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Top 10 Largest Tea Producing States in India – Complete Guide

Top 10 Largest Tea Producing

India is the second highest producer of tea in the world after China. Tea is a necessary drink that most Indians cannot do without. India tea production comes at 984.67 million kg. India’s northern part is the biggest producer at about 83% of the country’s tea production globally. Moreover, Assam is known to be the largest tea producer in India. It has more than 400 million kg of tea globally. Tea production in India from every state possesses an outstanding taste, refreshing aroma, and a wide variety of flavours.

And for Indians, What will be more refreshing for a tea lover to wake up and have their favourite cup of tea. The love of Indians for tea makes it the most familiar drink in every Indian household. This is why 70 percent of the tea is grown within the country and consumed by Indians only.

Prospects of Tea Production in India: The Requirements

Tea production in India takes place in the mountains, such as the Nilgiri hills, northern Indian mountains and the sloppy hilly terrains. Moreover, for producing top quality tea leaves, some important points are required, such as temperature, soil and others.

  • Soil 

For growing tea leaves soil needs to be acidic, porous, and loamy. And it should not contain calcium. Farmers follow all these requirements to grow tea leaves.

  • Temperature 

Growing tea leaves needs a continuous temperature of 21°C for 8 months. Therefore, the best yields increase between June and September in the Northeastern part of India. Monsoon is also another essential requirement for quality tea production.

  • Sloping Hills 

Sloping land is best for tea production as they do not survive in a stagnant water supply. Therefore, the tea estates are found at an altitude of 1220 metres.

Exports of Tea 

In India, the tea industry is the main foreign exchange earner which helps greatly economically. Moreover, Tea from India is exported to countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Germany, UAE, Russia, Poland, and Bangladesh.

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List of Largest Tea Producing State in India

Below you get the leading Tea Producing States that produce India’s best Tea.

1. Assam


Assam is the top highest producer of tea in India. On average, the state utilises 307.08 thousand hectares of land to grow 652.95 million kg of tea. Assam commercial tea farming is helped economically as it is rich in flavour. Also, Assam contributes more than 50% of total tea production in India.

2. West Bengal

West Bengal


West Bengal holds the second position on the list of top states based on the largest producer of tea in india. The Land use for tea production is about 140.44 thousand hectares, and the tea produced is about 329.70 million kgs. Also, West Bengal is famous for the production of green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea and others.

3. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu’s is one demand for producing tea and coffee by local consumers. The state grows around 69.62 thousand hectares of tea in India. The total contribution by the state was 161.46 million kgs which is so helpful for the country. And the reason behind the quality flavoured tea of Tamil Nadu is rainfall and good geographical conditions.

4. Kerala


Kerala comes in the fourth position in the list of tea production in India. The state has used 35.01 thousand hectares of area to grow 56.63 million kgs of tea. Kerala has the suitable climatic conditions for growing tea in terms of temperature and rainfall. Thus, this state is preferred for tea cultivation.

5. Karnataka


Karnataka contains fifth position, and for tea production in India. The state used 2.22 thousand hectares of land. On average, the tea production of this state is 6.46 million kgs. However, if the climatic conditions are suitable and we provide more attention to the tea crops, we can achieve a higher yield.

6. Tripura


Tripura is the sixth largest producer of Tea in India. The state has made a great name as the highest tea producing state in india. This is due to the low temperatures of the north-east region of India, which is ideal for tea cultivation. Also, the topography of Tripura is helpful to carry out tea production at a large scale.

7. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh

The state management has been taking different measures to facilitate its tea growth. As a result, due to its high quality tea production in India, the state stands at the seventh position. Moreover, the practice of Tea cultivation is popular in Arunachal Pradesh due to the ample availability of suitable soil for tea plants.

8. Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Black tea and green tea are mainly produced in Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, major tea producing states in India occur in the Kangra Valley. It is one of the top growers of tea in India. In addition, the tea gardens of Himachal Pradesh are visually soothing in terms of landscape. Thus, tea cultivation in Himachal Pradesh also contributes towards tourist attraction.

9. Sikkim


Sikkim has wide tea gardens in India. The climate and hilly slopes are perfect for tea leaves. Cultivated tea in Sikkim is highly in demand by the overseas market too. Thus, the state comes in the ninth position among India’s top 10 tea producing states. Apart from this, Sikkim tea has a higher market value. This is due to the recommended conditions for tea production.

10. Nagaland


Nagaland is a beautiful place for tea gardens. You cannot oppose the tea aroma when you land at these gardens. The big brand of Tea populates this region. However, the tea plants of Nagaland have significance for the state’s economy in terms of farmers’ income. Therefore, tea production in India is one of the factors responsible for the sustainability of Nagaland’s farmers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ques. Which country is the second largest exporter of tea?

Ans. India is the second largest exporter of tea in the world and it grows 900,000 tonnes of tea.

Ques. Which state has the largest tea production in India?

Ans. Assam has the largest tea production in India. 

Ques. Which is Asia’s largest tea garden?

Ans. Monabarie Tea Estate at Biswanath District of Assam is known as Asia’s Largest Tea garden.

Ques. Who is the largest importer of Indian tea?

Ans. Russia is the largest importer of Indian tea. 

Ques. Who introduced tea to India?

Ans. In the 19th century the British introduced tea to India.

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