VST Rotavator

3 VST Rotavator models are listed below with complete specifications. Get VST Rotavator for different uses including Tillage. You can find out the best VST Rotavator price here. The popular VST Rotavator Models are VST Shakti RT65-5, VST Shakti RT65-7, VST FT 350 etc. Get the updated VST Rotavator price list 2023.

VST Rotavator Price List 2023 In India

Model Name Price in India
VST FT 350 Rs. 13300 Lakh
VST Shakti RT65-7 Rs. 90000 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : 29/01/2023

Popular VST Rotavator in India

VST Shakti RT65-5 Implement

Power : 3-5 HP

VST Shakti RT65-7 Implement

Power : 6-7 HP

VST FT 350 Implement
FT 350

Power : 6 - 7 HP

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About VST Rotavator

Best VST Rotavator in India

Are you looking for the best VST Rotavator in India? Tractor Junction is the best place for that, and here you can find a complete list of VST Rotavator models in India. Along with this, you can also get the cost of VST Rotavator.

How to Buy VST Rotavator for farming in India?

VST is a top class brand which has expertise in manufacturing Rotavator. With Tractor Junction, you can get the perfect VST Rotavator for your farm. Here are 3 VST Rotavator models available with power, category and price. You can also buy VST Rotavator by categories such as Tillage. The VST Rotavator machine is loaded with advanced technology to provide smooth work and high productivity.

Where to get fair VST Rotavator price in India 2023?

VST Rotavator price is according to the farmer budget. Tractor Junction provides the best price of VST Rotavator in India. You can get a complete VST Rotavator price list 2023. So, just visit and Buy VST Rotavator at the best price.

Which are the Top VST Rotavator Models 2023?

Check out below the VST Rotavator models with specification. These are popular VST Rotavator for farming in India.

  • VST Shakti RT65-5
  • VST Shakti RT65-7
  • VST FT 350

How to Get VST Rotavator?

You can quickly grab your favourite VST Rotavator for your farms by following a few steps.

  • If you want a VST Rotavator for your farm, you first have to visit Tractor Junction.
  • Here, you can get a separate segment of VST Rotavator in India.
  • After that, you can filter the VST Rotavator Model list according to categories.
  • Now, you can select the best suitable VST Rotavator according to your needs.

Why Tractor Junction for VST Rotavator?

Tractor Junction has listed all the top brands of Rotavator, including VST. You can get all the information here in a few clicks, like VST Rotavator specifications and price. You can also avail New VST Rotavator with its launch. So, visit us and find the perfect VST Rotavator in India

Benefits of buying VST Rotavator from Tractor Junction?

  • You can get VST Rotavator models with complete specifications
  • The New VST Rotavator is listed with its launch.
  • All categories of VST Rotavator are available here.
  • You can easily get a suitable VST Rotavator without a hussle.
  • You can get Best VST Rotavator price.

Recently Asked Questions on VST Rotavator

Ans. 3 VST Rotavator Models are listed at Tractor Junction.

Ans. The most popular VST Rotavator are VST Shakti RT65-5, VST Shakti RT65-7, VST FT 350, etc.

Ans. VST Rotavator has advanced technological features that boost farming performance and productivity.

Ans. You can get complete specifications of all the VST Rotavator models in India like price, power, category and others.

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