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10 Summer Fruits and Vegetables Which Boost Immune System

10 Summer Fruits and Vegetables Which Boost Immune System

When the whole world is suffering from the Covid-19. This is the accurate time to eat good and fresh that will boost your immune system. Now, summer arrived. It is a season that requires more cure and safety. Summer is the season where everyone wants an AC or Cooler to chill. The fiery heat finds yourself running towards cold fizzy drinks. We can’t control heat outside, however we can keep ourselves healthy and cool by eating healthy. That prevents you from the summer heat and Covid-19. We here come up with 10 summer fruits and vegetables that will boost your immune with chilling feelings in summer. 

list of Summer Fruits and Vegetables That to Add your Meal Right Now

Following, we shortlisted the Top 10 Summer Fruits and Veggies that provide energy to fight against Coronavirus and prevent you from the summer heat. Let’s check out the summer fruits and vegetables chart below and maintain your health in this summer season. 

1. Cucumber



We all consider it a vegetable, it actually a fruit. Cucumber is one of the best fruits for summer, it loaded with nutrition and good for escaping heat too. If you are a fitness lover then cucumber is the best fruit that you should include in your everyday meal. It is low in calories and contains a fine amount of soluble fiber and water. These all make cucumber ideal for weight loss and hydration. 

Benefits of Cucumber

Showing benefits of cucumber down below. Have a look.

  • Prevent you from dehydration. 
  • Help in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Work miracle for those who want to lose weight.  
  • It provides freshness. 
  • Cucumber is versatile, you can use it as salad, sandwiches, topping of pizza and many more. 

2. Tomatoes


The next and the most important fruit for summer is the king of all fruits and veggies ‘Tomatoes’. The list of fruits and vegetables never completes without it. Tomatoes are the main ingredients in almost all recipes. In India, if you don’t add tomato in any recipe they are taken as in the tasteless category. It is the most versatile fruit in India but it used as a vegetable in India. You can use tomato in salad, topping of pizza, soup, nassesarly in almost every veggies and many more. It is not only a summer fruit, you can use it in any season. 

Benefits of Tomatoes 

  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals. 
  • Prevents cancer.
  • Best for Skin. 
  • Full on antioxidants. 
  • Protect from sunburns. 
  • Best for heart health. 

3. Limes


A Lime is a well known fruit known as Nimbu in India. It is a citrus fruit loaded with powerful benefits. Lime is the favorite sour fruit in India it makes food piquant. In this corona era you become doctors’ advice to consume limes in their daily meal. It helps in boosting immunity and good for health. It consists of a lot of nutrients that help in many ways. Lime is the tasty fruit that comes in top fruits of summer in India. 

Benefits of Lime

  • Protect Kidney stones
  • Cure Cancer
  • Lower heart disease risk
  • Best for skin
  • Boost immunity
  • Contains antioxidants

4. Watermelons


I personally recommend you to eat watermelons in summer. It is a refreshing and deliciously juicy fruit filled with numerous health benefits. Watermelons are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and many other plant components. It counted the best and healthy fruits in summer. You can call it a low calorie summer snack, plus it hydrates you in fiery summers. It contains some essential nutrients and high water content. Nutrients include vitamin C and Lycopene. 

Benefits of Watermelon

  • It helps you hydrated
  • Watermelons contains plants components and important nutrients
  • It helps you to prevent cancer
  • Helps to improve your heart health
  • Good for digestion, skin and hair
  • It refreshes

5. Mangoes


Mangoes are my favourite fruit, hold on, I mean I think who doesn’t like to eat mangoes. It is a unique summer fruit, and Indians are crazy about mangoes. Mangoes are a king of fruits in another language, and their features and taste justify this statement. Mangoes are creamy, sweet with tremendous health benefits. It is the most popular fruit all over the world and comes in different varieties. That varies according to shape, colour, seed size and flavour. 

Benefits of Mango 

  • Prevent cancer, diabetes, health, skin and hair diseases. 
  • Loaded with nutrients
  • Highly antioxidant 
  • Boost immunity
  • Improves digestion 
  • Good for eyes
  • Delicious and versatile 

6. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are an essential part of your daily meal and contain numerous qualities. I am damn sure your parents told you to eat them for your health. Most of the green vegetables are available in winters, too, and they have different health benefits. Green leafy vegetables include Spinach, Mustard, Fenugreek, Chenopodium album, Colocasia/Taro, Moringa, Turmeric and many more.

Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables 

  • Stuffed with vitamins
  • Contains high minerals 
  • Loaded with diabetry fibers
  • Help to reduce weight
  • Helps to boost immunity
  • Prevents cancer
  • Prevents from bone diseases 

7. Grapes


Grapes are a juicy fruit and a most famous summer fruit. You can find grapes in different forms and colours. In markets, red, purple, green, grape jelly, seedless grapes, grape juice, currents, grape jam, raisins, sultanas and wine forms are readily available. It contains a considerable amount of health benefits. Grapes are from the berries family that vine or grow. It is versatile, portable, and varied. Grapes are famous all around the world. 

Benefits of Grapes 

  • Heart health
  • Constipation
  • Cancer
  • Blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • Eye health
  • Diabetes

8. Peppers


Peppers are low in calories and stuffed with nutritions. It is available in various varieties in the market, and all varieties are rich in vitamins A and C, folic acid, potassium and fibre. Peppers help to spice things up and make food more satisfying. It comes in different sizes and colours. Some are sweet, and others packed with heat. Peppers are readily available in dried, canned, fresh or frozen form in the market.

Benefits of Peppers 

  • Prevents from cancer
  • Best for digestion 
  • Solves problem related constipation 
  • Good for skin
  • Works for hair growth
  • Helps to reduce weight 
  • Good for depression
  • Help in reducing joint pain

9. Carrots


Indian parents teach their children that eating carrots can give you a power to see in the dark. Is it true? Not really, but carrots can help to improve your eyesight. It is sweet in taste and used for salad, sabzi and you can make topping on your pizza. Carrot is a children favorite and mothers love it too, it is loaded bhi nutritions. It can help you to prevent many diseases. Following, we are showing some benefits of carrots. Have a look down below. 

Benefits of Carrots 

  • Decreases risk of cancer
  • Help to lower down cholesterol
  • Best for weight loss
  • Miracle for eyes

10. Litchi


And the last fruit on this list is the most delicious and juicy litchi. It is popular mainly in tropical regions. It provides instant freshness and a tasty flavour in the mouth. Litchi is a fruit and is popular among every age group. Everyone has it happily. It is filled with tremendous health benefits and has different nutritional value. Following, we are showing some benefits of litchi. Have a look down below. 

Benefits of Litchi

  • It helps to to boost immunity
  • Good for your digestive system
  • Antiviral Tendencies
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Best for skin
  • Help in weight loss

These are ten summer fruits and vegetables which boost the immune system. This summer, give a try to all these fruits and veggies. Lastly, we can say that these fruits and veggies help you to prevent coronavirus, and these are not enough. If you want complete safety against covid-19 then stay home, wear a mask and eat healthily. And lastly, Happy Summer to All!

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