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Top 7 Agricultural Disc Harrow Implement: Types of Disc Harrow & Uses

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In the thriving world of Indian agriculture, many remarkable things are happening. Farming is evolving, becoming more efficient and productive. The “Agricultural Disc Harrow Implement” plays a crucial role in this transformation. It simplifies farmers’ tasks and enhances crop yields, thus revolutionizing agriculture.

From the North’s diverse landscapes to the sunny fields of the South, these tractor implements are making farming smarter and more efficient. 

Additionally, read the entire blog as we explore how these agricultural disc harrow implement in India reshape Indian farming, making tilling, planting, and harvesting more efficient.

Moreover, let’s understand the technology shaping the future of farming in India.

What is Disc Harrow?

A disc harrow is a farm machine used to prepare the soil and make it suitable for planting seeds. First and foremost, it has big, sharp metal discs lined up in rows on a flat frame. These curved discs have jagged edges that cut and break up the soil.

Farmers attach agricultural disc harrow to a tractor or another vehicle. The spinning discs dig into the ground as they drive it across the field. Consequently, they break up big clumps of soil, cut down weeds, and remove leftover parts of old crops. Furthermore, they make the ground flat and even. People use Disc Harrow Tractor Implements to make the soil right for planting seeds, ensuring it’s soft and well-prepared.

Disc Harrow Uses in Agriculture

Disc Harrow Uses in Agriculture

Disc Harrows are important machines in farming. Moreover, they help prepare the soil for planting, control weeds, and make it suitable for crops. Let’s delve deeper into how farmers use these versatile agricultural implements.

  1. Soil Preparation: Disc harrows are primarily used to prepare the soil for planting crops. They break up compacted soil, remove weeds, and incorporate crop residues, thus making the ground more suitable for planting.
  2. Seedbed Preparation: Disc harrow Tractor Implements create a smooth and finely tilled seedbed, which is crucial for even seed placement and germination. This prepares the soil to receive seeds and promotes uniform crop growth.
  3. Weed Control: By cutting and uprooting weeds, disc harrows help in weed control. This reduces competition for nutrients and resources between weeds and crops, leading to healthier crops.
  4. Incorporating Amendments: Farmers can use disc harrows to mix organic matter, fertilisers, or soil conditioners into the soil. This, in turn, ensures that these materials are evenly distribute, enhancing soil fertility and structure.
  5. Leveling Ground: Disc harrows level the ground, which is important for irrigation and the operation of other farm machinery. Level fields prevent uneven water distribution and facilitate efficient planting and harvesting.

In addition to these disc harrow uses, it’s worth mentioning that disc harrows are also employed to break down large clumps of soil after ploughing and to create a finer, more uniform seedbed for planting. 

Benefits of Using a Disc Harrow

An Agricultural disc harrow offers several advantages, including improved soil preparation, enhanced seedbed quality, and effective weed control. Read below to know more.

  • Disc harrows break up and loosen compacted soil, creating an ideal seedbed for planting.
  • It improves soil aeration, promoting better root growth and nutrient absorption.
  • Disc harrows can incorporate organic matter, fertilizers, or soil conditioners evenly into the soil.
  • They cover large areas quickly, reducing the time and labor required for soil preparation.
  • They can bury crop residues, helping to prevent disease and improve soil structure. 

Types of Disc Harrows- Choose the Best Implement For Farming

Types of Disc Harrows

Disc harrows are vital machines in modern farming used to prepare and maintain soil for crop planting. Additionally, with various types available, each serving distinct purposes, farmers can choose the right equipment to achieve optimal results. 

In this concise guide, we’ll explore these different types of disc harrow and their roles in agriculture, helping you make informed decisions for your farm.

