Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher

Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher Description

Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher

Shaktiman mulcher is the common widely used farming implement in the practices of modern farming. Here all the informative information about Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher is accessible. This Shaktiman  Mulcher has all the useful and required qualities that consume your time and boost up productivity.

Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher is a robust and reliable farming implement for mulching of vineyards, orchard pruned materials, grass, bushes, crop residues like sugarcane trash, wheat & paddy straw, maize stalk etc. Mulcher shreds the crop residues/grass into small pieces and spread on the field. Which serves as bio mulch and decomposes gradually, improving overall organic structure of soil. Built with fine quality component like all other SHAKTIMAN products, this mulcher yield higher productivity and in turn ensures greater satisfaction.



  • It is highly compatible to shred vineyards & orchard pruned materials, grass, bushes, crop residues like sugarcane trash, wheat & paddy straw, maize stalk as thick as 5 cm in diameter.
  • Bio mulch serves dual proposes – Benefits of mulching and improve soil fertility after decomposition.
  • Effectively shaves sugarcane stubble, results in harmonious growth & higher yield.



  • Rear Roller with height adjustment – ensures uniform and compact mulching layer.
  • Free moving Gear Box – Ensure safety of Tractor at the time of sudden switch off.
  • Electronically Balance rotor – Ensure vibration free working of mulcher to minimize maintenance.
  • 3 point linkage – suitable for cat I & II
  • Standard input RPM 540
  • Side Drive Belts – Side Drive
    Transmission: 4nos. BX 54 belts


Shaktiman Mulcher Price

The Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher price is very cost-effective in all states of the Nation. All Farmers can easily afford Shaktiman Mulcher price in India. The Shaktimaan Mulcher price is more moderate for small and marginal farmers.


Technical Specification 
Model HP / KW “Y”Blade / Straight Blade (QTY) Hammer (Qty) Weight(Kg / lbs) L W H
SRM 1.6M 45-80 / 33.55-59.65 32 / 16 16 523 / 1153 2140 / 1150 / 1110
SRM 1.8M 36 / 18 18 558 / 1230 3990 / 1150 / 1110
SRM 2.0M 40 / 20 20 591 / 1303 5840 / 1150 / 1110
SRM 2.2M 44 / 22 22 650 / 1433 7690 / 1150 / 1110

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*The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Shaktiman or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Shaktiman dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Shaktiman Tractor dealer.

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