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New Holland Excel 4710 Tractor Full Review – Price, Mileage & Performance

New Holland Excel 4710 Tractor Full Review – Price, Mileage & Performance

Introducing the New Holland Excel 4710 – a tractor that combines beauty and functionality, delivering high performance and profitability for your farm. This tractor is a product of New Holland, a trusted brand in agricultural machinery, with a legacy of innovation and excellence. The Excel 4710 is equipped with advanced features and technology, such as a powerful engine, a constant mesh AFD dual-clutch, and a lift-o-matic system. 

It can handle any kind of task with ease and efficiency, whether it is ploughing, harrowing, or hauling. The Excel 4710 is also budget-friendly. Experience the difference with the New Holland Excel 4710 tractor – a reliable and versatile machine that meets all your farming needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a tractor that truly stands out.

What Does the New Holland Excel 4710 Do?

New Holland Excel 4710 is a powerful tractor that can handle any farming challenge. With its 47 HP engine and 2700 cc displacement, this tractor offers high performance and efficiency. It can easily perform various farming operations with its 2250 RPM and lift-o-matic system.

The New Holland Excel 4710 price is also affordable, as it ranges from ₹ 7.12 to 9.16 lakhs. This tractor is a product of New Holland, a leading brand in agricultural machinery, with a reputation of quality and innovation. The Excel 4710 has a stylish design and advanced features, such as power steering and hydraulic lifting capacity, that make it a comfortable and convenient tractor. 

It also has a high fuel efficiency that saves your money and time. The New Holland Excel 4710 is the perfect choice for farmers who want a reliable and versatile tractor that can do it all. Well, waiting any longer is useless. Get your own New Holland Excel 4710 tractor today!

1. Know Your Engine

Know Your Engine

New Holland Excel 4710 is a robust tractor that delivers high performance and efficiency. It has a 3-cylinder, 2700 cc engine that produces 47 HP and 2250 engine-rated RPM. The engine also has an advanced design that ensures low fuel consumption and smooth operation on the field.

Fuel efficiency is a key factor for farmers, and the New Holland Excel 4710 mileage does not disappoint. It has a 62-litre large fuel tank and efficient fuel consumption that make it a cost-effective choice for farmers. The tractor can also easily handle tough farm activities, making it a dependable choice for farmers.

2. How’s the Shift?

How’s the Shift

New Holland Excel 4710 has a strong 8+2/8+8 gearbox that offers smooth shifting, easy handling and excellent control. It has a constant mesh AFD dual-clutch gear system that provides easy shift, allowing the tractor to perform any job with ease. The tractor also has a powerful PTO capacity of 43 horsepower, giving the power needed for tough tasks. This enables the tractor to handle heavy-duty implements, making field work a breeze.

Moreover, the tractor’s hydraulic system is another major strength. The hydraulic system provides reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that tasks are performed smoothly and accurately. 

This system is ideal for many farming needs, including lifting heavy loads and handling equipment such as ploughs and tillers. With its impressive transmission and PTO capacity, the New Holland Excel 4710 is an awesome workhorse capable of easily handling the toughest tasks.

3. Comfort Guaranteed – Seats

Comfort Guaranteed - Seats

The New Holland Excel 4710 tractor model offers a comfortable and convenient experience for the operator. The tractor has a super deluxe seat that provides maximum comfort and reduces fatigue. The seat can also be adjusted according to the operator’s preference. If that doesn’t make this tractor the best farming tractor, what would?

The tractor has a canopy that protects the operator from dust, dirt, and sun. The tractor also has a mobile charger, a handy tool set, and a skywatch for added convenience. The New Holland Excel 4710 tractor model ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride for the operator, even during long hours of work.

4. Steer With Ease

Steer With Ease

Manoeuvring through tight spaces and around obstacles is effortless with the tractor’s precise and responsive steering system. Equipped with hydraulic power steering (with an option for mechanised steering), the tractor provides smooth, precise control and minimal operator fatigue, even during constant use. 

The New Holland Excel 4710 steering can be adjusted, and the seat is also ergonomically designed, allowing for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The steering system is also built with high-quality components, ensuring reliability and durability, even in harsh conditions.

5. Brakes – Excellent Control

Brakes - Excellent Control

New Holland Excel 4710 has an exceptional braking system that offers great stopping power and control. It has hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel, the tractor gives smooth and reliable braking, even in rough conditions. And this makes it the best tractor for farming.

The brakes are further improved by an efficient, Oil Immersed Multi Disc braking system that helps regulate the temperature of the brakes and prevent fade, ensuring consistent and responsive stopping power.

6. Tyres


New Holland Excel 4710 has impressive tyres that play a critical role in its performance. The tractor has large, durable tyres that can handle any terrain. They provide balance and traction in fields, forests, and even muddy terrain. 

The tyres also have a unique tread pattern that minimises soil compaction and maximises grip. Next, the tyre size. The tractor offers a 6 x 16 front tractor tyre size, and a rear size of 14.9×28/13.6×28. And the pressure monitoring system keeps you informed of the pressure, ensuring optimal handling and safety.

7. Price Information

The price of the New Holland Excel 4710 tractor varies depending on the dealer and the location. However, the average ex-showroom price range is between Rs. 7.12 Lakhs to Rs. 9.16* Lakhs. The on-road price may vary due to insurance, taxes, and other charges.

Alternative Options for New Holland Excel 4710 – Some Models to Look For

There are several alternatives to the New Holland Excel 4710 model, the choices depend on your needs and preferences. Some models from the Swaraj Brand include the Swaraj 855 FE and the Swaraj 742 XT, while the Mahindra Model options are the Mahindra 275 DI TU and Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus. There are several other models to choose from, such as the Kubota MU4501 2WD. If you want something from New Holland itself, you can go for the New Holland 3630 Tx Special Edition.


In conclusion, the tractor proves to be a top choice for farming operations. Its powerful engine, efficient gearbox and PTO, great braking and steering systems, and rugged tyres offer smooth and effective handling. The tractor’s price reflects its high-quality build and advanced features, making it the right choice for those seeking a reliable, heavy-duty machine for their farm work.

In short, the New Holland Excel 4710 is a top contender if you’re in the market for a top-performing tractor that won’t let you down. It’s packed with the latest technology, built to last and churns out an outstanding performance in any farming operation. So, why wait? Take a closer look today and experience the ultimate in tractor technology.

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