  1. Single-Action Disc Harrow: Single-action disc harrows, commonly used on smaller farms, have disc gangs that operate in one direction. Their narrower cutting width, ranging from 4 to 20 feet, results in uniform soil ridges and furrows. It is ideal for precision tasks and is often used with manual pulling or close-up soil management.
  2. Double-Action Disc Harrow: The double-action disc harrow, often called a tandem disc harrow, is a farming implement. It features two or more rows of disc gangs. The front gangs work the soil in one direction, while the rear gangs work it in the opposite direction. This results in a finer and more uniform soil preparation.
  3. Offset Disc Harrow: The offset disc harrow positions its disc gangs at an angle to the tractor’s direction. Like the double-action disc harrow, it features two rows of disc gangs that work in opposite directions. Offset disc harrows are typically larger than other types and excel in vast fields.

Difference Between Agriculture Disc Harrow And a Compact Disc Harrow?

An Agriculture Disc Harrow and a Compact Disc Harrow differ primarily in size and purpose.

1. Size: 

  • An Agriculture Disc Harrow is typically larger and designed for heavy-duty use in larger fields and farms. It can cover a substantial amount of land quickly.
  •  A Compact Disc Harrow, as the name suggests, is smaller and more manoeuvrable. It’s suitable for smaller farms, gardens, or areas with limited space.

2. Purpose:

  • Agriculture Disc Harrows are primarily used for primary and secondary tillage in large-scale farming operations. Additionally, they are effective at breaking up and turning over substantial areas of soil.
  • Compact Disc Harrows are designed for smaller-scale farming, gardening, or landscaping tasks. Moreover, they work well for seedbed preparation, weed control, and soil aeration in smaller plots of land.

3. Maneuverability:

  • Agriculture Disc Harrows may require larger tractors and need to be more maneuverable due to their size and weight.
  • Compact Disc Harrows can be easily maneuvered by smaller tractors or ATVs, making them suitable for tight spaces.

4. Depth and Precision:

  • Agriculture Disc Harrows can typically work at greater depths, making them suitable for deep tillage and soil preparation.
  • Compact Disc Harrows are better suited for shallower tillage and more precise operations.

    Top 7 Most Popular Disc Harrow Implements 2023: Features & Price List in India 

There are seven important machines called the “Top 7 Disc Tractor Harrow Implements” in modern agriculture. Moreover, these machines can prepare fields for planting and help ensure a good harvest. They are important for creating a good seedbed and producing a fruitful yield. So, let’s explore these disc harrow specifications and their role in farming.

1. Fieldking Dabangg Harrow Machine 

Fieldking Dabangg Harrow implement

The Fieldking Dabangg Harrow can be easily adjusted across the field, allowing farmers to cover the maximum area of the drawbar. It is typically employed in open fields for various tasks, including surface plowing, soil freezing, soil preparation for sowing, and the burial of organic matter and residues. Furthermore, its easy transportability in tractors, facilitated by a hydraulic lift system, makes it a convenient choice for farmers.

The disc harrow is also equipped with high-quality boron steel discs boasting HRC hardness levels of 48-52. This efficiency is achieve due to the thoughtful design and weight of the structural elements. Moreover, this ensures improved lubrication and loading of spools and results in a low load on the tractor.

Model No. of Disc Implement Power (HP) Working Width (mm/inch Approx) Weight (kg / lbs Approx)
FKDMDH-12 12 30-35 1420/3179 405/893
FKDMDH-14 14 40-45 1635/3605 435/995

2. Sonalika Disc Harrowsonalika disc harrow

The Sonalika Disc Harrow is an excellent farming machine in the Disc Harrow category. It’s designed to work effectively in the field and is known for its fuel efficiency. Additionally, it requires a power range of 30-100 HP. This implement is a product of the reputable Sonalika brand, well-known for its high-quality agricultural equipment.

Description SLMDH-12 SLMDH-14 SLMDH-16 SLMDH-19 SLMDH-20 SLMDH-22 SLMDH-24
No.of Disc  12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Width of Cut (mm Approx.) 1420 1635 1852 2068 2285 2502 2718
Weight (Kg. Approx) 390 430 500 575 615 676 731
Tractor Power (HP) 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90 90-100

3. Khedut Poly Disc Harrow

Khedut Poly Disc Harrow

The Khedut Poly Disc Harrow is an excellent farming machine under the Disc Harrow category. It’s design to work efficiently with tractors that have 55-95 horsepower, ensuring that it gets the job done while conserving fuel. So, this implement comes from the trusted Khedut brand, which produces high-quality agricultural equipment.

