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Top 5 Best Power Tiller in India – Features & Type

Top 5 Best Power Tiller in India - Features & Type

Power Tiller is one of the great inventions in the agricultural field. It is the most useful and valuable farming tool to make farming work more comfortable and relaxing. Several minor and advanced activities performed with various tools in farming, and a power tiller mostly used for minor agricultural activities.

The power tiller is a multipurpose hand tractor intended primarily for rotary tilling and other small farming operations. It is a hand tractor, garden tractor, walking tractor, or a two-wheel tractor. The cultivators initially included rotavator attachments, trailers and plows, and riders with power tillers. It favored in small landholding farmers for all agricultural operations. The machine provides possibilities for self-employment in rural areas.

In this post, accurate and specific details about the best Power Tiller is available. Keep up with this post for all informative knowledge.

Power Tiller establishment in India

Power tillers have launched in the country in the 1960s. The first country to work on power tiller on a large scale was Japan. Power tiller invented in 1920. The first robust and successful model of power tiller created in the year 1947. In the years 1950 to 1965, the manufacturing of power tillers increased rapidly. Power tillers introduced in India in 1963. 

Several models of the power tiller manufactured in India. These models are provided with a front or rear-mounted powered rotary unit for forwarding action and tillage operation. It uses for seedbed preparation and intercultural operation for wide-spaced row crops like sugarcane, cotton, etc. Power tiller price in India is different in distinct regions of the Nation.

Top 5 Best Power Tiller in India 

Power tiller machines most widely used by Indian farmers for their daily small agricultural activities. To get the best outcomes in farming, the best quality power tiller utilized. Here the top 5 best Power Tillers of different brands are specified. 

1. Honda FJ500

Honda FJ500

Honda power tiller widely used for various activities of crop cultivation. Its maintenance cost is low. Honda FJ500 is very cost-effective and efficiently performs all tilling processes. This Honda power tiller considered a mini power tiller that performs all minor farming jobs. This advanced Honda power tiller offers:

  • Honda FJ500 comes with a 4 stroke petrol engine, and it is very easy to use in farms & gardens.
  • It has high-quality blades, which are vital to gravelly soils.
  • Honda FJ500 has an engine displacement of 163cc with a Belt Tension-Type clutch.
  • Honda FJ500 price is more modest for all Indian farmers.

2. Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller

Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller

VST Shakti Power tiller is one of the most advanced machines that provide fantastic performance in the fields. This Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller suited for small farmers or small farms. It can use for wet puddling, dryland cultivation, and many other activities. This VST offers:

  • Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra is a 13 Hp with all essential tools and qualities.
  • Its engine displacement is 673 CC with 2400 rpm.
  • This VST Shakti comes with 11 liters fuel tank capacity and 2.8 liters oil sump capacity.
  • Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra has 6 forward, 2 reverse, and 2 rotary gears with multiple plate dry disc type clutch.
  • Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra Power Tiller price is Rs. 1.00 lakh – 1.55 Lakh*

3. Greaves Cotton GS 15 DI

Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL Power Tiller

Greaves Cotton power tiller used all over the Nation. GS 15 DIL one of the widely used power tillers in India. Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL is a multipurpose farming machine that enhances farmers farming convenience. GS 15 DIL price in India is more economical for all regions of farmers. This advanced Power Tiller offers:-

  • Greaves Cotton GS 15 DIL is a 15.4 HP with all valuable qualities.
  • Its engine displacement is 942 cc with 2000 rpm.
  • GS 15 DIL has 6 forward and 2 reverse number of gears.
  • This Greaves Cotton comes with a double-disc constant mesh type clutch and 1.5 tons haulage capacity.

4. Mega T 15 Deluxe

Mega T 15 DeluxeKirloskar is a broadly used brand, and its Mega T 15 Deluxe power tiller model is the best in class. Mega T has all the advantages of a tractor at a lesser price. KMW Mega T 15 Deluxe brings a more comfortable and fantastic performance in the fields. This 15 Hp Power tiller offers:

  • Mega T 15 Deluxe has indigenously developed transmission and better Braking Efficiency on slopes.
  • It has adjustable handles that help avoid strain to the muscles, and farmers can work for long.
  • KMW Mega T 15 offers an adjustable wheel track useful for raw crops like potato and consists of superior technology for puddling for paddy fields.
  • Its engine displacement is 995 CC, and engine rated RPM is 2000.
  • Mega T 15 Deluxe price is Rs. 2.00 lac – 2.03 lac* (Approx.)

5. Kubota PEM 140 DI

 Kubota PEM 140 DI
Kubota is one of the most preferred choice farmers for minimal level farming practices. PEM 140 DI engine is potent and capable of working continuously at high rpm. Kubota PEM 140 DI power tiller helps to improve fuel economy and lengthened operating hours of heavy-duty performance. This Power tiller offers:-

  • PEM 140 DI is a 13 Hp power tiller 11-liter fuel tank capacity.
  • Kubota arrives with higher ground clearance for all farming practices.
  • This Kubota Power tiller tractor has 6 forward and 2 reverse gearboxes.
  • PEM 140 DI Power tiller tractor price is very affordable and cost-effective for all small and marginal farmers.

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