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Impact of Covid-19 on Agriculture – Curse or Crisis

Impact of Covid-19 on Agriculture - Curse Or Crisis

Coronavirus is a disease that we are aware of and the whole world. But, we know how much damage this disease has caused from 2020 to the present today in both life and properties. It creates a destructive impact of covid-19 on Indian agriculture sector which is a backbone of India. 

We have been affected by this disease very much.It forces the business people to make a living, and forces some people to move from one place to another and creates a main impact of COVID-19 on agriculture.

But if we want to fight this pandemic, we have to stay positive and fight this disease. Let’s know about this disease and how it has created so much mess in the whole world.

Many people lost their lives and families in this pandemic and it also creates a bad impact of COVID-19 on agriculture. Many of them died from starvation, depression and many more reasons behind it. 

Impact Of Covid-19 on Agriculture with Curse or Crisis

Coronavirus adversely affects globally. The actions executes to  control the spread of the infection have disturbed business frameworks and schedules. These actions include social distancing and lockdowns internationally. 

Firstly known infections of SARS-CoV-2 found in Wuhan, China. The source of spreading the virus into humans is not yet unclear. 

On 31 December, WHO reported some cases of pneumonia from Wuhan city, China. Chinese found a virus, and it is done with the temporary nomenclature of “2019-nCoV”.

Coronavirus is a big family filled with viruses that cause illness from the common cold to more severe disease. It is a new strain, which has not been identified in humans previously. But as the number of people dying started increasing, the scientists studied it and declared a permanent name of the “COVID-19”.

On 30 January, WHO started the highest level of alarm. WHO’s director-General declared the coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). At that time, there were limited cases with limited deaths around all countries. 

On 11 March 2020, the cases of coronavirus and death rates increased rapidly, including in China. WHO announced the outbreak as a pandemic which has crossed 117 000 cases with 4290 deaths. 

By mid-March 2020, the WHO had become the epicentre of the epidemic, reporting over 50% of globally confirmed cases. 

28 April 2020, 63% of the global death rate from the virus was from every Region.

Adverse Impact Of Covid-19 In India

Covid-19 In India

As fast as it was spreading abroad, after April, it made its first move from Maharashtra to India, and after that, today is May 2021, but it has not taken the name of stoppage. 

Instead, it is increasing rapidly, in which the number of people who have died has increased even more. No one knows how many people have suffered because of this pandemic or disease and there is also a bad Impact of coronavirus on agriculture .

From the daily count of death related coronavirus, India touched a new height with so many uncountable deaths. It is not in our or anyone’s control to stop this but to reduce this. The Indian government has implemented many stringent rules. It believes that it caused a lot of trouble to the people, but it would have been difficult to save any life if it had not happened.

The government imposed several restraints such as lockdown, closing the crowded places, opening the area of need, ceased the movement of people, goods, and helped reduce the spread of this infection. It believes that this has greatly impacted on our Indian economy as well.

As we discussed above, In my opinion, Coronavirus Is A Curse And A Crisis Both. Let’s discuss it together.


Nature gave a curse as a term of Covid-19. As we studied in earlier classes, every action has an opposite reaction.

  • By Nature 

An ecosystem in nature is similar to the human body. When mining and logging destroy natural life regions, creatures are forced to live into  more modest zones and their species start going extinct.

Finally, nature is getting a break from humans during this pandemic of COVID-19. But many rural areas who are living in tropical regions face many pressures from land sliding, deforestation, illegal mining, etc. People who have lost their employment in urban areas are returning to their rural homes. they have to bear the pressure of lack of natural resources, and it causes increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmitted. 

Climate or weather are the two significant factors of Impact of covid 19 on farming. Climate could be the reason for the spread of COVID-19, such as rising global temperatures, global warming, etc., and several causes may affect nature and future diseases. 

Some Primary Causes of The Curse By nature on covid-19.

Ecosystems are designed to balance species and diseases naturally, and they should not be disturbed. Humans should leave animals in their natural habitat and prevent destruction.  

Land-use, tearing and cutting down the trees can include the viruses in nature or humans and encourage the diseases. Maintaining healthy ecosystems can decrease the chance of spreading diseases that transfer into humans.  

As we know, illegal trade is illicit, and people create incentives by capturing living animals and transporting them to densely populated areas. Which causes the rapid increases in the viruses spread to humans.


  • By Economy

COVID-19 is not only a worldwide pandemic and health crisis but also affects the global economy and financial markets. Many reductions in income, unemployment, interference in transportation, services, manufacturing, etc., are the consequences of decreasing the economy. It has become clear the governments are trying to reduce the risk of a decreasing economy because of covid-19, and it is reactive in their crisis response. 

