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How to Drive Massey Ferguson Tractor – Safety Tips

how to drive massey tractor

Driving a Massey Ferguson Tractor safely is not a big deal. Many farmers have questioned how to drive Massey tractors safely and properly. That’s why we are here to come up with safety tips of How to drive Massey Ferguson Tractor. 

To Drive Massey Ferguson tractor, you should first understand how to engage emergency brakes and rear-wheel brakes as well. Driving a tractor is needed because if you don’t know about the process, then it causes accidents that have to be harmful to farmers. Driving a Massey Ferguson tractor will be defined below.

massey ferguson tractor

Driving Steps of Massey Ferguson Tractor

  1. First, check tractor details, whether the tractor body is reliable or not, check wheels are tight or not, the bolts are tight or not. Inspect the tire stability, attachments behind the tractors. Also, verify the radiator, battery, and oil fuel. Must check the Massey Tractor manual, which helps you to understand the tractor system. You must also learn to operate the clutch, gear, PTO, and the forearms. 
  2. Take a seat to the Massey Tractor and engage the emergency brakes located in the right wheel and Shift the gearbox into the neutral. Turn the ignition key to warm the glow plugs. Wait for half a minute to cold the air temperature. Turn the right key to fire the engine. Pull down the lever located to the right of the steering wheel to increase the RPM of the tractor. Put your right leg to the twin rear wheel to release the emergency brake. 
  3. Lift the front forearms to lift the attachment of the ground using the control lever attached to the tractor forearm mounts. Pull the lever down to lift the accessory and push the lever up to lower the forearms. Press the right to dip attachment to down and press right on the lever to tilt the attachment back. 
  4. Pull the lever located above the right wheel well back; this lifts a three-point hitch implement that fits the tractor’s back. Push the lever forward to lower the equipment.  
  5. Press forward on the sway arm located on the right side of the floorboard with your foot to advance the tractor forward. Press back on the sway arm to reverse the tractor. Lift the hydrostatic lever located below the steering wheel to set the cruise control. 
  6. Push the clutch with the foot to shift power take-off (PTO) push forward lever below the console on the left. To engage the PTO, release the clutch. To set the differential lock press forward on the lever in the front.   
  7. A tractor is a heavy machine and causes major accidents if it has not stopped at the time. Move the lever down and reduce the engine speed to the possible lower limit. Press the clutch pedal and brake pedal of the tractor to stop the motion of the tractor. 
  8. Put the gear shift lever into the neutral position. If any implement is attached to the tractor, the hydraulic lever should move slowly to the lower position and now apply the stock lever. Apply the parking brakes, if necessary. 

These tips will help you to drive a Massey Ferguson tractor safely.

Massey Ferguson has a powerful engine, massive engine capacity, and large lifting capacity. Driving a Massey Ferguson tractor is simple if you know the tractor and if you are well known for the tractor system or trained. But if you have any problem driving a Massey Ferguson Tractor, then these guidelines will help you to run the Massey Ferguson tractor.

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