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Kubota MU5501: Power-Packed Specifications at an Unbeatable Price

The Kubota MU5501 Engine

“Experience the incredible productivity of the Kubota MU5501 Tractor! If you’re looking to elevate your farming efforts, this tractor is the perfect choice. It combines raw power, advanced technology, and unmatched reliability. From tilling the soil to conquering tough terrain, this MU5501 tractor is your reliable companion in the field. Join the satisfied farmers who have already revolutionized their farming success with the Kubota MU5501 series!”

An Overview of Kubota MU5501 Tractor

Introducing the Kubota MU5501, a strength, efficiency, and precision symphony. This high-performance tractor boasts a 55 Horse Power engine, allowing you to conquer any farming challenge easily. Additionally, its hydrostatic power steering guarantees effortless manoeuvring, while the versatile 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearbox allows seamless speed control. 

Tackle any task effortlessly with the durable 3-point linkage and hydraulic lift capacity of 1800 Kg – 2100 Kg. Embrace the future of farming with its cutting-edge technology, exceptional fuel efficiency, and operator-friendly cabin.

Kubota MU5501 Tractor Overview  

Brand Name Kubota Tractor
Engine Details
  • 55 Horsepower 
  • 2300 RPM 
  • 46.8 PTO HP
  • Synchromesh transmission 
  • 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Gears
Brakes and Steering
  • Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • 1800 – 2100 kg lifting capacity 
  • 3 Point Linkage
  • 65-Litre fuel tank
Kubota MU5501 Tractor Price Rs. 9.29-9.47 Lakh*(Ex-Showroom Price)
Tyre Details of Kubota MU5501  7.5 x 16 Front tyres measuring 16.9 x 28 Rear tyres measuring 

Meet the league of visionary farmers who trust the Kubota MU5501 series. They rely on its unwavering reliability, unmatched performance, and its ability to go beyond the ordinary. This tractor becomes their trusted companion on an extraordinary journey of cultivating the land, nurturing dreams, and reaping a harvest of endless possibilities.

1. The Kubota MU5501 Engine

The Kubota MU5501 Engine

Experience the epitome of efficient farming with the Kubota MU5501 tractor, driven by a robust four-cylinder engine boasting an impressive 55 Horsepower capacity. Moreover, operating at 2300 RPM, this engine guarantees a consistent and reliable power output, elevating productivity to new heights. Built on a solid Performance, Efficiency, and Reliability foundation, this tractor ensures exceptional results in every farming application. 

  • Features like the 4 Valves System for improved combustion and power, a balancer shaft reducing vibration and a suspended Pedal enhance operator comfort.
  •  The Shuttle Shift further enables smooth and seamless shifting, making this tractor a true workhorse for any farming challenge. 
  • It also embrace smooth operation and unbeatable dependability with the Kubota MU5501, conquering your fields with ease and finesse.

2. Transmission of the Kubota MU5501

Transmission of the Kubota MU5501

Kubota MU5501 tractor’s transmission boasts a remarkable synchromesh transmission designed for flawless performance. With the added advantage of a double clutch, this transmission ensures seamless and trouble-free operation. So with its versatile 8 forward + 4 reverse gears, farmers can effortlessly tailor the tractor’s speed to meet the demands of diverse tasks and field conditions.

  • Powering this robust workhorse is a 12 V 88 Ah battery, providing ample energy for engine ignition and operating electrical components. 
  • Additionally, supported by a 12 V 40 A alternator, a steady supply of electricity is guaranteed, efficiently recharging the battery and fueling the tractor’s electrical systems. 
  • From soil cultivation to material delivery, the Kubota MU5501’s gearbox provides smooth gear changes and maximum efficiency, making it the ideal partner for any farming activity. 

3. Kubota MU5501 Brakes and Steering

Kubota MU5501 Brakes and Steering

Experience safety and efficiency with the Kubota MU5501 tractor, boasting unparalleled features designed to raise your farming endeavours. This sturdy machine comes with oil-immersed disc brakes, which provide a secure grip and quick-stopping ability. So, this feature ensures improved safety and control, even in tough field conditions.

  • These reliable brakes instil confidence in farmers, empowering them to manoeuvre the tractor with precision and ease. 
  • So, complementing this safety prowess is the tractor’s smooth power steering system, providing effortless and accurate steering control. 
  • Say goodbye to operator fatigue during long work hours as the power steering enables seamless turning and smooth handling, allowing farmers to navigate through narrow spaces confidently. 
  • The Kubota MU5501 tractor combines effective brakes and a smooth power steering system, ensuring enhanced safety and productivity during operations. It also becomes an essential companion in your farming journey, elevating your overall experience to new heights.

