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Online Tractor Subsidy Application – Farmers Eligibility Criteria and Ways to Apply

Tractor in recent age has provided with farm advancements to all the varieties of farmers in the Nation, be it the Small Scale Farmer or Large Scale Farmer, every class of farmers deals with a set of requirements that can be only met by a Tractor, at such a reasonable and affordable cost. However, depending upon the need and the funds available a farmer may choose between a New Tractor and a Used Tractor.

Tractor Subsidy Online

There are various methods to procure New Tractor and the most interesting feature here is the Subsidies a farmer can ensure on buying a New Tractor. This blog is a complete introduction into the world of Subsidies one can procure over the buying of a New Tractor and the ways to apply for the same.


What is New Tractor Subsidy?

Govt. of India offers a provision of subsidy over New Tractor for promoting the Mechanization Component of the Macro-Management Scheme of Agriculture. The scheme is open to all the categories of farmers and follows a general subsidy pattern.

Schemes of Subsidy

Subsides are offered not just over the sale of New Tractors but Farm Implements too, which can be studied below:

1. New Tractor: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Tractors of up to 35 PTO HP
2. Power Tiller: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/- for buying Power Tiller (8 HP & above)
3. Self propelled Reaper, paddy transplanter and other similar self propelled machines: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.30,000/-
4. Specialized power driven equipment such Zero-till-Seed Drill, Raised Bed Planter, Sugarcane cutter planter, potato planter, potato digger, groundnut digger, rotavator, straw reaper, strip till drill, tractor drawn reaper, cleaner-cum-grader, dryer, stubble shaver, mobile fruit harvester, power weeder etc.: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.20,000/-
5. Manually operated implements/tools: @25% of the cost limited to Rs.2,000/-


Eligibility Criteria

In order to procure the subsidy over the buying of a New Tractor, there are no specific and centralized eligibility criteria; however, different eligibility criteria are made into consideration by different parties who provide the subsidy.

Govt. of India offers a subsidy to all the farmers on the buying of New Tractor on the basis of First Come First Served Basis, and need to additional eligibility criteria.

Ways to apply for New Tractor Subsidy

New Tractor Subsidy can be availed in a number of ways, majorly depending in the state of residence, since the above mentioned details about New Tractor Subsidy vary in different states because of different schemes offered in different states.

The basic and best way to apply for New Tractor Subsidy is to contact the nearest branch of a Bank or Agriculture Company, along with this meeting Marketing Officials on-visit in the area can also add to the process.

A Farmer needs to be vigilant enough in procuring Tractor Loan and New Tractor Subsidy, since various anti-social elements make it more of a fraudulent scheme. A Farmer’s best companion in this way can be Kisan Seva Kendra through which he can get to know the authenticity of the scheme and the process.



New Tractor Subsidy adds to the overall growth of the farmer, along with this, New Tractor Subsidy is easy to apply and fairly positive in response, though a farmer needs to be vigilant enough to procure the best suitable scheme and be free from the fraudulent schemes. Tractorjunction.com is a one-stop destination for all kinds of information like Price, features and aid in the field of Farming and Agriculture, which can be used to procure any kind of help for the same. Farmers can either apply at there District or Zonal agriculture offices or they can use smart ways like using online tractor subsidy application

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