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A Complete Information of Vehicle Registration Certificate


Hey friends, we hope you are doing well. We are here to solve your doubts regarding vehicle registration online. In this post, you get a complete guide regarding the Vehicle Registration Certificate online. Check out below for step by step details. 

You may buy the most costly vehicle and still drive it freely if you get an RC of your vehicle. Apart from this, you should obtain your vehicle registration certificate in 7 days duration just after purchase. Obviously, all these arise a question in your mind, that why is it necessary to get the Vehicle registered? What makes this so important? To understand this, let’s first know about Vehicle Registration Certificates.  

What is a Vehicle Registration Certificate India?  

The vehicle RC (Registration Certificate) is an official document which shows that your vehicle is registered under the Indian Government rules. RC refers to the territorial boundary of vehicle use, chassis number, engine number, cubic capacity, fuel used, and states the type of the vehicle. Some essential points about the registration certificate, which are important for you are:

  • It is a must for every vehicle owner to have an RC done according to the Motor Vehicle Act. 
  • After the registration certificate, you can use your vehicle on Indian roads. 
  • It is valid for 15 years from the date of issuing. 
  • You can renew your RC for 5 years. 
  • Temporary Rc is valid for a month.  

How to get a vehicle registered? 

Your vehicle is used or new, and you must visit the local RTO (regional transport office) for the vehicle registration certificate. After completing all the legalities, if you own the vehicle, that feeling of delight differs from any other thing. Below is a procedure for obtaining RC. 

  • Firstly you have to visit the local RTO office with your vehicle. 
  • After reaching the RTO office, your vehicle inspected by the inspecting authority. 
  • Now, you have to fill the form 20 to get the RC. 
  • The authority takes the print of the chassis number.
  • Next, you have to submit all the required documents. 
  • Now, you have to pay fees for registration, after that collect the receipt. 
  • And last, you have to wait till the RC is not received. 

The vehicle dealer can also arrange RC. Vehicle dealers need a valid trade document with state RTO. The dealer gets login authority from which they can access the website on their behalf. 

After submitting all the details and documents, the request for a vehicle registration certificate can be processed. The verified document of RC issued by the state RTO. This is the most convenient procedure. 

What are the documents required to get RC?

For the valid vehicle RC, you want these following documents. If you read all these documents, getting your vehicle registered becomes the easiest process. Below is a list of documents. 

  • Authentic identity proof. 
  • Invoice of the vehicle. 
  • Vehicle insurance copy.
  • Copy of PAN card.
  • Temporary registration issued by the dealer. 
  • Receipt of registration fees.
  • Form 20. 
  • Form 22 and Form 22 A ( issued by the manufacturer of a vehicle).
  • Form 21 (issued by vehicle dealer). 

What is the vehicle registration price? 

Following we are showing a table of vehicle registration fees issued by the government of India. Have a look. 

Types of Vehicle


Two-Wheeler  Rs.300
Four-Wheeler Non-Transport: Rs.600

Transport: Rs.1,000

Three-Wheeler  Non-Transport: Rs.600

Transport: Rs.1,000

Quadricycle Non-Transport: Rs.600

Transport: Rs.1,000

Commercial vehicle Rs.1,000
Medium Passenger Vehicle Rs.1,000
Heavy Goods Vehicle Rs.1,500
Heavy Passenger Vehicle Rs.1,500
Imported Vehicle  Rs.5,000
Imported Two wheelers  Rs.2,500
Others  Rs.3,000
Issue of Smart Card Rs.200
Issue of Duplicate RC 50% of New Vehicle RC
Endorsing Hypothecation, Lease, Hire Purchase Agreement Motorcycles: Rs.500

Cars/Three-Wheeler/Quadricycle: Rs.1,500

Medium/Heavy Vehicle: Rs.3,000

Note – Above shown is an estimated fee. For more information, Visit Vahan Online Portal

What is Road Tax? 

Road tax differs according to state. Road tax must be paid by every citizen who is using roads. And, it is a duty of every individual to pay road tax. It is collected by the government to maintain the roads and manage security on national or international highways and for planting the plants to maintain air pollution. 

How to receive a Vehicle Registration Certificate Online? 

In this tech-savvy world, we people want all things digitized. The government of India also issues RC online. Taking Registration online is the easiest and the quickest procedure. For that, you have to visit the online platform Vahan for vehicle registration.  

