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Why is the Swaraj 744 FE Tractor a Best Buy? Top Features Explained

Why is the Swaraj 744 FE Tractor a Best Buy Top Features Explained

Wondering which tractor to buy for cost-effective farming? Swaraj 744 FE is a great one-time investment for your farm. This powerful, reliable Swaraj tractor is a trusted farming machine as it defines Swaraj’s objective of “solid power & solid trust”. Apart from this, the company believes when top-class experts think like an Indian farmer, they do not only build just a tractor, but they manufacture a top-notch farming beast. 

Swaraj 744 FE Tractor Features and Review Video

Although Swaraj is now a popular agri-brand worldwide, it was founded and developed in India. Swaraj’s journey began in 1974 and became one of the fastest-growing agricultural names. And the 744 FE is a best-selling model which comes from the house of Swaraj. Now, let’s look at an in-depth description of this Swaraj tractor model. 

Top Specifications of Swaraj 744 FE Tractor Model:-

Check out below detailed specifications of the Swaraj 744 FE tractor model.



This tractor model is fitted with a 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, having 3 cylinders, generating 2000 RPM at 48 HP. The Swaraj 744 FE engine displacement capacity is 3136 CC, and there is a water-cooled system to maintain the engine temperature. Furthermore, it produces 41.8 HP PTO power for best-in-class fieldwork that helps to create 540/1000 PTO RPM, which is a multi-speed forward/reverse PTO. 



The Swaraj 744 FE comes with a single/dual dry disc friction plate clutch and 8 forward + 2 reverse gears. Also, Swaraj 744 FE transmission helps the tractor to achieve forward and reverse speeds of 29.2 kmph & 14.3 kmph, respectively. Moreover, its gearbox helps the tractor to move easily back and forth for numerous farming activities. Due to this, farmers can efficiently improve farm productivity. 

Apart from this, Swaraj 744 gearbox is designed such that it will produce minimum noise during gear transition. Also, its transmission can function for longer due to less wear and tear.

Comfortable Seat

Comfortable Seat

The driver’s comfort has great significance in the farming industry. So that a farmer can efficiently work for long hours. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure an adjustable tractor seat and quality upholstery. And the Swaraj 744 FE tractor seat is perfect for longer-duration fieldwork.



The Swaraj 744 FE comes with both the options of Mechanical and Power Steering, which you can choose according to your convenience. It also has an adjustable front axle which can be adjusted according to different loading and dozing tasks. Moreover, Swaraj 744 has a single drop arm steering column, which helps in easier operations. 



Talking about the braking system, Swaraj 744 is equipped with optional dry disc and oil-immersed brakes, which can be chosen as per requirements. However, both the braking options work effortlessly and avoid slippage grip, ensuring proper grip. Hence, offering adequate driver safety. Apart from this, the brakes do not require much maintenance, and they can perform very well in some of the most challenging conditions. 

Tyres Compatibility

The Swaraj 744 front tyre size is 6.00 x 16 / 7.50 x 16, and the rear tyre size is 13.6 x 28 / 14.9 X 28, making the tractor easily accessible with the standard tyre size. Along with this, the tractor tyres will offer proper vehicle control, and they can work seamlessly in slippery conditions. Thus, making this tractor a best-selling model. In addition, these tyres can carry higher capacity loads without compromising the tractor’s performance.

Dimensions, Weight & Fuel Tank Capacity

The tractor’s total weight is 1990 KG with a wheelbase of 1950 MM. Apart from this, its overall length and width are 3440 MM and 1730 MM, respectively. Furthermore, this tractor can be driven smoothly on rough terrains, with a ground clearance of 400 MM. Moreover, the Swaraj tractor has a huge fuel tank capacity of 60 litres, so that a farmer can operate this tractor for longer hours. All these features make this Swaraj tractor stable and safe for driving and agricultural tasks. 


As we have already mentioned, Swaraj 744 FE is a robust model with all the necessary indicators on the dashboard. These indicators will help you to know about the speed, fuel tank and other details related to the maintenance of the tractor so that you will not face any obstructions during the fieldwork. 

Warranty And Price

Swaraj 744 comes with 2000 hours or 2 years warranty which is adequate for a top-quality tractor. The Swaraj 744 price is also reasonable as it is available for Rs. 6.90 to 7.40 lakh in India. Additionally, you can buy this tractor on EMI with various financing options according to your budget. 

Additional Features

  • The Swaraj 744 can be attached with accessories like different tools, bumper, ballast weight, top link, canopy, hitch and drawbar.
  • It has a dual-clutch option for smooth gear transition.
  • Swaraj 744 is fitted with multi-speed reverse PTO for easier farming.
  • It also has a big fuel tank with an attractive body design.


We have mentioned all the details regarding the Swaraj 744 FE tractor. So, grab this superior and high-performing tractor model and make farming tasks more accessible and productive, which will help you to generate more income. In this way, this article provides you with all the information about the Swaraj 744 FE technical details, price and warranty. You can visit Tractor Junction’s Youtube channel for detailed Swaraj 744 FE tractor videos. So, visit Tractor Junction and buy this excellent Swaraj tractor.  

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