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Potato Planter Machine – Increase Profits from Potato Cultivation

Potato Planter Machine - Increase Profits from Potato Cultivation

Potato, a root vegetable, is one of the most versatile, popular, and consumed food crops in the world. This nutrient-rich plant cooked in a variety of ways and dilutes almost every food table on earth. It is considered one of the primary sources of carbohydrates consumed across the world. Research from Statista suggests that around 16.5 Million hectares of land worldwide were utilised for potato cultivation and harvesting in the year 2020. Hence, in this blog you will get each information regarding Potato Planter Machine. Stay Tuned. 

In addition to this, the study revealed a 27 Billion USD large global potato processing market, which will potentially reach 38.1 Billion USD by 2027. Hence, such a big-sized economy, versatility, and demand have fueled the use of innovative agricultural machinery like potato planter machines. Along with this, China is leading potato farming in terms of large-scale production, followed by Germany and France. 

Scalability of Potato Planter in India

India is not behind when it comes to potato cultivation. Potatoes are cultivated in the 23 states of India. Out of which, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Punjab, and Gujarat are India’s major potato producing states in India. Besides, an acre of land can yield 40 tonnes of potato/hectare.

India is one of the leading countries in potato cultivation. In such scenarios, farmers are already looking for better options to increase their potato production. In addition to these facts, many potato-producing states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc., are pretty much-untouched markets as seen from potato planting machines and perspectives. Hence, this proves that there is large scalability and scope for potato cultivating machines, i.e. potato planters.

Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the Potato Planter machine, which mainly used as a tractor implement to speed up potato plantation, cultivation and, henceforth, harvesting methods. The potato planter intended to increase the productivity of potato farming worldwide.

Brief About Potato Planter Machine – Complete Working Explained

A potato planter machine is an implement used with tractors in potato farms. This makes the potato planting process convenient, efficient, and time-saving. This reduces the labour costs for the potato farmland. Speaking of early potato planters, they were manual. But, the demand for the use of potato planters further led to innovations in the field. So, this led to semi-automatic and automatic potato planter machines, which boosted potato production on a large scale.

The working of a potato planter machine

The working of a potato planter machine

Potato planters have slits/hoppers that allow the farmers to slide seed potatoes directly into ditches/furrows into the ground. This process synchronised with the time and movement of the tractor, ensuring even potato seeding. Speaking further, some advanced automatic potato planting machines have fertiliser serving options as well. Hence, these speciality potato planters save time, cost of cultivation, and labour costs.

Potato Planter Machine: Top Features Worth Noting

Some of the common potato planter features discussed below. 

  • The potato planting machine provides the facility of seeding, planting, and fertilising potato farmland.
  • Along with this, the nextgen potato planter machine should have the facility of making the process faster using high-speed steel components.
  • A potato planter expected to operate evenly on every kind of land, ensuring larger benefits for farmers.

Types of Potato Planter Machines Types

So, there are three types of potato planter machines. They are:

  • Semi- Automatic Potato Planter 

Semi- Automatic Potato Planter

This type of potato planter facilitates partial automation of the potato planting process (as the name suggests). It comes with a flat, rotating feed ring that cupped to plant potato seeds in the ground. It is another fact that this cup does not have a mechanism to check the absence or presence of potato seeds during plantation. 

And, this is also a major disadvantage of the semi-automatic planter. These can be operated with a rated tractor engine capacity of 15 HP and beyond. And, the price of semi-automatic potato planter machines starts at Rs. 55000 in India

  • Fully Automatic potato planting machine

Fully Automatic potato planting machine

The category of fully automatic potato planter machines contains an upright, rotating seed picker wheel with cups. This cup is responsible for selecting and placing the seed potatoes into the furrowed soil. This cup synchronised with tractor movement and time. Thus, ensuring a uniform and perfect potato seed plantation. 

So, these have potato planting capacities ranging from 6000-14000 potatoes per hour. Some of these potato planters come with farmland fertilising options. These are operable with tractors with rated engine capacity of 35 Hp and beyond. Additionally, fully-automatic potato planter machines’ price starts at Rs 1.6 Lakhs in India.

  • High-speed automatic potato planter machine

High-speed automatic potato planter machine

further, these potato planter machines have a picker pin type mechanism which is responsible for a better speed of planting as compared to others in the segment. Besides this, potato planter machine price starts at Rs. 5.5 Lakhs in India.

Top Potato Planter Machine Manufacturers in India

Following, the best potato planter machine manufacturers available in India are as given below.

  • Agristar
  • Landforce
  • Sonalika
  • Captain 
  • Mahindra 
  • Swaraj
  • Shaktiman Grimme

Furthermore, these potato planter manufacturers best known for their semi-automatic, automatic, and high-speed automatic potato planting machines. These potato planters have to implement power requirements ranging from 15 HP-90 HP and beyond.

Some Final Thoughts

This blog discussed the use of a potato planter machine. The potato planter is an innovative agricultural machinery used to speed up potato farming worldwide. The potato planter machine mainly used for potato seeding, potato fertilising, and, henceforth, potato harvesting.

Farmers should own these machines as these will not just help increase the farming sowing and seeding capacity but will as well help farmers to gain great efficiency, productivity and yield.

Hence, if you are thinking of buying a potato planter machine in India? We have an absolute range of these power-pact machines from best brands like Swaraj, Sonalika, Landforce, and many others. Also, check out other farming implements that can help double your farming efficiency and outcome.

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