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CNG Kit in Tractors – Types & Easy Steps to Install

CNG Kit in Tractors - Types & Easy Steps to Install

Tractors and their fuel efficiency have impacted a farmer’s pocket and overall agricultural economy. Henceforth, alternate low-cost fuels are increasingly replacing traditional diesel engines. In this competition, CNG kits in traditional diesel tractors are proving to be the ultimate solution to the problem. Further speaking, with little modification in a tractor’s engine, the CNG conversion kit is easily usable. Furthermore, with regard to safety and environmental concerns, the CNG kits have proven themselves useful and sustainable options.

Furthermore, taking economics into account and considering prestigious news sources, a farmer will save at least Rs 1 Lac annually. Further speaking, there can be various constraints to CNG kit installation cost for a tractor. Some of the constraints are HP requirements, the tractor engine’s cubic capacity, and engine modification costs. Henceforth, in this blog, we will discuss every perspective of installing a CNG kit in tractors in 2023.

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What is a CNG Kit? Why is it Important?

A CNG kit (expands for Compressed Natural Gas) is an economical and eco-friendly gaseous fuel kit. Further speaking, this kit comes with modifications in the tractor being installed. CNG kits are also independently available through discrete sellers in the market. Further speaking, these kits are usually installed to withstand market-defying fuel costs. The CNG kit comes with the following machine parts:
What is a CNG Kit Why is it Important
The high rising gasoline prices are one of the major reasons behind the adoption of the fuel. Furthermore, the rising amount of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) at an alarming rate in the atmosphere has also added valuable inputs to the cause. Apart from the above-spoken facts, the CNG kit comes at a comparatively lower and more economical price. Furthermore, a CNG-powered engine is cost-efficiently managed. Furthermore, in 2023 it can have benefits of around Rs 1.1 Lac as compared to diesel counterparts.

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Checking the Compatibility of the CNG kit with your tractor

Before installing the CNG Kit, you need to check the compatibility of your tractor. Further speaking, the best way to check your tractor’s compatibility is to visit the RTO (Regional Transport Office). Henceforth, your tractor will get a true valuation of its adaptability with CNG kits. However, if your tractor already comes in the issued list of tractors that can be installed with a CNG kit. In such scenarios, you do not need to rethink the topic. Apart from the above-mentioned facts, please make sure that the RTO of your home district allows the same.

Furthermore, it’s also important to remember that all CNG kits available in the market are not original. There are duplicate manufacturers, and risks of fraud exist. Furthermore, if your tractor is a bit old model, it will need a modification in your RC (Tractor Registration Certificate).

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About the Types of CNG kits in 2023

About the Types of CNG kits in 2023

If your tractor is compatible with the CNG kit as per the guidelines of your RTO, the next puzzle to solve is the choice among the right types of CNG kit. In this segment, we will solve this problem by discussing the types of CNG kits available in the market and their suitability with your tractor. Furthermore, a common myth exists regarding the choice of the right type of CNG kit. Considering all the above constraints, the CNG kit for tractors is divided into two major types.

1. Venturi CNG kit

When talking about short-term benefits, this type of kit is most suitable for diesel tractors with fuel injection technology. Furthermore, its installation does not require an Electronic Control Unit. However, this type of CNG kit requires regular maintenance and is costlier in the long run.

2. Sequential CNG kit

Tractor experts say that this type of kit is more cost-effective in the long term. Further speaking, this type of kit has an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that regulates the flow of the fuel into engine cylinders. Speaking of its suitability for the types of diesel engines available, fuel injection types gel well with the type of CNG kit.

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Easy Steps to Install CNG Kit  in Tractors

Easy Steps to Install CNG Kit  in Tractors

Before installing a CNG kit, you need to ensure that the following constraints fall in the drawn line.

  • Credible brand 
  • Apt warranty coverage 
  • Lesser paperwork

If the above constraints are not in the line, you aren’t in the right corner. Change it!

1. Disassembling engine

The first step towards CNG kit installation in tractors requires modification in its engine. Since the type of fuel changes from diesel to CNG, the engine is disassembled to make necessary changes.

2. Checking components and replacing them as per necessity

As CNG has a higher ignition temperature as compared to diesel, therefore it is necessary to keep CNG at high pressure. Further, a usual diesel engine has compression ignition technology. Henceforth with a change of fuel to CNG, the spark ignition system is installed. 

3. Modifying pistons for gas usage

The third step involves modifying the piston for CNG usage. High-pressure pistons are replaced with low or medium-pressure pistons.

4. Modifying engine cylinders for spark plugs

As the new fuel requires a spark to ignite the fuel and hence produce power, spark plugs are installed.

5. Reassembling engine

After making the above necessary changes, the engine is reassembled and put in its place in the tractor.

6. Installing the throttle body, ignition system, and gas mixer

The pressure of the CNG gas in the kit is very high to keep the gas ignition ready. Henceforth, a throttle body is installed to maintain the apt pressure and flow of the fuel. Further speaking, the spark plug is connected to the newly installed ignition system in the tractor. Furthermore, the air and fuel mixer (aka gas mixer) is also installed upon the drivetrain of the tractor.

7. Tuning of the engine as per fuel and ignition

As we all know, solo CNG engines are not possible as these have high ignition temperatures. Henceforth, installing a CNG kit ensures a hybrid (CNG+Diesel) operable engine. So, tuning is one of the most important steps in CNG Kit installation.

Final Thoughts!

This blog has discussed the various aspects of installing CNG kits in tractors in 2023. CNG kits are an economical and sustainable option for farmers. Henceforth is an emerging trend in 2023, and it is proving to be a profitable option for farmers. The average cost of installing a CNG Kit in a tractor in India is around Rs. 65000. What are your thoughts on the same?

For more information about the Tractor CNG kit, stay tuned with TractionJunction blogs.

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