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Top 5 Eicher Tractor Models in India – Infographic

Top 5 Eicher Tractor Models in India - Infographic

Do You Want to Buy Eicher Tractor?

Yes! We know that you are in several doubts, which Eicher tractor is best? Which Eicher tractor is appropriate for your farming? Which Eicher tractor comes under your budget? And etc. Find here Top 5 Eicher Tractor Models in India – Infographic.

Here we come up with a list of famous Eicher Tractor in India, which is best for Indian farmers. I hope you can figure out which Eicher tractor made for you at the end of this content.

Eicher is a brand known for its quality tractors, and farmers can easily trust them. They manufacture tractors with modern technologies that enhance the production of farming. Modern technology includes a powerful engine, robust body, economical mileage, rich in look and most importantly has fair price. Eicher tractor price is easily fit in the pocket of farmers.

You get all the detailed information regarding Eicher tractor models best to buy in 2020 with their price.

Top 5 Eicher Tractor Models in India.

Below are the top 5 tractors of Eicher that are best for every type of farming and affordable in price. Let’s check it out.

Eicher 380 SUPER DI

Eicher 380 Super DI is the well in a class tractor in the 40 Hp Range. It has a 2500 CC diesel engine that generates 2150 ERPM. Eicher 380 Super DI tractor is versatile and reliable, which is enough to gain fame. The Eicher tractor comes with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse and a single clutch.

  1. HP – 40 Hp
  2. No. of cylinders – 3
  3. Price – Rs. 5.30 Lac.

Eicher 548

Eicher 548 comes with the best in class technology that makes it a popular tractor of Eicher. The tractor uses 8 Forward +2 Reverse for controlling the speed. It has the side shift, synchromesh transmission system. The 548 Eicher tractor comes with a 2500 CC powerful engine.

  1. HP – 48 Hp
  2. No. of cylinders – 3
  3. Price – Rs. 6.10 – Rs. 6.40 Lac

Eicher 242

Eicher 242 is one of the most liked mini tractors in the 25 power unit class. The tractor designs with 900 kgs lifting capacity to push and pull the heavy implements. The 242 Eicher tractor has one cylinder and a 1557 CC powerful engine for small land farmers.

  1. HP – 25 Hp
  2. No. of cylinders – 1
  3. Price – Rs. 3.85 Lac

Eicher 557

Manufacturing of Eicher 557 is according to the farmer’s needs and demand. It offers a dual-clutch system and Power steering system. The tractor of Eicher has eight forward +2 reverse for controlling the speed. Eicher 257 comes with the oil-immersed brakes which provide the safest ride.

  1. HP – 50
  2. No. of cylinders – 3
  3. Price – Rs. 6.65-6.90 Lac.

Eicher 333 SUPER DI

Eicher 333 SUPER DI tractor comes with the Single / Dual (optional), which provides smooth and easy functioning. It has high fuel efficiency and economical mileage.

  1. HP – 36 Hp
  2. No. of cylinders – 3
  3. Price – Rs. 5.02 Lac.

Eicher tractors try to do the best work for farmers, and why it launched advanced tractors. New Eicher tractors come with additional features that give high output.

You have seen above that Eicher is a fantastic brand that provides best tractors for the Indian farmers at an amazing range. I hope this content helps you to buy your dream Eicher tractor. For additional informational content like this, stay tuned with us.

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  • In this infographic, we have the top 5 famous tractor models of the Eicher tractor brand.
  • With it, we have shown hp range, cylinders, engine capacity with clutch and gearboxes.
  • With these features, we mentioned the price of the products.

Infographic Here:-

Top 5 Eicher Tractor Models in India - Infographic

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