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Power Tiller Uses – Types and Benefits of Power Tiller

Power Tiller Uses - Types and Benefits of Power Tiller

Power Tiller a walking tractor widely used for rotary or revolving cultivation in wet puddle soil. For small & marginal farmers a Power Tiller is the best choice. It replaces the animal power more effectively & helps in raising demand for human labor. It is a machine compiled with a 1.5 HP engine & designed as such to push forward or backward various agricultural equipment. Power Tiller is capable to perform the operations of different farm implements like rotary, puddler, leveler, trailers, plow disc & thresher. One of the most important functions of Power Tiller is that it prepares an accurate seeded for the crop to be planted & warms the soil before planting by burying its ruminant into it. By controlling weeds it helps in the proper growth of the crops. To get the full detailed information regarding power tiller uses, check out below.

What is the role of Power Tiller in Agriculture?

A Power Tiller a two-wheeled agricultural implement fitted with rotary tillers which gives a smooth resistance to all farm activities. In fact, it has multiple uses & advantages. Power Tiller helps in preparing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seeds, adding & spraying the fertilizers, herbicides & water. In addition to it also helps in pumping water, harvesting, threshing & transporting crops. A power Tiller is ideal where the land side is small. In hilly regions in India, where only terrace farming is possible farmers have to find Power Tillers to be extraordinarily useful. Thus in uphill terrain also it is indeed a wise choice.

It is a farm machine that is mainly used to cultivate the land. It works effectively as it can reverse & cut soil simultaneously. In terms of maintenance, it is cheaper & economical to use & also requires less space.

Types Of Agriculture Tiller

On the basis of the type of work the Power Tillers carry out they divided into three categories÷

  1. Mini Tillers – which best suited for gardeners with limited strength.
  2. Mid Sized Front line tillers – Used for home gardens & moderate tilling work with great ease.
  3. Large Sized Rear time Tillers – which are useful where one has large areas to fill.

Power Tiller Uses, Types and Benefits of Power Tiller

Thus they have proven to be a better option for farmers. One noticeable point of Power Tiller is that whether small or marginal farmers, it can used by everyone. In short, it is currently doing all that is essential & important for agriculture. It has made agriculture reachable to farmers by reducing the need for tractors & rotavator. It has become an indispensable necessity of agriculture. The Power Tiller is very easy to use. It just needs to be balanced & it drives automatically. It had made possible the harvesting of every kind of crop. These not only improved soil aeration, eliminate weeds, maintain soil moisture levels, stimulates the microorganisms to become more active but develop the provision of nutrients in the soil.

As far as benefits are concerned Power Tiller is really a prominent investment. It helps the government by generating revenues as the subsidy is less. More efforts should be done so that these friendly equipment may get the right recognition & position in the agriculture world. No doubt Power Tillers have made the life of farmers much easier & convenient.

Power Tiller Company in India

Tiller tractor mostly used by farmers manufactured by farmers. We showed below the best power tiller in India. Let’s check. 

  • VST Shakti Power Tillers
  • Bull Agro Power Tillers
  • Kubota Power Tillers
  • KMW Kirloskar Power Tillers
  • Kranti Power Tillers
  • KAMCO Limited Power Tillers
  • Southern Agro Engines Power Tillers
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Power Tiller Uses

Do You Want to Know What Are Power Tiller Uses?  

We are to clear you about tiller agriculture, for better productivity on the farms. The power tiller uses follow. 

  • Power tiller used for cultivation, sowing, weeding, and tillage. 
  • It used with attachments that enhance its priority – sewing machine, Spray machine, router, and blood. 
  • Further, power tiller uses in Sugarcane farming, Rice cultivation, Wheat farming, and Paddy cultivation. 

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