The Khedut Poly Disc Harrow is versatile and can perform well in various soil types. Additionally, its primary functions are to break up, turn over, and mix the soil. This machine can dig deep into the ground, just the right depth for planting crops. Moreover, it prepares the soil in a way that’s perfect for sowing seeds and creating a suitable seedbed.

Model KAPDH 06 KAPDH 07  KADPH 08
Working Width (mm) 1420 1620 1820
Weight (kg) 550 620 690

4. Universal Mounted Medium Duty Tandem Disc Harrow

Universal Mounted Medium Duty Tandem Disc Harrow

The Universal Mounted Medium Duty Tandem Disc Harrow  is a good choice for farming and falls into the disc harrow category. Additionally, it is fuel-efficient and has a power range of 25-50, which makes it perfect for agricultural work. Moreover, the Universal brand produces high-quality machines, including this one. 

If you want to know the price of the Universal Mounted Medium Duty Tandem Disc Harrow, you can easily find it on Tractor Junction. So, visit our website and give your contact details; our customer support team will help you get the necessary information.





Weight (kg. Approx) 




Power Required (HP) 




5. Landforce Trailed Std. Duty

Landforce Trailed Std. Duty

Landforce Trailed Std. Duty is a top-notch machine that can tackle the toughest conditions. Additionally, it’s perfect for big fields where it can break up soil clumps, bury organic material, remove deep roots, and prepare the ground for planting. Moreover, this Disc Harrow has durable tires and a dependable hydraulic system to ensure top-notch performance. 

Here are the key benefits of Landforce Trailed Std. Duty:

  • It works well on gardens and farms of all sizes.
  • It can handle heavy clods of soil easily.
  • Moreover, it provides strong support to the discs, increasing reliability.
  • It has a robust disc system for large gardens and farms.
Frame Square Pipe  72 x 6 mm  90 x 6 mm 90 x 6 mm 90 x 6 mm 90 x 6 mm
Number of Discs 16 18 20 22 24
Width of Cut  1910 mm  2130 mm  2345 mm  2560 mm  2780 mm 
Min. Tractor HP 35 HP 45 HP  50 HP  60 HP  75 HP 
Weight (Approximate) 480 Kg  540 Kg  600 Kg  660 Kg  720 Kg 

6. John Deere MAT (Multi Application Tillage Unit)

John Deere MAT (Multi Application Tillage Unit)

The John Deere MAT (Multi Application Tillage Unit) boasts of its exceptional Multi Application Tillage Unit (MAT), a farming machine that’s both efficient and economical. Moreover, with its outstanding quality, it’s no wonder why John Deere is a well-respected brand in the industry. 

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Parameter V- Notch Sara Disc Harrow Side Blade Wing Plough
Working Width Range (Min-Max) 3-8.5 ft (914-2501 mm) 6.5-9.5 ft (1981-2895 mm) 7.25-10.25 ft (2209-3124 mm) 5.5-8.5 ft (1176-2501 mm)
Weight 144 kg 160 kg 118 kg 150 kg

7. Captain Disk Harrow

Captain Disk Harrow

The farming task of using a Captain Disk Harrow can be efficiently accomplished with the Captain Disk Harrow. It is a reliable implement that requires a power range of 15-25 horsepower and effectively utilises fuel. Moreover, the Captain brand is well-known for producing high-quality agricultural equipment.


In conclusion, the top 7 Agricultural Disc Harrow Implements discussed in this article offer diverse options for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. From the reliable Fieldking, moreover, Captain Disk Harrow, these tractor implements harrow serve various farming needs efficiently. Whether you require precision in soil preparation, weed control, or seedbed preparation, these farm equipment disc harrows provide valuable solutions.

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