Some Primary Causes of Crisis By Economy on Covid-19.

Economic Impact across the globe due to reduced productivity, life loss, business and trade closure, recession in the tourism industry, etc. The country has failed to reduce the risk of large epidemics.

The economy is affected badly because of globalization, urbanization, environmental changes, infectious diseases and the main impact of COVID-19 on agriculture. It has become a worldwide threat that requires a collective or good response.    

Advice For The Public By WHO Or Government 

Advice For The Public By WHO Or Government 

WHO and our government continuously encourages particular every individuals to take care of their well-being and protect others by:

  • Washing hands frequently with water and soap or using a hand sanitizer.
  • Maintaining social distancing between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Wearing a mask as needed
  • Covering your mouth, nose with tissue or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze, then disposing of the used tissue immediately
  • Take proper medical care if you have a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.
  • Avoid crowded places as much as you can.

How Does A Covid-19 Affect Farming Or Agriculture 

How Does A Covid-19 Affect Farming Or Agriculture 

“The whole India is affected by the negative Impact Of Covid-19 On Indian Agriculture Sector including economy”. 

Around the whole world, how many smallholders farmers live on fewer wages, in which they cannot even survive. Because of the bad impact of COVID-19 on agriculture, people face many challenges daily in pandemic time. India declared a three-week national lockdown till mid-April in the initial time. 

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic created significant problems for farming communities, and they faced many difficulties carrying out the agriculture activities with crop prices also. These pandemic challenges not only affect farming households but also creating problems for food systems. 

How does Indian Agriculture respond to this crisis? And how do Indian government measures affect millions of farm households across the country? After that, is the Impact of the economy on agriculture also very important in the developing country?

To better understand these challenges that everyone faces during the pandemic of Covid-19, we cover many topics: food security, agriculture activities, farmers’ income, farming business, and Covid-19 awareness. 

Here is some significant Impact of covid 19 on Indian agriculture sector, which negatively impacts on everyone’s life or Indian economy. 

  • Supply Chain Interference in The Restricted Movement of People and Goods

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unusual influences on food structures, food supply chains in farm work, preparing, transport and coordinations, just as crucial changes popular. Food supply chains have shown exceptional flexibility despite these burdens. Supermarket holders have been renewing after some time, as accumulating conduct vanished and as supply ties reacted to expanded interest. The greatest danger for food security is done with there is no food availability. But with buyers’ admittance, they have the fundamentals to keep away from an expansion in starving and food weakness.

  • Earning Lower Prices for Their Crops

From the beginning of the pandemic, some farmers have not been able to sell their crops properly. But some farmers report they can sell their crops but with the compromise on much lower prices, from which they can’t even manage their household chores. It happened due to the postponement of transport systems, closure of markets and mandis, and closing of the country’s borders. 

Earning lower prices for their crops means that farming households have less income or not enough income to purchase food, children’s education fees, and re-invest back in the farm and not enough amount to pay the debt from the bank. 

  • Farmers Lost Their Additional Income Sources on Which They Were Dependent

Due to the lousy Impact of covid 19 on the agriculture industry, many small and marginal farmers had other income sources instead of farming. They might have a side business or other work from which they can earn enough amount to manage their household expenses. But since this covid-19 started, many of the different sources of their income had completely vanished. 

  • Many Costs Have Risen, Including The Price of Food And Farming Supplies

I am reminded of a proverb according to what the horse will eat if it befriends the grass? Isn’t it right? 

Small farmers are experiencing many threats in this pandemic, low incomes and higher cost. They said that because of the low income, they are not able to feed their families properly. They are facing many severe problems in terms of starving. 

Because of not having a proper supply chain, everything gets more expensive to purchase, such as fertilizers and seeds. According to them, demand increases and supply decreases, but its supply prices increase day by day. In this case, what they buy or what they eat. 

  • Farmers May Become More Tense To Future Threats

Many small farmers or small households have difficult choices to cope with the destructive impacts of this pandemic. According to the farmers, they couldn’t arrange funds in an emergency if they needed to. This result may cause their future to be threatened, they cannot even boost their food security, and they are not prepared for future challenges. 

So, these are the impact of covid 19 on farming and economy, nature etc. We hope this content is reliable according to your knowledge, for more updated information about covid-19 agriculture industry, coronavirus, impact of COVID-19 on agriculture, agriculture or farming related and many more, stay connected with Tractor Junction.   

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