With the Vahan, you can get a fitness certificate, renewal of RC, and request ownership transfer. In case, you lose your registration certificate, for that you can apply for an RC duplicate. 

How to get a Duplicate Vehicle RC?

First of all, take care of your original RC. In any case, if you lost it, then you have to apply for a duplicate registration certificate immediately. Just follow the given procedure for duplicate vehicle RC. 

  • Firstly, you have to file an FIR.
  • And, fill the Form 26 for duplicate registration certificate. 
  • Submit the form signed by the financier, if the vehicle is on loan. 
  • At last, you have to submit Form 26 with all the documents. 

Documents required for duplicate RC 

  • FIR copy.
  • Application of Form 26.
  • Last 4 quarters copy of tax payment. 
  • Certificate of Insurance. 
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the  financier.
  • Under Control Pollution Certificate.

Is Vehicle RC mandatory?

A big yes, it is important to carry a hard copy or soft copy of the vehicle registration certificate when you are driving. If you are not obeying the rule, in that case, a traffic police officer will seize your vehicle. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, the authority can charge heavy fine – First offence (Rs. 5000) and the subsequent offence (Rs. 10000). 

How to get vehicle registration details online? 

It is the smoothest process. For the people’s comfortability, the Highways and Ministry of Road Transport launched the e-service online portal ‘Vahan’. You can get all the details of any registered vehicle on Vahan. On this portal, users can get all the country’s vehicles’ details by Vahan Jankari application. To know the Registration certificate owner or other information regarding the vehicle, follow these steps. 

  • First of all, log on to the Vahan Jankari application. 
  • Now, click on the registration jankari section. 
  • And now, submit the number of your vehicle. 

After filling these information, you will get all the information regarding the vehicle that includes RC status, RC details and RC owner details.

How to check vehicle registration status via SMS? 

Our government is developing with time. You can get RC details via SMS too. From the message, you can get details of the vehicle that includes vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, Vehicle owner name, insurance details, RC/FC expiry, etc. follow below steps for getting details via SMS.  

  • Just type on your phone VAHAN < space > Vehicle Registration Number
  • And, send SMS to 7738299899. 

How to get a Complete RC overview? 

On the Vahan online platform, you can receive all the registered data of all the vehicles. You can get full details of the vehicle according to registering authority. The following information you can get when you go to check vehicle RC status online. 

  • Chassis number
  • Registration number
  • Owner’s name
  • Registration date
  • Vehicle class
  • Fuel type
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle manufacturer 
  • Insurance expiry date
  • Engine number
  • Motor Vehicle tax details
  • Emission norms
  • Fitness / REGN expiry date
  • PUCC expiry date
  • RC status
  • Vehicle is financed or not

How to Renew vehicle RC?

According to the central motor vehicle rules, every vehicle owner should re-register after 15 years for every 5 years. Below we are showing a quick guide to renew your vehicle RC. 

Documents of renewal 

  • Form 25. 
  • Pollution Certificate
  • Original registration certificate
  • Valid Insurance Certificate

Additional Documents 

Fitness certificate, Insurance certificate,  road tax paid proof, R.C.Book, PAN card copy, R.C.Book, Engine and Chassis Pencil Print and owner Identification Signature. 


  • Go to the registering authority for examination. 
  • Take your receipt after paying re-registration fees. 
  • And, after that, new registration fees will be issued to you. 

For more enquiry visit Parivahan Seva

These are the complete details regarding vehicle registration certificate. I hope you receive all the valuable information after reading this blog. For more informative blogs, stay tuned with TractorJunction. 

Question and Answers 

Question 1. How do I find my tractor registration details?

Answer: Visit NT.GOV.AU, and add your registration number and go on a search. You will get all your tractor registration details. 

Question 2. Do tractors need registration? 

Answer: Following are the types that do not require a Tractor Registration Certificate. (A) Farm Tractors which do not travel on public roads. (B) A lawnmower or garden tractor. (C) Other Farm machines

And, if you have skid-steer loaders, telescopic loaders, backhoe loaders, and other loaders then, in that case, you need registration for that even if you are using these machines only for farming work. 

Question 3. How can I get a tractor registration certificate? 

Answer: Just follow the above given procedure to get tractor registration certification. 

Question 4. Which documents are required for Tractor RC? 

Answer: You get all the details about the documents needed for RC. 

Question 5. Can we register our tractor online? 

Answer: Yes, you can. Just logon to Parivahan Sewa

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