 XT Capable of?

The Swaraj brand has been working hard to develop this remarkable tractor. It has made many improvements to offer the advanced specifications. These specifications make the Swaraj 735 XT tractor a great choice for farmers. It gives you a smooth and comfortable experience while performing various farming and haulage activities. You can use it for ploughing, harrowing, sowing, threshing, and more.

1. The Power of the Engine

The Power of the Engine

The Swaraj 735 XT tractor model has a powerful engine. It has 3 cylinders that produce 1800 RPM at 40 HP. This makes it suitable for various farming tasks. The engine displacement capacity of the Swaraj 735 XT is 2734 CC. The engine has a water-cooled cooling system that’s a market-leading tech, which maintains the temperature during long hauls. Having a high specific heat capacity, the cooling system prevents overheating. Furthermore, the tractor generates 32.6 PTO Hp. This helps run a lot of farming implements with ease. You can use it for top-class fieldwork such as ploughing, harrowing, sowing, and more.

The Swaraj 735 XT tractor also has a dry type air filter. This filter helps keep the engine’s inner parts clean and dust-free. It also allows for faster combustion in the cylinders. This improves the engine performance and efficiency. Additionally, the tractor has a 45-litre fuel tank. A farmer using this tractor on the field for long hours will definitely be thanking the tank, see what we did there? It reduces the need for frequent refuelling and saves time and money. These attributes contribute to the efficient mileage of the Swaraj 735 XT. This tractor is secure and reliable for use in farming and driving. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride to the operator.

2. How Effective is the Transmission?

How Effective is the Transmission

The Swaraj 735 XT has a constant mesh type transmission system. It has a single/dual clutch option that provides smooth shifting. It also has an 8+2 gearbox that offers 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. These gears help the tractor achieve different speeds. The forward speed range is 2.2 – 28.5 kmph and the reverse speed range is 2.70-10.50 kmph.

Additionally, the gearbox helps the tractor to move easily between speed and PTO. PTO stands for power take-off. It is a device that transfers power from the engine to other implements. Due to this feature, farmers can improve their farm productivity. They can use the tractor for various tasks such as ploughing, harrowing, sowing, and more. Along with this, the Swaraj 735 XT gearbox creates low noise when changing gears. This reduces the noise pollution and enhances the operator comfort. Also, its transmission helps the tractor function for longer hours without any trouble. It increases the durability and reliability of the tractor.

3. Seat Comfort

Seat Comfort

The Swaraj 735 XT farm tractor’s seat has been designed to provide optimal comfort during long work hours in the field. Moreover, the seat is made of high-quality materials that ensure not only maximum operator comfort but also provide excellent durability.

The Swaraj 735 XT tractor seat’s cushioned backrest and adjustable armrests provide great lumbar support. 

4. Steering Details

Steering Details

Choose between mechanical and power steering when purchasing a Swaraj 735 XT, according to your preferences.

5. Brakes


The Swaraj 735 XT has a Dry Disc Brakes system. This system offers excellent mobility to the tractor. It also provides security on roads and fields. This braking style helps the tractor to stop quickly and safely. It also aids in minimising slippage on slippery surfaces. It retains grip and provides fluid performance to the tractor. Aside from this, the brakes require little maintenance. They can function effectively in any weather condition. They can also handle paddy farming well. Paddy farming is a type of farming that involves growing rice in flooded fields. 

6. Tyres and Dimensions

Tyres and Dimensions

With front tyres measuring 6.00 x 16 and rear tyres measuring 13.6 x 28, the Swaraj 735 XT offers excellent field mobility and traction. Along with this, the tractor tyres will deliver accurate vehicle control and function without a hitch on slippery areas. These tyres can also transport heavy loads without sacrificing performance.

The tractor has a wheelbase of 1925 mm and a total weight of 1930 kg. Additionally, it has an overall dimension of 3385 mm in length and 1730 mm in breadth. Additionally, this tractor has a great ground clearance of 385 mm and can be driven smoothly on uneven terrain. 

7. How Much Does it Cost?

In India, the Swaraj 735 XT belongs to the two-wheel drive category. This tractor has an upgraded high torque backup system. The Swaraj 735 XT price in India is in the marketable range of Rs. 5.95 to 6.35 Lakh. According to various Indian states, any RTO fees, and state taxes, the Swaraj 735 XT’s on-road price may change. However, you can finance this tractor model using a variety of choices, depending on your budget.


It is obvious that farmers may favour the Swaraj 735 XT in the marketplace. Farmers may definitely increase their farming yield with a reasonable price range and the advanced features it offers. This tractor is versatile and may be used for hauling, paddy farming, and industrial agriculture. This top tractor in Swaraj 735 XT should unquestionably be your first or next choice for your commercial farming purpose due to its advanced features, which include a powerful engine, solid brakes, and more.

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