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Sheep Farming Business – Profit, Advantages And Steps

Sheep Farming Business

Hello Farmers, are you thinking about sheep and goat farming but a little worried about the process of sheep goat farming. So here we are describing the tips of sheep farming and a profitable sheep farming business step by step. 

What Is Sheep Farming Business?

What Is Sheep Farming?

Sheep farming or animal husbandry sheep farming defined as ‘nurturing sheep commercially’. Sheep farming is continuously growing in India as an agriculture business and earning source. Sheep farming is a traditional occupation among people in some countries around the world. Sheep raised for their milk, wool and meat, which comes under animal husbandry. 

Sheep Farming In India

Sheep Farming In India

Rajasthan is the only state which has the largest numbers of sheep farming in India. Including Rajasthan, there are many states Where a long number of sheep can find. Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand are those states where around 5 million households are engaged in small sheep farming. You can raise sheep farming on both small and large scales. 

You can find sheep in arid zones which have low rainfall and who are deficient in agriculture. Most sheep in India can find in too dry or too mountainous regions for other agricultural purposes for sheep farming.

Why Should You Do Sheep Farming?

Why Should You Do Sheep Farming

Sheep are mostly popular for their wool, milk, skin and manure production. Its meat is delicious and very healthy, nutritious and popular among every person in the world. You can raise a good income from sheep farming and help to reduce poverty from the barren, desert, semiarid and mountainous areas.  

Along with the reasons why you should do sheep farming, there are some advantages of Indian sheep farming apart from milk, mutton etc. 

  • You don’t need to have a heavy cost of sheep farming for starting a business. 
  • You can raise sheep with other animals in less space on farms, and they do not require expensive houses to live. 
  • Sheep farming business requires less labour and can get a good range of sheep farming profit as well.
  • Sheep can survive with low-quality grass. They produce wool, meat and milk, which used for different purposes. 
  • This business can be a good source of making money from sheep farming and employment by proper management. 
  • Those who are unemployed can also make a good income and get a loan for sheep farming in India. 

Sheep farming business is a very fabulous profitable idea. Before starting goat and sheep farming in India, you should make a proper goat sheep farming business plan and work accordingly.  

How To Start A Sheep Farming Business In India?

How To Start A Sheep Farming Business In India?

You can raise the economics of sheep farming in India on a small scale or large scale. Goat and sheep farming plays a vital role in the livelihood of small and marginal farmers. Profitability can be quite challenging, but if you are working with productive sheep and close control of expenses, nobody can stop your profit. Here you get to know about small scale sheep farming with how to start sheep farming step by step. 

Step 1 – Make a suitable sheep farming business plan.

Firstly, you must make a suitable sheep and goat farming business plan according to your budget. And your goat sheep farming business plan must include financial analysis, marketing strategy and income revenue.  

Step 2 – Choose a suitable location for sheep poultry farming 

Secondly, you must choose a suitable location to start goat & sheep farming which is very necessary. Good and freshwater sources, enough green food, appropriate medication, transportation must be available for sheep. You must do proper care and provide the required facilities for starting the business of sheep farming India.  

Step 3 – Quality of breeds

Thirdly, this is one of the main things for the sheep farming business: the quality of breeds, which can offer you more productivity. You can find many sheep breeds all over the world, but all those breeds are not perfect for every farming area. So, you will need to prepare the breeds according to the agricultural climatic condition of your location. 

Step 4 – Selection Of Top Indian Or International Sheep Breeds

Fourthly and essential, you have to choose the perfect breed which suits your business plan. Here is the list of the top 5 Indian or 5 international sheep breeds.

Indian Sheep Breeds 
International Sheep Breeds
  • Nali Sheep
  • Cholla Sheep
  • Marwari Sheep
  • Magra Sheep
  • Jaisalmer Sheep
  • Lincoln sheep
  • Dorset sheep
  • Turkana
  • Dorper sheep
  • Black-headed Persian

Step 5 – Make A House For The Sheeps 

Fifthly you must provide a house that can protect sheep from negative climatic situations and prevent many diseases. You have to make a separate and suitable house for them. Their place should be neat, clean and dry with adequate light and air. And there place should be a proper drainage system in the house for them that can prevent dirtiness and stink.  

Step 6 – Healthy Feeding With Good Care 

Sixthly you must give them proper food for their better growth as we feed ourselves. Food is an essential need for everyone, whether it is an animal or a human. You must always try to give high-quality, nutritious food to keep sheeps healthy and disease free. You should need to feed them according to their age or gender.  

Step 7 – Marketing Of Modern Sheep Farming Business

Last but most importantly, you should also determine the marketing plans and strategies before starting a sheep farming business plan in India. For better and effective marketing, you should cover the local markets and local areas. If you have proper facilities and proper sheep farming information, then the international market would be the better option for marketing sheep farming or sheep products. 

The small scale households or individuals can earn a perfect income by the sheep farming business, and you can even make Sheep farming profits by own with some ideas.

  • You can start semi-intensive sheep farming in which a sheep will spend half a day in the field, and the remaining half-day in the sheep shed on low investment with higher returns. 
  • You can start tutorials on sheep farming for beginners.
  • You can make many sheep farming videos to help others who want to open a sheep farming company.
  • You can earn money by giving the task to others who are willing to do things like making sheep farming design and sheep farming project report. 

Facts About Sheep Farming

Did  You Know? 

We know many animals as well as sheep commonly. But there are also many interesting facts about them. Let’s go to know about them together. 

  • There are over 1000 different breeds of sheep in the world. 
  • Sheep are herbivores; they do not eat meat. They mainly eat seeds, grasses and plants. 
  • Most sheep have large, curling horns made out of keratin, and this same element (keratin) is also present in human fingernails. Isn’t it interesting? 
  • Have you heard about any animal able to express emotions? I think NO! But Yes, it is a true fact. Sheep can express emotions like fear, anger, boredom, disgust, and happiness.
  • Sheep have great memories of anything, and they can self -medicate.   
  • Sheep have an excellent sense of smell. 

Let’s stop here, but these facts are not enough. You can find many facts related to sheep and enjoy them with surprises. 

With all these methods, you can also start organic sheep and goat farming or zero-grazing sheep farming and earn a good profit. For more informative data or updates about sheep farming, stay connected with Tractor Junction.


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