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Role of Tractors In Modern Agriculture

Modern Agriculture

The Indian tractor industry is the largest in the world & tractors are an integral part of mechanization which helps in raising agricultural production year by year. It was in the year 1961 that India started manufacturing tractors. And in the last six to seven decades it has grown exceptionally so well that it could lead India to another green revolution. The best farming can be done only by using tractors. Not only in India but throughout the world the tractors are most essential farm machines. The tractors play a key role in the development of agriculture. We can not imagine modern agriculture without tractors.

Traditionally, tractors have been used on farms to mechanize several agricultural activities. Tractors are essential necessity of farming as they provide machine power for performing farm applications. In addition to routine landscape maintenance, lawn care, clearing bushes & spreading fertilizers the tractors are used to pull a variety of farm equipments for ploughing, planting, harvesting & cultivating crops. They also help in hauling materials & personal transportation.

To satisfy specific farm requirements the tractors are available in wide range.Compact tractors are ideal for heavy duty landscaping jobs or ploughing large gardens, fields & pastures. Sub compact tractors help in performing wide range of tasks like cutting of grass, moving mulch & tilling gardens. Besides this there are utility tractors to mechanize complex farm activities. Thus they are beneficial not only on small farms but in regular lawn & garden work. They are usually designed with powerful engines to run over uneven land & to pull heavy loads to a great extent. Modern tractors also come with the cast iron front axles for extra strength & have the capability to withstand pressure or damage. With the features of power shift & hydrostatic transmission they have made farm operations much easier. They have a power steering to help in easy turning. They relieve the operator from extreme tiredness with rspecial shift controls. The use of tractors in modern agriculture have increased due to its unique features such as air filled tires, air cooling systems, three point linkages, front loaders etc. Modern agriculture can not survive without tractors. No doubt they have a tremendous impact on social, economic & agricultural societies.

Truely it is a machine that does not go on strike, have holidays or argue(well, not much). The rise of tractors have lead to faster farm operations & an improved over all farm production. The use of tractors in modern agriculture ensures that all the farm activities will be done to the perfection. In all the tractors play a great & remarkable role in modern agriculture.

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