MRF Tractor Tyres in India

MRF tractor tyres are the best in India, known for being strong and lasting a long time, made from good-quality nylon. MRF Tractor tyres price ranges from  Rs. 3900 to 55000, and they perform well in different farming conditions, including rough terrains, muddy fields, and diverse agricultural landscapes.

Popular models include MRF Shakti, which comes in different tyre sizes depending upon the usage. Farmers trust MRF for quality, and it offers 5 tractor tyre models in India. The famous Shakti Super in size 14.9*28 is a preferred choice. Check out  MRF tractor tyres price list 2024 before making any purchase.

Tyre Position

Tyre Size

Popular MRF Tractor Tyres

Shakti Super

13.6 X 28

MRF Tractor Tyres

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Shakti Super

12.4 X 28

MRF Tractor Tyres

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Shakti Life

6.50 X 16

MRF Tractor Tyres

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Shakti Life

6.00 X 16

MRF Tractor Tyres

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Shakti Super

14.9 X 28

MRF Tractor Tyres

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About MRF Tractor Tyres

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is India's largest tyre manufacturer since its establishment in 1973. Collaborating with BFGoodrich in 1978, MRF became a go-to brand for farmers, offering top-rated tractor tyres. The brand is known for its durability, functional design, and affordability.

With over 5 models, MRF tractor tyres, including Shakti Super and Shakti Life, cater to various specifications like front and rear.  MRF's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a leading choice, enhancing tractor productivity and easing farm work.

MRF Tractor Tyres Key Features

MRF Tractor Tyres have great features, such as being built for durability, better grip, and safety in the field. With increased mileage and adaptability to different terrains, these tyres ensure top performance. Learn more about the MRF tractor's features below: 

  • Quality Construction:  Leading MRF tractor tyre models feature robust construction using high-quality materials.
  • Self-Cleaning Tread Design: Designed to prevent mud accumulation, ensuring a clean and efficient performance.
  • Higher Contact Area for Mileage & Grip: Engineered to provide a larger contact area with the road, ensuring superior mileage and grip.
  • Better Grip on Wet Land and Sandy Terrain: Specially designed for improved traction on wet and sandy surfaces.
  • High Safety Index: Prioritizing farmers' safety with a high safety index during field operations.
  • Low Rolling Resistance: The best MRF tyres reduce rolling resistance, leading to lower fuel consumption.
  • Strong Casing: Ensures better overall performance through a sturdy casing.
  • Puncture-Resistant Technology: Comes with technology to resist punctures from harsh objects.
  • Extended Warranty: Many MRF tractor tyre models offer a 6-year warranty for added assurance.

Popular MRF Tractor Tyres Models 

MRF Super Shakti { 13.6 X 28} - MRF Super Shakti stands out with more lugs and a smart design, offering better grip on roads. Perfect for hauling on solid surfaces, these tyres provide a larger contact area for a smooth and secure ride. MRF tractor tyre 13.6 28 price in India is affordable for farmers. 

MRF Super Shakti { 12.4 X 28 } - Good for driving on roads and hauling heavy loads on solid surfaces. It offers a better grip and a smooth ride with its design.MRF tractor tyre 12.4 28 price in India may vary from location to location. 

MRF Shakti Life { 6.50 X 16 } - It provides good traction on all soils with a strong centre rib and side ribs. This ensures better steering control and higher retreadability. The MRF tractor tyre 6.50 16 price offers a budget-friendly and dynamic solution in India.

MRF Shakti Life { 6.00 X 16}  - With its centre and side ribs, strong centre rib, and casing, this tire ensures good traction and self-cleaning on all soils. It also provides excellent steering control and can be retreaded for longer use.

MRF Sakti Super { 14.9 X 28 }  More lugs and a great design for excellent road grip. It is ideal for hauling on firm surfaces, ensuring better traction and a smooth ride.

MRF Tractor Tyre Price In India

MRF tractor tyre price vary based on factors like specifications, tread design, and construction material. The starting price for MRF tractor tyres is around Rs. 3900, and it can go up to Rs. 55,000, depending on the model and type.

For accurate information on prices, farmers are advised to refer to the MRF tractor tyre price list. This includes the MRF tractor front tyre price list and MRF tractor rear tyre price list.

Is MRF Tractor Tyre Best for Farming?

Yes, MRF tractor tyres are great for farming. They're made with modern technology, have different designs for various crops, and are affordable for most farmers in India. Farmers may easily purchase these tyres because MRF has dealers across the country. Farmers can select the model that best meets their requirements, as there are many models available.

MRF tractor tyres are well-balanced for weight and provide good steering control. They are rated No. 1 for customer satisfaction and are known for their strength and quality at a reasonable price. So, for farming, MRF tractor tyres are a top choice.

Why Choose Tractor Junction to Buy the Best MRF Tractor Tyre? 

For farmers, selecting a suitable MRF tractor tyre is important since it affects the tractor's ability to drive smoothly. It is vital for farmers to possess a full understanding of the MRF tractor tyre rate. You can explore several MRF tyre models and learn the details of both front and rear MRF tyres. 

Tractor Junction is India's top online marketplace for MRF tractor tyre information, models, and prices. This valuable information helps farmers make informed decisions based on the latest updates, ensuring they choose the perfect MRF tyre models tailored to their specific needs

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Recently Asked User Questions about MRF Tractor Tyres

Ans. 5 MRF Tractor Tyre Models are Available in India.

Ans. Shakti Life 6.00 X 16, Shakti Life 6.50 X 16, Shakti Super 12.4 X etc, are the popular MRF tyres.

Ans. MRF Tractor tyres price range is Rs. 3900 - 55000 at Tractor Junction.

Ans. MRF Tractor Tyres are Available in Many sizes, including 6.00 X 16, 12.4 X 28, 14.9 X 28, etc.

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