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Krishi Mahotsav 2023- Latest Govt. Schemes & Technologies for Farmers

Krishi Mahotsav 2023- Latest Govt. Schemes & Technologies for Farmers

The Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is organising the two-day “Krishi-Mahotsav: Pradarshani evam Prashikshan” at Kota, Rajasthan, on 24th & 25th Jan 2023.

Moreover, almost 35,000 farmers are joining the event to gain training on advanced technology and farm machinery to increase farming yield.

Exhibition Outlets at Krishi Mahotsav 2023

  • Through the exhibition organised in Krishi Mahotsav, farmers’ are gaining knowledge about various Central and State Government schemes benefiting farmers.
  • In addition, private sector companies/institutions will display agriculture inputs & commodities to help farmers get the best products.
  • Furthermore, 150 stalls are in place to provide updated information on agriculture practices, inputs and farming tractors

Furthermore, to embrace the emergence of startups in the field of agriculture, 75 stalls of Startups are exhibiting their business propositions in the krushi pradarshan 2023.

Training Programmes for Indian Farmers 

During this Krishi Mahotsav, there are training programmes in two sessions for 5,000 farmers on subjects of agriculture, organic farming, horticulture and animal husbandry

At kisan krushi pradarshan in Kota, there will be a special workshop on Agriculture Infrastructure Fund to help farmers avail the benefits. 

The Kisan Mela 2023 in Kota is helping farmers seek:

  • New technology in agriculture like Drones.
  • Modern innovative agriculture practices and inputs to increase farming yield. 
  • In addition, farmers are learning from industry and trained experts to adopt advanced agricultural production systems, new agricultural technology and advanced agricultural machinery like farming tractors and farming implements to make farming commercially profitable.

Such events at the regional and national levels are of great necessity. These events help farmers adopt sustainable farming practices and increase their earning potential.

So, stay tuned with TractorJunction blogs to get updated on what’s latest in the Krishi Mahotsav Kota 2023.

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