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Preet 955: Offering One-of-a-kind Range of Preet Tractor Models

Preet 955: Offering One-of-a-kind Range of Tractors

Preet, one of the India’s largest manufacturers of combine harvesters, agricultural machines & implements, had commenced their operations in the year 1980. At the very first stage, the company got involved into the making of threshers & straw reapers. After 3 years, Preet Agro industries were found. In 1986, they manufactured first tractor driven combine harvester. Below is the list of an array of Preet 955 tractor models India and other best Preet tractor models.

Preet tractor 955:

Preet 955 4wd tractor is a multi-purpose tractor that works well for carrying out different agricultural activities like sowing, farming, tillage, harvesting, etc. by using wide-cut aggregates rendering high performance. Preet 955 tractor is the basic module used in forestry & for other communal services. Preet 955 4wd is a 50 HP tractor that can be used for a variety of works like inter-row cultivation of tilled crops. At tractor junction you can find Preet tractor 50 HP price as Preet 955 price is around 5 lacs.

Preet tractor 50 HP range comes with advanced solutions & best-in-class construction that ensures its effectiveness, efficiency and multi-faceted work, specifically with modern aggregates. It exhibits comparatively lower rate of toxins and is best to perform global operations. It is a task-oriented model and can enhance farm productivity at higher rates.

Preet tractor 6049:

Preet 6049 4WD is a tractor designed to carry out a number of farming activities a farmer needs to carry in his general course of routine. It includes sowing, harvesting, tillage, etc. by using combined high performace & wide-cut aggregates. This meticulously designed machine is the base module to modify the tractors used in forestry. Unlike other convention assembly tractors, Preet tractor 6049 specialty is that it can better perform all kinds of farm works including inter-row cultivation of tilled crops. This Preet tractor new model price around 6,00,000/-.

Top 10 Preet Tractor Models List 2020

  1. Preet 10049 4WD 100 HP – Price : 17.80-19.50 Lac*
  2. Preet 9049 AC 4WD 90 HP – Price : 22.20-24.10 Lac*
  3. Preet 8049 80 HP – Price : 11.75-12.50 Lac*
  4. Preet 7549 4WD 75 HP – Price : 11.10-11.90 Lac*
  5. Preet 6549 4WD 65 HP – Price : 9.50-10.20 Lac*
  6. Preet 6049 4WD 60 HP – Price : 8.50-8.90 Lac*
  7. Preet 955 4WD 50 HP – Price : 6.60-7.10 Lac*
  8. Preet 4549 CR 4WD 45 HP – Price : 6.50-7.00 Lac*
  9. Preet 2549 4WD 25 HP – Price : 4.30-4.60 Lac*

With this comprehensive information & details about Preet tractor India, you can just make a good decision to buy them as per your need and budget. Keep abreast of our portal to find updates about the Preet tractor new model 2020. The aforementioned information including Preet tractor 50 hp price has been taken from the most authentic sources.

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