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What is Animal Husbandry – Importance of Livestock Production

What is Animal Husbandry - Importance of Livestock Production

Are you aware of Animal Husbandry? 

Hey friends, we are here with this hot topic on Animal Husbandry. We all know that humans are entirely dependent on animals and plants for living or food. Humans raised animals for food products, meat, egg, milk, and others. And, others are leather, fiber, wool, etc. Daily care, selecting breeding and raising animals is called Animal husbandry. Animal farming manages animals in which animals’ behavior and genetic qualities developed for profit. This is the best livestock meaning.

History of Animal Husbandry – What is Animal Husbandry

It is a branch of agriculture in which animal farming carried out. Livestock farming has a broad history, starting with the Neolithic revolution, animals were first domesticated. Around 13000 BC onwards, that time Sheep, Pigs, Egypt, cattle raised on farms.  

The word husband refers to managing carefully, and it comes from an ancient meaning of husband. In the 14th century, husbands referred to taking care of household and ownership. Now, it means judicious use of resources or control and in farming the cultivation of animals and plants. In olden times ranchers and farmers raised animals that considered livestock farming. In this modern time, technology gets advanced, and raising animals for food changed too. 

Types of Animal Husbandry

There are four significant types of Animal Husbandry in India. These types are popular in various states to a different extent. There are some different breeds of farm animals in India. Have a look below at types of livestock farming in India. 

1. Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is a type of agriculture in which milk produced from domestic animals. The where milk or milk products made that plant is called a dairy. Animals that used for milk production in the dairies called dairy animals. Buffaloes, cows, goats mainly used for milk production in India. 

Advantages of Dairy Farming 

  • It can start with low investment. 
  • Dairy farming is eco friendly. 
  • Increasing demand for Dairy farming in the industry. 
  • To increase fertility cow dung used. 
  • Cow dung is biogas too. 

2. Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

They are raising domestic animals for products called poultry farming. Animals include chicken, ducks, Gramapriya, Fayoumi, Kuroiler, and others used for poultry farming in India and animals raised for eggs, meat, feathers, milk, and geese. 

Advantages of Poultry Farming 

  • It required less capital investment. 
  • Can do Poultry farming in small areas. 
  • You can get a high return. 
  • Less maintenance required. 
  • Employment generator. 
  • You can get easy bank loans. 

 3. Fish Farming

Fish Farming

Commercially raising fish in tanks or enclosures involving fish ponds for food is known as fish farming. You can call it aquaculture and others come under mariculture. The crap, salmon, catfish, and tilapia are the important fish species produced worldwide. 

Advantages of Fish Farming

  • Fishes are rich in protein. 
  • There are several kinds of fish species in the world you can opt for according to your preference. 
  • Fishes are too popular in the world. 
  • You can begin fish farming on a small or large scale with all demands on you.
  • Brank can provide loans too. 
  • In comparison to wild fish, farm fishes are even healthier. 

4. Bee Farming

Bee Farming

Beekeeping done from ancient times and you can see it in Buddhist and Vedas. You can call beekeeping Apiculture, and it is nowadays getting popular. From bees, we get honey which is very delicious and healthy for humans. 

Advantages of Bee farming 

  • You get natural honey. 
  • It contains zinc, phosphorus, manganese, copper, calcium, niacin, iron, pantothenic acid and riboflavin. 
  • Honey is best for various health issues that include treating wounds, soothing coughs, boosting memories, preventing low white cells and many more. 
  • It requires low maintenance. 
  • Bee wax used to make candles, creams, lip balm, cosmetics, lipsticks and many more things. 

Importance of livestock Production

What is the importance of animal husbandry?

Livestock production and management in India is developing day by day. Advantages of animal husbandry for the consumer and profit of the producer are increasing too. Livestock farming has much importance. Let’s check out the importance below. 

  • Sustainable Production – Livestock raised with no pollution, natural resources, economically feasible, and other natural resources. It is safe for workers, consumers and the community.
  • Provide Nutritions – The main and the most crucial animal protein role is it provides a healthy diet. Some scientists and doctors advised eating meat for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Farming Development – With the increase in the demand of animal products in the market. Our country and the whole agriculture sector is developing rapidly, and the livestock sector is evolving too. 
  • Socio Economic Development – It helps develop the socio economy by providing generating income and employment for the country.  

Livestock Farming Business Plan

The demand for animal products is increasing with increasing rates the livestock farming is getting profitable. It can operate in the backyard or on a small scale or large scale. If you are thinking of doing poultry farming, you are on the right track. It has never ending demand. Livestock produces a natural protein that humans consume. A livestock business plan is the best option nowadays. 

Examples of Animal Husbandry

Below are some examples of the livestock Industry, let’s have a look. 

  • Beekeeping
  • Dog breeding
  • Farming
  • Horse breeding
  • Pig farming
  • Raising cattle
  • Sheep farming
  • Dairy farming

Economic Importance of Animal Husbandry

Livestock plays an essential part in the Indian economy. In India, approx 20.5 million people depend on it. Livestock gives employment to around 8.8% of the population. India has a massive amount of livestock resources, and it contributes 4.11% to GDP

  • Our country has the world’s highest livestock population of about 535.78 million. 
  • India has 109.85 million buffaloes, which comes first in the world buffaloes population. 
  • We have the third poultry farming market in the world. 
  • Second, in the population of goats, producer of fish, aquaculture nation, and third in the sheep population. 
  • India is fifth in the chicken and ducks population. 
  • In the camel population, we are tenth in the world. 

These are complete information about the distribution of livestock in India and what is animal husbandry in India. If you are thinking of starting animal husbandry, this is the best plan. For more informative blogs, you have to stay connected with TractorJunction. Here you can sell livestock at a reasonable price and buy livestock easily from a certified seller. 

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