4. Dimension and Weight of Kubota MU5501 

Dimension and Weight of Kubota MU5501 

The Kubota MU5501 tractor excels in stability, manoeuvrability, and overall performance. This tractor’s overall weight of 2200 KG offers a firm base, guaranteeing it can readily perform a wide range of field jobs. Also, its 2100 MM wheelbase contributes significantly to its excellent stability, guaranteeing uniform and ideal weight distribution throughout the operation. 

  • This results in smooth and controlled motions, lowering the danger of tipping or instability during difficult activities. 
  • The Kubota MU5501 ideally mixes compactness and functionality, measuring 3250 MM in length and 1850 MM in breadth.

5. Hydraulics and PTO Details of Kubota MU5501

Hydraulics and PTO Details of Kubota MU5501

With an impressive hydraulic lifting capacity ranging from 1800 Kg to 2100 Kg, and a capacious 65-Litre fuel tank, it effortlessly handles heavy loads and various implement attachments, making it an ideal choice for farmers seeking enhanced productivity. 

  • The automatic depth and draft control linkage points grant precise control over lifting operations, also allowing easy adjustment of implement height and depth as required. 
  • The PTO system is equally exceptional, delivering efficient power transfer to diverse implements. 
  • Moreover, operating at 2300 RPM, the independent multi-speed PTO boasts a powerful 46.8 HP, enabling seamless operation of PTO-driven equipment. 
  • Coupled with advanced Liquid Cooling technology and a Dry type Air Filter, the Kubota MU5501 tractor guarantees optimal performance and reliability for all your farming needs.

6. Kubota MU5501 Price

Kubota MU5501 Price

The Kubota MU 5501 tractor is now available in India at an incredibly affordable on-road price of Rs. 9.29-9.47 Lakh* (Ex-Showroom Price), making it a perfect choice for Indian farmers looking to enhance their agricultural capabilities. So, the competitive pricing ensures that all farmers can comfortably afford this powerful machine without straining their budgets. 

  • It’s also essential to note that the on-road price may differ across regions and states due to factors like RTO Registration and Road Tax. 
  • To get the precise Kubota MU 5501 on-road price in your area, visit Tractor Junction, where you’ll find accurate and updated information. So, stay informed about Kubota MU 5501’s latest updates and features by staying connected with us. 

7. Kubota MU5501 Tyre Details

Kubota MU5501 Tyre Details

The Kubota MU5501 tractor boasts meticulously designed tyres contributing to its exceptional performance and traction across diverse terrains. So, this tractor perfectly balances stability and manoeuvrability with front tractor tyres measuring 7.5 x 16 and rear tractor tyres measuring 16.9 x 28

  • The front tyres provide remarkable grip and manoeuvring capabilities, allowing for precise steering and control, even in tight spaces. 
  • Conversely, the tractor’s rear tires improve grip and effectively transfer power to the ground. This also allows the tractor to move smoothly through even the toughest field conditions easily.
  • As a result, the Kubota MU5501’s tyre specifications ensure unparalleled performance and reliability. So, ultimately maximising the productivity and success of farming operations. 

Kubota MU5501 Other Features

Kubota MU5501 Other Features

Clutch Double Clutch
Steering Power Steering
Lifting Capacity 1800- 2100 kg
Wheel Drive 2 WD


The Kubota MU5501 tractor is a remarkable addition to the world of agriculture, offering brilliant performance and capabilities. It also ensures consistent operation even in challenging conditions with a high lifting capacity ranging from 1800 Kg to 2100 Kg and a robust 65-Litre fuel tank. One of its standout features is the automated depth and draught control linkage points. It also provide farmers with precise control over lifting activities and enhancing overall flexibility and efficiency.

Moreover, the PTO system is a powerful asset, capable of smoothly driving multiple tools with maximum force and precision. Its outstanding 46.8 HP and multi-speed capabilities at 2300 RPM make it an essential workhorse for various agricultural tasks. Hence, not to be overlooked, the tractor’s sophisticated Liquid Cooled technology and Dry type of Air Filter contribute to its constant dependability and excellent performance, making it a reliable companion in every agricultural endeavour. So, whether ploughing fields or handling heavy-duty tasks, the Kubota MU5501 tractor excels with ease and finesse.

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